Pisces Rat

When a Western Astrology born Pisces arrives in the Chinese Year of the Rat it is likely to produce a most amiable personality. Astrologists centuries ago symbolized the Rat as a very brainy creature who will think things through before taking actions. If these clever quick thinking characteristic traits are mixed with the sensitivity of Pisces, a rather kind and considerate personality emerges. The bright sharp mind of the Rat seems to toughen and loosen up the dreamy Pisces a little and this makes these personalities finely balanced. The Piscean Rat is sensitive without being overly so and also very practical and thoughtful.

Pisces Rat Traits

A Piscean Rat is sometimes quite shy and quiet in nature but they will stand up for themselves and others if necessary. These individual’s hate unfairness or discrimination and can often completely forget their shyness if they are angry. The Pisces Rat is intelligent and caring and they tend to take life rather seriously. These people like to be neat and organized and are generally mature in their attitude to reponsibility. They love to help others but are not fans of social settings or group activities. These Piscean’s have a creative side to their personalities and have an appreciation for arts and music.

The Pisces Rat enjoys spending time at home and will enjoy making their surroundings as relaxing as possible. These people prefer periods of quiet to relax and wind down rather than noisy, sociable or energetic activities. A Piscean Rat is happier with a book or watching a movie than going out socializing and mixing with lots of other people. These personalities usually do not have much of a problem settling down to long term personal relationships. They are often not all that reluctant to give up their single status in favor of a more permanent commitment, finding it easy. They do not take pleasure in being emotionally alone in life.

and fair minded with plenty of compassion. They make likeable friends and workmates who although they are not highly sociable are reliable and loyal. These Piscean’s have fine memories and never seem to forget birthdays and anniversaries. They are extremely family orientated and always try to show much consideration to those they love. These individual’s are inclined to wish to have large families and many of them will marry young. The Piscean Rat craves love and warmth and as they are not really ambitious these will be their main goals in life.

These personalities like all others have their weaknesses and over reactions that will appear occasionally. A Pisces Rat is prone to get upset fairly easily sometimes as they can be immensely touchy to the comments of others. These people are often known for soon bursting into tears unexpectedly. They are not normally over sensitive in life but take personal insults extremely badly and will usually over react to them. This will be displayed as crying, tantrums or sulking. You will definitely know when a Pisces Rat is offended by the words of others.

Pisces Rat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

It’s a good thing for these Pisces that they were born during the year of the Rat. While it may not sound like a glamorous thing to be part Rat, this is where the guts and motivation to get out and interact with the world comes from. With another Chinese zodiac sign, like Rabbit, this would almost certainly guarantee a shyness that would be hard to overcome. Piscean Rats are indeed introspective and thoughtful, but they also have a need to socialize and a general curiosity about people, animals, and the way each interacts with one another. Piscean Rats tend to speak out more as they get increasingly comfortable with their surroundings, and have a surprising wit and observational sense of humor that others don’t expect.

Piscean Rats have keen observation skills, but they don’t always use these to their advantage when it comes to love. Members of this sign have an inherent need for drama and intrigue in their romantic relationships, which generally goes against their better judgment. Their intuition is almost always right on, so it is especially frustrating when relationships keep turning out bad, one after another. The problem is not with partners, but with themselves. There’s nothing wrong with having some dramatic emotional adventures in one’s youth, but eventually Piscean Rats have to learn how to override their own emotional urges and do two things. First, pick a good partner - a surprisingly difficult challenge for young Piscean Rats. The second is to stick with a relationship past the point of being bored and wanting a more exciting challenge. A true partnership does not revolve around emotional swings, theatrical gestures, or a constant breaking up / making up process. It involves commitment, acceptance, and understanding - all traits that every Piscean Rat has, but needs to learn how to appreciate.

Pisces Rat Business (Career & Goals)

Piscean Rats are almost always gifted in music. They have access to an emotional depth through Pisces that allows them to create intensely emotional and inspiring ideas through music, while the clever ingenuity and expressiveness of the Rat brings these ideas into form. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all Piscean Rats will become or even should become professional musicians, but this trait is so inherently strong that it deserves a place somewhere in the lives of each Piscean Rat.

This is also a sign of spiritual leadership, which can be applied to many careers including religious or spiritual work, counseling, or working in the realm of criminal justice. Whatever the course, Piscean Rats have a unique approach to life and do best when they can relax and let their intuition and internal wisdom guide them. Other than spiritual or psychological leadership, they aren’t the types to want to manage others, so independent careers are also good to consider. Roles in art dealing, antiquing, or auctioneering are good fits as this sign has an appreciation for vintage artistry. Also, dancing, illustration, and journalism are career paths to consider for this sign. As always, each individual should consult their own intuition as well as their life plan in order to make the best decision.

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