Libra Rat

The Rat is expressed as a charming and diplomatic personality in the ancient texts of Chinese Astrology. All who are born in their astrological years are thought to procure some of this creatures passive and assertive charm. In Western Astrology people arriving in the sun sign of Libra are believed to have very similar tactful and charismatic characteristic traits. So the combined Libra Rat individual is extremely adaptable, considerate and appealing. They are the kind of personalities that are difficult to not notice, as they usually have an alluring presence in their appearance and communication.

Libra Rat Traits

A Libra Rat has a composed, refined aura and carries a bright and mostly positive cheery disposition. These are not quiet people but they are intelligent, caring, friendly and extremely fair. The astrological sign of Libra is usually represented by a symbol of balanced scales. This is an indication of the fairness associated with these personalities and in the Libra Rat this diplomacy is very strong. With the influence of the impartial Rat attached to the personality you will not usually find fairer individual’s than these. They are always able to easily see both sides to everything and so they can make good judgments.

Libra Rat’s are often quite sociable and they are fine communicators who really enjoy the company of others. They seem to find the views and ideas of others fascinating and make the most wonderful listeners. A Libra Rat will usually listen without interrupting and then give his or her opinions with tactfully chosen words. These characters have quick and progressive thinking but many of them do not use this intellect to its full potential. They have a tendency to be a little lazy when it comes to studying. These Libra’s tend to be far more socially intelligent than they are academic.

In relationships a Libra Rat is trusting and respectful, accommodating and understanding. They enjoy being pampered and will want their soul mate to be sensual and romantic like they are. Emotionally the kindhearted Libra Rat is well harmonized and does not appear to suffer from mood fluctuations. They can sometimes be a little bossy but this will generally be in a playful manner rather than a serious one. Their natural charisma tends to get them their own way without others even realizing it. To relax these personalities like to escape from normal routine, they love trying new things and can often be encouraged to get away for the weekend.

The Libra Rat personality has lots of outstanding and admirable qualities but it does have a weakness. These particular personalities can be prone to gossiping about others behind their back. This negative side to their persona varies in strength between each Libra Rat but is usually only slight and occasional. Their sense of natural justice and discernment prevents their gossip trait from being too nasty or an intentional habit. The natural curiosity from the Rat’s Chinese astrological influence is probably responsible for this weakness. These Libra’s are likely to talk about others when they have nothing else to do.

Libra Rat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Libra Rats love to meet new people, and new people seem to love to meet them too. Charming, witty, and easy-going, members of this sign have excellent social skills attract others to them with ease. In truth, Libra Rats have a lot of friendly acquaintances, but only keep a small group of true friends. With their closest friends and family they tend to play the role of diplomat. They are excellent listeners and give the best advice. Unfortunately they rarely take their own good advice or the advice of others - not that they ever ask for it - Libra Rats are notoriously private with their own internal issues and have a hard time trusting others.

Love is always complicated, but particularly so with this sign. Like most people Libra Rats dream of the perfect relationship to fit their dream life, but unlike most people, Libra Rats have a hard time accepting that no relationship is perfect. They tend to get disappointed in others easily, probably because they hold their partners to impossible standards. Libra Rats hate the thought of settling for less than the best, and are usually willing to give up on a relationship if another, more attractive possibility presents itself. Most members of this sign grow out of these unrealistic expectations over time, but not before a lot of hearts have been broken. As with all things, Libra Rats need to learn to accept and appreciate the simple things in life if they want to avoid spending their lives disappointed in love.

Libra Rat Business (Career & Goals)

If you haven’t already figured it out, members of this sign are ambitious, imaginative, and have good intuition. For some, their career choice will be obvious - it is whatever they in their hearts believe that they have to do in order to feel complete. For others, there may be a great deal of confusion and stress over which path to take. While Libra Rats are willing to take risks they are also terrified of making the wrong decision.

According to astrology, the top career choices for those born under the sign of the Libra Rat are Writer, Lawyer, and Politician. This makes sense, as this expressive and intelligent sign is also a master of diplomacy. Others not only listen to what a Libra Rat has to say, most of the time they look forward to the opportunity to do so. This sign also believes strongly in justice and will likely have strong opinions on politics and current events. Other good career options include Administrator, Appraiser, Auctioneer, Entrepreneur, Negotiator, and Notary.

Libra Rat Man

The man of Libra sign, born in the year of the Rat, makes a pleasant impression from the first minutes of acquaintance. A tactful person, endowed with strong intuition, knows how to gain trust, while never using it for selfish purposes. Distinctive features of character: responsibility, adherence to principles. Any sphere of activity, especially connected with constant dialogue with people, is suitable for him. He does not experience material difficulties, but tries to spend money on really necessary things. The Libra-Rat man is a good family man, responsibly approaches the smallest assignments of his wife. But his boring life weighs on him, so the chosen one should be ready for a marital life full of events.

Libra Rat Woman

The woman of Libra-Rat envelops the interlocutor with soft movements, a gentle voice. Men do not have a chance to escape from her captivity, but there is no need. This is the best wife: economic, faithful, easy-going. The only drawback is excessive talkativeness, although communication with her brings pleasure. A clever, well-read woman knows how to entice the interlocutor, but behaves tactfully, does not extol her erudition. Tries to take place in life, usually occupies a prestigious position. Therefore, it is financially secure, but will be happy with an expensive gift. She loves luxury things, travels, never saves on what brings her pleasure.

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