Taurus Rat

The Rat’s character in Chinese Astrology is construed as practical, friendly, clever and that of a quick thinker. People born in the Year of the Rat are assumed to acquire these traits along with this creature’s charm, wit and natural curiosity. In Western Astrology a Taurus sun sign individual is believed to be realistic, calm, careful and composed. So a person who is a Taurus Rat personality possesses a wonderful collection of smart and charismatic characteristics. Taurus Rat’s are usually quite entrepreneurial in their thinking and charming and sociable in their mannerisms.

Taurus Rat Traits

A Taurus Rat has a positive outlook, he is both intelligent and responsive and can communicate very well. These personalities do not look at the world through rosy colored glasses, they have their feet firmly on the ground. They are often ambitious and have a good idea of what they want to do and achieve in life. A Taurus Rat is studious and will enjoy learning new things, many of these individual’s do extremely well in education. They will often be prepared to study or train for a profession that is in line with their aims and ambitions. With their enterprising minds and sociability many of these people own excellent skills for business.

The Taurus Rat is naturally inquisitive and this helps him or her to easily find the best and quickest routes to success. They tend to view, analyze and evaluate everything in fine detail and a sometimes with a critical eye. This helps them see the potential of things calmly and make decisions without impulse. A Taurus Rat can frequently see the advantages and possibilities in something way before anyone else does. They can also see any disadvantages dispassionately. This balanced appraisal in their personality assists these Taurus people to make good judgments of opportunities, places and people.

Taurus Rats are likely to use the same methodical and impartial views and approach to personal relationships. This does not mean that they are unemotional, unresponsive or distant. It just means that they are initially cautious and will take time to reveal their emotions. A Taurus Rat is not a shy person and generally has a certain appealing presence that attracts attention. They have a fascinating talkative persona and usually have plenty of friends and admirers. In soul mate partnerships these people may take their time but they do open up to reveal their really soft and sensual centers.

A little weakness in the Taurus Rat personality can sometimes cause them a few problems in life. These personalities are sometimes that busy that they very easily lose track of time. They are the kind of people that will tell you they will be five minutes and hours later you are still waiting. The Taurus Rat has a tendency to get engrossed in things and completely forget what they are supposed to be doing. This weakness can cause them to be somewhat unreliable and unpunctual occasionally. This negative trait is inclined to provoke them to get angry and stressed with themselves and it can definitely irritate others.

Taurus Rat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

The biggest challenge Taurus Rats have is that they must be careful that their ambition does not overwhelm or supersede their relationships. This is a sign that enjoys being social, especially because they often spend a great deal of their working time alone or focused strictly on their goals. Social interaction is a very good and very important aspect of a Taurus Rat’s life. The most balanced of this sign will keep an equilibrium between looking forward and enjoying the moment. Socializing is one of the few times that Taurus Rats will allow themselves to do so.

Taurus Rats won’t have much trouble finding potential mates. Where they will have trouble is sharing their time and energy between their goals and a relationship. Those who wish to partner up with a member of this sign will have to understand and accept the fact that Taurus Rats need time to themselves to tend to what is important to them (usually their career). Partners should equally be aware that they will most likely have to end up forcing some sense of balance into their mate’s life. This is the kind of partner that Taurus Rats need in order to live a stable and content life. Unfortunately young Taurus Rats tend to be a bit superficial. Most members of this sign will not be ready for a partner until they have seen some age, experience, and success.

Taurus Rat Business (Career & Goals)

The ambitious Taurus Rat often knows exactly what he or she wants to do with his or her life. The “big picture” idea may hit suddenly, but it is almost always a natural extension of a person’s skills, talents, and interests. Those who don’t have a career in mind should not worry, for this is a sign that can succeed in just about any field. The only key ingredient should be a passion for the accomplishments the work can bring, or a passion for the work itself.

That said, there are a handful of careers that are tailor-made for this combination of zodiac signs. While most Taurus Rats are adept at business in general, most also share a particular passion for fundraising. Taurus Rats are great with money and are perfect fits as financial advisers. They also enjoy auctions and auctioneering, particularly in the not-for-profit field or in the world of art and antiques.

It’s worth mentioning that many Taurus Rats are naturally gifted musicians, particularly as singers and songwriters. Ironically, this may be the most challenging field for this ambitious and capable sign to succeed in monetarily and professionally.

Taurus Rat Man

A reliable and strong Taurus-Rat man is able to beautify the life of any woman. In his presence, the most difficult problems seem small and easily solvable. A benevolent man treats close people with great attention, while rarely sharing his experiences, prefers to solve all the problems on his own. A woman can be completely confident in her partner, she is waiting for a cloudless family life. He will do everything possible to protect his wife from domestic problems. Hard-working, purposeful Taurus man, born in the year of the Rat, achieves great success in his field of activity, so his financial situation is very stable.

Taurus Rat Woman

Charming Taurus-Rat woman has to itself from the first minutes of acquaintance. Demonstrates benevolent attitude to all without exception, tries not to enter into conflicts. But she will not tolerate treachery, a man should remember that behind the calmness of Taurus, the caution of the Rat is hidden. She sees a reliable protector in the partner, she considers the model of the family correct: the husband is the getter, the wife is the keeper of the home. Easily solves financial issues, is considered an excellent professional, but does not seek a successful career. Woman Taurus, born in the year of the Rat, has a talent for needlework, loves to cook, her home is an example of perfection.

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