Gemini Rat

With their inquisitive nature the Gemini Rat personality is often renowned for their great ability to seek out knowledge. The Gemini influence makes them sociable, industrious, hard working personalities. The presence of the Rat drawn from Chinese Astrology ideology is assumed to give all it’s recipients a pinch of their naturally curious personality. In the context of the Gemini Rat individual this inquisitiveness and sociability is well highlighted. As children these personalities are delightful but do not like sleeping much in case they miss something. As adults with more personal obligations they can still be rather adept at getting by on less sleep than everyone else.

Gemini Rat Traits

The Gemini Rat character is usually overflowing with curiosity from his combined Western and Chinese birth traits and so find it difficult to stay still for long. Their Rat influence makes them want to be constantly physically active while the Western Gemini traits force them to be mentally alert. If the Gemini Rat learns to find a happy medium between to these astrological demands they are at their happiest. They will desire and search for friends and partners who help them find and maintain this balance. They also like to achieve this equilibrium when at work and are most contented in occupations that require equal measures of physical and mental activity.

Gemini Rat’s find taking on responsibilities easy but they also tend to take them very seriously. When they are entrusted to do something important they will always try their best and keep working until they succeed. They are extremely motivated and often have to be reminded to take a break. The Gemini sharpness of mind and the Rat’s thriftiness allow the Gemini Rat to be good with finances. They are not prone to frivolous buys or spending without first checking the cost. These individuals love to save and are always on the lookout for a bargain. The Gemini created in the Year of the Rat appreciates practical gifts and gestures of kindness on birthdays.

The intensely inquiring mind of the Gemini Rat is frequently searching for new things to do. These personalities have a tendency to get bored easily and grow tired of things quickly. With so many other interesting curiosity arousing things to investigate the Gemini Rat may suffer indecisiveness. He or she will need people around them that help direct their attentions to the positive and meaningful sides of life. Although they are fond of nice and usual objects these people do not put a great value on material wealth. They would rather be happy with no money that sad and extremely rich if they had a choice.

Weaknesses in the Gemini Rat personality mainly concern haste, they are always in a rush and this can get them into trouble. They have an annoying habit of starting tasks or conversations and not finishing them. Their barrage of ideas and bursts of energy sometimes collide and sent them in a mass of different directions. This makes them lose concentration and just leaving things unfinished or unsaid.

Gemini Rat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

While they likely have a lot of acquaintances, members of this sign don’t keep a lot of close friends. They are very social by nature and often ask a lot of questions to learn all they can about another person. At the same time, they rarely reveal anything about themselves. Because of this they can come across as friendly but distant, which is usually a fair description. No matter how much you want to get close to a Gemini Rat, they will keep you at a distance until they feel that they can trust you completely.

This distance makes romantic relationships challenging. Gemini Rats primarily attract mates through their stoic mysteriousness, but often those they attract are not those they are attracted to. In fact, those they desire the most are typically those who have little tolerance for their self-protective nature. In order to find true love, members of this sign need to open themselves up emotionally and make a deep connection with their partner. They are not afraid of much, but they are terrified to have their true selves revealed and rejected. Once they get up the guts to take this risk, however, it usually ends up in lifelong happiness.

Gemini Rat Business (Career & Goals)

Gemini Rats love making deals and while they are clever and charming enough to be successful salespeople, they are also wise enough to know how to leverage their time even better. Since Gemini Rats excel at closing and executing deals once they are made, they make great brokers, moneylenders, and auctioneers. Paperwork and administrative tasks are a breeze for this sign, which is why others like having them close deals for them. Members of this sign earn their money by building on a reputation for being quick and reliable when it comes to business transactions. Others see this business relationship as a “win-win”.

This is an entrepreneurial sign. Gemini Rats commonly work for themselves and arrange transactions as an independent third-party. Likewise, members of this sign often buy into franchises - a system where others can do the sales and marketing for them and they can supply the end product. Creative Gemini Rats can use their social skills to their advantage, finding success as writers and comedians.

Gemini Rat Man

A cheerful Gemini-Rat man knows how to arrange for himself, in his arsenal of jokes and jokes. Always ready for new adventures, seeks to fill life with bright emotions. His activity and energy can be envied, while he has the talent to spend his powers wisely. In the sphere of interests of men, not only entertainment, but also professional activity. Completely laid out at work, he is not interested in the financial component, but the process and the results of labor. Women love to be in the company of a charismatic man. But it can not be considered an impeccable partner, there is a high probability that an insanely enamored girl will unexpectedly find herself a selfish husband.

Gemini Rat Woman

The Gemini woman, born in the year of the Rat, is distinguished by an easy, sociable character. Loves to spend time in cheerful companies, attracts the attention of fans with their unpredictable behavior. But serious men are frightened by her frivolity, the desire for constant change. Most often she chooses work related to creativity. Colleagues do not consider her a responsible employee, she easily forgets important meetings and urgent matters. The Gemini-Rat woman does not have a love for home affairs, her apartment almost always has a mess. Ready to offer to a beloved man her rich inner world, but not tasty food and ironed clothes.

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