Leo Rat

The added influence of the Rat’s presence in a Leo personality is believed to create individuals with a proud and stylish nature. When the Western star sign of Leo the Lion joins with the Chinese astrological Rat it is an excellent match. The two animals affected character traits in the Leo Rat produce people that are a good balance of strength and sensitivity of mind. They seem to carry with them an air of grace and class mixed with an inquisitive, creative streak and quick witted sense of humor. The Leo Rat is usually charming and sociable but on occasion they can also be aloof and impatient if things are not going all their own way.

Leo Rat Traits

A Leo Rat is very ambitious and industrious, they will work hard to achieve goals in life and do not give up on things easily. They have a determined and optimistic outlook and so are effective motivators. They may be selective in their work related choices often preferring positions that demand variety and physical or mental challenges. The Leo Rat person tends to have a love of the luxuries in life enjoying anything that is new or different. This fondness of luxury is not always materialistic, as these Leo’s consider their partners, family and friends as some of the most wonderful pleasures of life.

As the Leo Rat has a fine equilibrium of a strong and compassionate personality they have a tendency to be very fair minded. These are ideal traits for communicating well with others and make the Leo Rat a brilliant peacemaker. Their personalities are often also filled with playful, kind and loving qualities and so these people are likely to form solid and committed relationships. They value privacy in their home lives and often opt for socializing with friends outside the home rather than inside it. These individuals are highly protective of and extremely loyal to those close to them.

The balanced and confident Leo Rat is especially skilled in leadership and they are happiest when they are in charge. These characters are usually best matched with partners that are flexible and easy going and will not mind the Leo Rat leading in their relationship. The Leo Rat’s classy and strong willed persona can sometimes portray them as being egotistical but this is not a true reflection of their personalities. They may appear tough on the exterior but in reality they are inclined to be real deep thinkers who are extremely sensitive to the feelings of others.

Leo Rat’s personalities are not without their negative traits and noticeable weakness in their characters. These people can be quite domineering if they feel like they are losing control of a situation or excluded in any way. The Leo Rat does not like to take a back seat and hates to be ignored or rejected. In these circumstances their normally placid natures may become acutely stubborn, bossy and controlling. If this reaction behavior is not encouraged these Leo’s learn to accept that they cannot be expected to always have things go their own way.

Leo Rat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Leo Rats are charming, warm, and energetic. They are absolutely magnetic and people long to be around them at all times. Other dominant personalities may dislike having an Leo Rat as competition for attention, but everyone else absolutely adores them. While it’s important for them to be admired and respected, they also have a good sense of humor and don’t mind being the butt of jokes as long as they don’t hit too close to home or challenge an important self-belief. Friendly, fun, and interesting, Leo Rats usually have great stories to share. They should be aware of their tendency to be domineering so as not to drive away those whom they rely on for attention.

Unfortunately, Leo Rats are not as great with romantic relationships. They like having new experiences, new partners, and new encounters, and aren’t typically looking to settle down with someone long-term until much later in life. They love their independence and value their friendships so much that the thought of cutting down on those experiences is simply not attractive. Early on relationships will work best with someone who respects their social needs and probably shares the same group of friends. As Leo Rats mature and their priorities change, they will be more open to settling down, but will still be very picky about the person they give the honor of their partnership to.

Leo Rat Business (Career & Goals)

Leo Rats like nice things and have few qualms about spending their entire paycheck on comfort and luxuries. They have refined taste and want everyone who comes around to see it. Unless they are lucky enough to be born into wealth most Leo Rats will likely have to work for their money, which makes career particularly important to them. They work well in groups if they are in charge or are given enough independence to complete their tasks the best way they see fit. This makes entrepreneurship a particularly good fit for this sign. They are also natural politicians and many will seek out this profession with successful results.

Members of this sign aren’t the most artistically talented but they are very creative thinkers who bring a strong presence and positive energy to the projects they get involved with. They are natural directors who excel at directing films, plays, or musical projects. They have great senses of humor and can also become writers and comedians with little trouble. Given their love of giving advice to others (but rarely taking it themselves), they can be great talk show hosts, counselors, and teachers. These roles give them a particular sense of pride because they are not only doing what they do best, but are helping others in the process.

Leo Rat Man

An ambitious man, Leo-Rat sets great goals, strives for success and wealth. But his impatience and selfishness hinder the implementation of ambitious plans. Often creates conflict situations, falls out of favor with the authorities. Has the ability to move on, despite the emerging difficulties in life, so he achieves what he has conceived. The Leo man, born in the year of the Rat, shows leadership qualities in his personal life, a woman must obey him in everything. He does not consider it necessary to restrain his feelings, he needs an understanding partner who can tolerate his temper. At the same time, an emotional man is a tender and caring partner.

Leo Rat Woman

Effective woman Leo-Rat invariably attracts the attention of men. It feeds weakness to luxurious things, likes to rest in exotic places. On all its whims quite able to earn it. Has a mind and unbending will that, in combination with beautiful appearance, makes an indelible impression on business partners. She takes up a rather high position, she can organize her own business. As a life partner, he sees an exceptionally strong, successful man. She will not devote her life to him without a remnant, a woman Leo-Rat always has personal interests. She will prefer to go out more often than to spend time with his family.

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