Capricorn Rat

The Rat is outlined in Chinese Astrology as a clever and witty character that can sometimes be a bit bossy and critical in nature. Capricorn’s from Western Astrology are conventionally practical, reasonable and open minded. The combined Capricorn Rat personality is usually brimming with sound judgment and common sense. It is also full of intelligence and a touch of wit but only usually possesses a little of the pushiness and fault finding characteristics of the Rat. This creates Capricorn Rat personalities that are usually profoundly equitable, intellectual and humorous, that are rarely judgmental or pushy.

Capricorn Rat Traits

A Capricorn Rat personality usually sees the world from a fairly balanced viewpoint and seems to find life not too difficult. Their high level of optimism, reasonableness and positivity about everything and everyone around them allows them to get through each day without many problems. These personalities are fair and unprejudiced and often good peacemakers among others in the workplace and home. Capricorn Rat’s tend to think before they speak and will tend to use carefully chosen words that are explanatory and tactful. This particular communicative ability assists these people to form strong trusting friendships. In personal relationships their caution with wording may make them come across as a little unemotional.

Although a Capricorn Rat is quite self sufficient they do enjoy the company of friends and do not particularly like being alone. They do prefer to lead in relationships but this is not in forceful or manipulative manner, it will be in a playful, humorous way. The Capricorn Rat is not overly demonstrative or romantic but they are rather passionate and fairly considerate. These individual’s are easy to please as they do not feel the need to wish for more than basic necessary possessions. As gifts these Capricorn’s favor and appreciate functional things over fancy items that have no particular purpose.

Work options for the Capricorn Rat will for the most part include occupations that he or she considers both ethical and purposeful. They do not like wasting their time on meaningless tasks or helping ungrateful people. Having a bit of a sense of humor helps a Capricorn Rat to keep his cool and optimistic approach in awkward situations. When these people are feeling tense or nervous they sometimes may try to hide these emotions with their wit. They may appear largely confident on the outside but underneath they are a bit self conscious and many of them do have the occasional down days.

Aside from infrequent bouts of the blues the Capricorn Rat does have another weakness in their personality. This is the habit of not always saying exactly what they are meaning. The Capricorn Rat’s tact gets in the way of them being able to be totally frank sometimes. This is not done intentionally, they just find it extremely difficult to be blunt when bluntness is needed. They will skirt around an issue, answers or decisions verbally and this can be annoying. These personalities give the impression of expecting others to be mind readers especially in close relationships.

Capricorn Rat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

When they do make themselves available, Capricorn Rats make true and loyal friends, but only to a few people at a time. They usually have lots of acquaintances, and particularly enjoy networking with others in their career field. On a personal level, members of this sign are sincere, compassionate, charming, and funny. It’s no surprise that their friends often lament the limited amount of time they get to spend with their Capricorn Rat friend.

For Capricorn Rats, romantic relationships can be challenging. While they treasure the idea of being loved and being in love, they also don’t feel comfortable settling down in partnerships. This is because they have come to rely on themselves so much that partnering with others often feels like it is holding them back. While they would do best with someone who could help them relax and stop to smell the roses, they are more likely to choose a partner who can help them achieve their goals. Capricorn Rats are also notoriously bad at breaking off relationships that are no longer working. They don’t like to burn bridges, but in exchange a lot of relationships are left unresolved, leading to hurt feelings and romantic complications. Again, living a balanced life is the best way to change this behavior, if they decide they want to.

Capricorn Rat Business (Career & Goals)

Capricorn Rats are natural managers. They do very well in roles where they are administrators of duties to others. They themselves will need to play a key role in whatever organization they are in or they will get restless and need to find a job where they can be more involved, as this is the most common way for Capricorn Rats to get ahead in life.

Capricorn Rats are also very political and are not afraid to voice their opinions. Politics in general is a realm that they can really get into, but they must be careful that ambition doesn’t turn into obsession. Too often Capricorn Rats choose a career strictly for status, money, or recognition. In these situations it is far too easy for them to become consumed by their work and can end up driving those close to them away with their esoteric and aggressive behavior.

Careers that work especially well for this sign include lawyer, politician, real estate agent, manager, administrator, stock broker, director, and entrepreneur. Because of the great importance Capricorn Rats tend to place on their career, it is recommended that each individual choose a path that calls to them on a deeper level than money or status. This will not only help them stay balanced but will keep them from burning out too quickly.

Capricorn Rat Man

An energetic Capricorn-Rat man quickly and easily makes decisions. First of all, he is interested in the material situation, the high social status plays an important role. From an early age, he dreams of entering the best educational institution, the ultimate goal is prestigious work. He has the talent to support the necessary acquaintances, tries to gain the patronage of important people. He never makes rash acts, does not risk his reputation. He draws attention to the spectacular beauties, but does not at all seek to pamper them. Passionate and easily addicted Capricorn-Rat man quickly loses interest in women, to keep his attention and to win love is extremely difficult.

Capricorn Rat Woman

The Capricorn-Rat woman deserves the most flattering words in her address. She can solve any problems. At work she is a strict boss, at home - an attentive wife. She has a subtle flair, is well versed in people. Therefore, happily avoids failures and disappointments. Rarely mistakes in their assessments, easily calculates the possible consequences of their actions. Pragmatically approaches the issue of marriage, she prefers to associate life with a reliable and predictable partner. Can experience a passionate attraction to the unworthy, from her point of view, a man, but easily cope with their feelings. In all life issues guided by logic and sober calculation.

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