Sagittarius Rat

Individuals born in the Chinese astrological Year of the Rat are assumed to gain some of this creature’s characteristics. Quick thinking and a curious nature are some of the Rat’s stronger and more influential personality traits. When the person concerned is a Sagittarius as depicted in Western Astrology, they are believed to acquire the Rat’s intelligence and inquiring mind. Sagittarian Rat’s are clever and intuitive with an optimistic and realistic outlook. These personalities are not dreamers, they have their feet firmly on the ground. They will see and evaluate everything and everyone exactly as they are with no fancy frills.

Sagittarius Rat Traits

The Sagittarian Rat has an easygoing personality and is cheerful and friendly most of the time. They are very levelheaded and usually brilliant at working out fast solutions to problems. As they think so realistically their suggestions will often be instantly workable and effective. These particular skills make a Sagittarian Rat an asset to any workplace or circle of friends. They will be sensible, supportive, reliable and respectful when working or socializing with others. As friends they will sometimes be a little blunt in their responses but you know you will always get an honest and sincere answer.

A Sagittarius Rat loves to travel and many of these people will learn to drive at sometime in their life. These characters crave freedom and space at times and getting away from mundane routines. They are keen on changes of scene and will try and escape the boring day-to-day things whenever they have free time. These are down to earth personalities who are basically home-loving but who possess a sense of adventure. Sagittarian Rat’s do not like restrictions and may grow restless when they are in need of a break. They have a real appreciation of the world and will take any opportunity to see some of it.

In relationships a Sagittarius Rat can be rather spontaneous and romantic, they like to treat partners to surprises. When these people are in love their usual rational minds are clouded over by dreaminess. They hold a special place in their heart’s for soul mates and will often completely override their commonsensical sides in personal relationships. The Sagittarius Rat is loveable and attentive and perceptive to the feelings and moods of others. You will not have to tell them how you are feeling, or what you are thinking, as they will probably already intuitively know.

Aside from the accommodating of partners, family and friends the Sagittarian Rat tends to avoid too many other responsibilities. This avoidance of additional obligations is a little weakness in their personality. It may appear as laziness or irresponsibility and will vary in degree between each Sagittarius Rat. They do not usually see it as a negative characteristic, it is part of their realistic nature’s and it prevents them getting stressed. However those around them will sometimes be disappointed by their lack of enthusiasm in taking on extra tasks or accountability. If they say No to something initially it is probably best to not pursue the matter further.

Sagittarius Rat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Despite their tendency to spend time alone, Sagittarius Rats are sociable, funny, and are good conversationalists. They listen well and give good advice, though they rarely ever talk about their own problems. This is a sign with few close friends and many acquaintances. It’s hard for them to get too close to anyone as the idea of attachment contradicts their independent nature. They often seek new relationships that fit what they are into at the moment, but they don’t think to detach from old ones, which can leave old friends feeling insulted. In truth, they can be emotionally detached, and though they try to be polite, they are more concerned with living by their own code than with the feelings of others.

Romantic relationships can be difficult for those looking to partner with a Sagittarius Rat. Members of this forward-looking sign are not sentimental or romantic and prefer to have many life experiences before settling down. To be fair, Sagittarius Rats are very open about this personality trait, which only entices those who are most attracted to them. Sagittarius Rats will break many hearts before they finally reach a point in their lives when they are ready for a commitment. This is a condition that comes with both age and life experience. When they are ready, though, they are loyal and devoted family members who will be lovingly impressed by their partner’s ability to have won them over.

Sagittarius Rat Business (Career & Goals)

Unsurprisingly, Sagittarius Rats do best in careers where they can forge their own path. While they are intelligent and capable enough to succeed in almost any field, they may find that their ability to separate from their emotions is their most effective tool. Members of this sign are great at giving advice and would make great psychologists, counselors, or doctors if their clientele didn’t rely so much on them always being available. Better jobs for Sagittarius Rats are as homicide detectives, news broadcasters, lawyers, financial advisers, or stand-up comedians.

It is not unusual for members of this sign to aspire to careers in politics in their youths, as they are highly aware of how badly the world needs a straightforward idealist such as themselves. It is unusual, though, for them to stick with this aspiration after becoming disenfranchised by the bickering and inefficiency inherent in any political system. Sagittarius Rats would rather forge a path through the darkest jungle alone than be forced to play someone else’s game. This is true for corporate life as well, though Sagittarius Rats are not nearly as likely to be emotionally involved in the success of a company as they are in the direction of their state, country, or the world at large.

Sagittarius Rat Man

Cheerful Sagittarius man, born in the year of the Rat, generously shares his good mood with others. At the same time he is a realist, giving an account of his actions. It is distinguished by a practical approach to life, knows how to not only make money, but also to spend it wisely. The chosen one should be prepared for the fact that the Sagittarius-Rat man uses every opportunity to not take responsibility. Can arrange romantic surprises, present gifts, but does not want to create a family. He believes that first you need to achieve success in life, organize comfortable conditions for your partner, and only then make a marriage.

Sagittarius Rat Woman

The Sagittarius-Rat woman has a complex character. Sociable person, but sometimes — too aggressive, can offend close people with a careless word or flare up because of a trifle. Under no circumstances she will apologize, considers herself entitled to act as she sees fit. To men makes high demands, so it experiences difficulties in communicating with them. But the woman Sagittarius-Rat decides with great enthusiasm about business issues. It is considered an impeccable worker, the bosses appreciate an executive, disciplined employee. Can take place in a profession related to money. She strives to provide himself with a comfortable future, so she works hard.

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