Aquarius Rooster

Aquarius Rooster Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Aquarius Roosters are highly polarizing. People either love them or hate them. They have very big personalities, are social, confident, and generally very friendly. Many people find this combination very attractive, for both love and friendship. In their careers they can make things happen, which also attracts those who want to network with them for success. More reserved or shy Primal Zodiac signs, however, often find an Aquarius Rooster to be overwhelming and abrasive. These signs interpret the Aquarius Rooster’s confidence as cockiness, friendliness as nosiness, and blunt honesty as rudeness. In all fairness, members of this sign can be a bit too straightforward at times. They don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings, but they often do as they pride themselves on “keeping it real”, a phrase they use far more often than most other people.

Especially in matters of love, members of this sign need balance, but good luck trying to make that happen. Aquarius Roosters are all about flying as high as possible, living an exciting life, and making every day count. This works well for them in their careers, but not so well in their love lives. They tend to date multiple people, and don’t relish the thought of settling down. If they stick with anyone, it is likely to be a highly attractive mate because of the attention and validation they feel it gives them. One of their biggest challenges in life will be to find a genuine, solid relationship that makes them want to scale down their big dreams to make room for a family.

Aquarius Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

With their love of attention and penchant for big dreams, many members of this sign dream of successful careers in the spotlight. A career as a musician, actor, dancer, or other performer suits a naturally talented Aquarius Rooster well. The problem comes when members of this sign overestimate their own talent, and will endlessly chase a big dream without the talent to fulfill it. Honest introspection will be necessary for the personal development of this sign.

The good news is that Aquarius Roosters are hard-working, imaginative, and focused. If they can find a field that they are talented in, there is little that can stop them from succeeding at a high level. They can be bossy and honest to a fault, which can rub a lot of people the wrong way, but it also works for them once they find their groove. They make good salesmen, news anchors, investigative journalists, and service professionals.

Many Aquarius Roosters do best in a trade, such as hairdressing, plumbing, or home repair. In these roles they can have a great diversity of clients and still get to do things the way they envision doing them. If they can develop the humility to serve in a role like this, they can make a good living and even feel inspired by their role in helping others.

Aquarius Rooster Man

The strong character of the Aquarius-Rooster man allows him not to fall for life’s difficulties. Always knows how best to do in a given situation. Surrounded by numerous friends who sincerely want to help, at least with advice. He is a confident person, ready to challenge the whole world. In a romantic relationship, he shows herself as a gentle romantic boyfriend. He arranges original meetings, tries to impress the chosen one with his fiction and fantasy. But do not expect help from him in solving domestic issues. Having achieved reciprocity, can switch to work. This is a real fanatic of his business, especially if it’s a creative work.

Aquarius Rooster Woman

Aquarius women, born in the year of the Rooster, is perceived by society as a great original. In any way they try to stand out from the crowd. They love bright clothes, they are not afraid to combine things of different styles. Do not recognize the framework in creativity, often these are talented artists, writers or actresses. They are very far from all earthly things, but they can create quite tolerable living conditions for their families. Aquarius-Rooster is a strong-willed woman with a strong character, therefore everything is subject to her. Freaky, original, freedom-loving person can eventually become an ideal housewife. She prefers men who are not deprived of talent, but still firmly on the ground.

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Aquarius Rooster
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