Virgo Rat

In Chinese Astrology the Rat is described as a quick thinking, practical and industrious creature. People born in his designated astrological years generally acquire some of this animal’s smart intelligence and practicality. When an individual identified as a Western sun sign of Virgo is the beneficiary of this influence, it creates very commonsensical people. These personalities are bright and bubbly, friendly and helpful but they are also extremely fussy and sometimes rather bossy. The Rat’s high-strung persona is often predominant in the Virgo Rat. This makes these people some of the fussiest but nicest, kindest characters you will ever meet.

Virgo Rat Traits

A Virgo Rat personality is a good combination of the assumed realistic nature of Virgo and the symbolic character of the agreeable and assiduous Rat. These individual’s are immensely hardworking and seem to quickly learn new things. They will usually possess high standards in everything they do and like to finish anything they begin. The Virgo Rat loves to communicate with others and will often have many more friends than they need. These personalities dislike being alone and may get a little depressed without the company of family and friends.

Virgo Rat’s are devoted and loyal to their families and many of them tend to center their life ambitions and goals around it. These individual’s usually take great pride in their surroundings and sometimes enjoy home improvement projects or gardening. In work a Virgo Rat is happy to take on a little responsibility but they prefer to not be in charge of other people. These Virgo’s are versatile and can adapt easily so it does not take them long to fit in wherever their life takes them. Aside from their general over fussiness these people are fairly well balanced and will get along with almost anyone else.

Within long term adult relationships the Virgo Rat is often deeply committed and will not take on this commitment lightly. While they may not be the most romantic of Virgo’s, due to their down to earth personality, these characters are still genuinely loving and protective of their partner’s. A Virgo Rat is usually intensely supportive, considerate, attentive and affectionate to their soul mates. So they generally make strong partnerships that last. Virgo Rat’s never seem to be still enough to fully relax but they do enjoy trying. In their leisure time these personalities often opt for doing something sporty that will help them unwind physically rather than mentally.

Unwinding emotionally is sometimes difficult for the Virgo Rat, they are always eager to talk but not really about emotions. This weakness in their personalities is quite hidden as outwardly they normally appear optimistic, quite confident and trouble free. These Virgo’s are worriers but they do not show it and as a result may suffer from build ups of stress. They are inclined to keep things to themselves believing they can handle the problem or worry. They need friends and partners that understand their reluctance to share troubles and will gently coax them to reveal what is on their minds.

Virgo Rat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Virgo Rat make excellent friends, but they can be surprisingly elusive. Members of this sign like to be themselves, for better or worse. They say what they mean, but usually try to be thoughtful about their words. For as open and warm as they seem, Virgo Rat are reserved when it comes to talking about themselves. They know they can be judgmental of others at times, so they don’t want others to be in judgment of them. Their subconscious theory is that the less people know about them, the more interesting and likeable they will be. This elusiveness can be frustrating for some people, since it’s easy to want to get closer to a Mouse than they may feel comfortable letting anyone. They are charming in a funny, endearing kind of way and have a unique sense of humor and wit. Virgo Rat make you feel comfortable with them like you’ve known them for a long time, even if you haven’t.

Friends and family are most often frustrated with Virgo Rat when it comes to romantic relationships because, as intelligent as they are, they tend to have drama that they keep coming back to. In truth, they are not great with relationships. They have a strong tendency to come back to bad partners and have a hard time ending relationships. They are romantic dreamers who tend to fall more in love with the emotional ups and downs of romance than with the person they are with. Maturity and time will help with this trait, and when they are finally ready to settle down and find the right person, they will have little trouble managing a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Virgo Rat Business (Career & Goals)

Virgo Rats are highly intelligent and analytical, but they also have a strong sense of curiosity and creativity that comes out when they feel stable and relaxed. Virgo Rat need financial stability in order to feel rested, though they may be pulled in a rather unstable career direction by their passions, especially the desire to help others or make the world a better place. Those who know their calling should follow it with all of their heart and passion, exercising patience along the way as best they can. For those who are unsure of their life paths, the following includes some suggestions of where to start.

One way that Virgo Rat can achieve a stable and lucrative career while helping people at the same time is to work in the realm of finance. Virgo Rat have a very good mind for numbers, but far more than that, for auditing, analysis, and finding creative financing ideas. Roles as banker, accountant, auditor, financial advisor, broker, and the like are good fits for this sign.

Virgo Rat like to be in charge of themselves and others. Any position where they get to help others by playing the role of leader and caretaker will be a comfortable fit. They make good managers, airline attendants, auctioneers, doctors, and writers of books, plays, and music.

Virgo Rat Man

The Virgo man, born in the year of the Rat, is endowed with a lot of talents. His distinctive qualities: diligence, determination, pedantry, sharp mind. Extremely demanding of themselves and those around them, the man tries to bring any business to an ideal result. Easily finds contact with colleagues, prefers to act independently, but not at the expense of public interests. Therefore, at work is considered an indispensable employee. In family life manifests itself as a faithful husband and a loving father. The Virgo-Rat is a man worthy of attention and care, a more devoted person can not be imagined. Sincerely worries about loved ones, tries to do everything possible for their comfortable life.

Virgo Rat Woman

The Virgo-Rat woman has a strong will, is not inclined to whims and rash decisions. Her analytical mind is able to calculate the possible outcome long before the end of the business started. It manifests itself as an excellent worker in management and finance. The combination of bright appearance and inaccessibility draws the attention of men to her, but it is very serious to choose a life partner. A Virgo woman, born in the year of the Rat, will give her heart only to a worthy partner who can appreciate her intellect. She has no interest in housekeeping, although it keeps the house clean. In the education of children shows rigidity and authority, but sincerely loves and acts in their interests.

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