Cancer Rat

Accordant with centuries old Chinese Astrology the person born a Rat in the Western sun sign of Cancer is a curious soul. He will be a great seeker of knowledge and love to examine and evaluate everything in fine detail. They will often put aside their natural shyness if it means discovering something of immense interest. The inquisitiveness of the Cancerian and his need to collect things is accentuated when paired with the Rat astrological symbol. Those people with the Cancer Rat combination are industrious but their Cancer side of over sensitivity makes them sometimes better working alone. With such an enquiring mind and nature these personalities are often renowned for coming up with excellent ideas.

Cancer Rat Traits

A Cancerian Rat character is a friendly, resourceful and level headed individual making them easily adaptable to most other people and situations. They may be initially shy but do like to chat and are usually good comununicators once they get to know others. These types are most at ease in surroundings and with people they are familiar with. It helps them relax and feel more in control so they are free to let their dreamy minds wander. A Cancer Rat’s true loving personality is displayed when he is at home with those he loves. He considers his habitat to be highly important as his own private haven and shelter from the big wide world.

The fusion of Cancer and the Rat creates personalities that can be rather emotionally delicate. These people strive to do a lot of things themselves that they could have asked others to help with. They have an inclination to think that they are invincible and do not need to rest. Those around the Cancer Rat will often find themselves reminding them it is way past their bedtime. With all that imaginative analytical thought going on the Cancer Rat may find it difficult to switch off. They benefit from friends and personal relationships with people who will insist that they take time out and refuse to take No for an answer.

In all contact with others the Cancerian Rat is generous with his time and patience but anticipates the same in return. These particular characters are very tuned in to the emotions of others and can almost feel their distress. This instinctive skill is very useful in relationships so partners cannot usually accuse the Cancer Rat of being insensitive to their feelings or opinions. They can expect these individuals to listen carefully and attentively before responding. When they do respond the Chinese symbolic influence of the sympathetic Rat guides them to do so with much regard for the other person’s level of sensitivity.

With all these caring and thoughtful persona qualities it can be difficult to spot the little weaknesses in the Cancer Rat. These are not very troublesome flaws but they can be annoying. The Cancerian Rat can be untidy, moody and very negative and may brood for long periods of time if especially upset. In these instances the best remedy is to distract them with something else to analyse.

Cancer Rat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Cancer Rats usually know a lot of people. Whether through work or social networking, this is a sign that tends to have a lot of acquaintances. On the flip side, members of this sign usually only keep a small selection of close friends who truly know them. True friends are like family to them, and family is of high importance. Those closest to a Cancer Rat may be the only ones who truly know what this person is like; most others will instead get a polite and casual glance at the person inside.

Thus, love can be challenging to find for members of this sign. Cancer Rats are notoriously hard to get to know, but they are also caring, sensitive and devoted when they do finally make a commitment to a partnership. Before finding their “one and only”, expect Cancer Rats to break a lot of hearts along the way, usually out of boredom. Young Cancer Rats tend to be too focused on managing their own lives to be able to commit much to anyone else. Over time these flighty traits will fade away and the mature and stable Cancer Rat that comes through in the end will be ready to start a family of their own.

Cancer Rat Business (Career & Goals)

Cancer Rats are curious creatures and prefer to follow their well-tuned instincts when searching for their passion in life. While those born under this sign are tough and imaginative enough to succeed in the corporate world, they will most likely find that the most enjoyable careers are the ones that take their unique interests and skills into consideration.

Often this means working in some kind of business where they feel they can serve others in their own unique way, such as in restaurants, cake shops, or in the beauty industry. Cancer Rats like to feed people, both literally and figuratively. They do best when they can make others feel good, though this may not seem to fit their personality at first glance.

Cancer Rats do best when serving in managerial role. They make much better bosses than workers on the front lines. Above all Cancer Rats need to be needed. Unlike some other signs, members of this one can find more success and contentment in middle-management roles than they might trying to strike out on their own. Ironically business is the one place where they will take risks, and thanks to their excellent intuition and ability to spot upcoming trends, they usually succeed.

Cancer Rat Man

The Cancer-Rat man has a reputation for being an extremely decent person. Has a set of positive qualities: the mind, insight, diligence, modesty. He has the gift to foresee events, so he does not take rash decisions. Thanks to dedication and perseverance reaches unprecedented heights in the chosen profession. Only close people know how difficult it is to succeed: A Cancer-Rat man is prone to fears and doubts. Too sensitive nature needs family support. Very attached to the house, will be happy in alliance with a calm woman, devoid of leadership ambitions. Trembling with children, giving their upbringing the most careful attention.

Cancer Rat Woman

The dreamy Cancer-Rat woman is not very interested in real life, she is attracted by the magical world of fantasy. Likes to be in the company of fans, loves to receive compliments and gifts. But her thoughts and feelings open only to close people, for the rest she is a sweet chatter. Excessive activity of the Rat is mitigated by the cautiousness and slowness of Cancer, so the woman is able to find a reasonable balance in any issues. It works just enough to have the money necessary for life. To choose a partner is very serious, thanks to innate intuition rarely makes mistakes in people. Strives to create a strong family, touchingly cares for her husband and children.

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