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Aries Rooster Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Aries Roosters are active, outgoing, and love to throw parties and entertain guests. They are highly social by nature and are thus quite popular and well-liked by most people. While their social energy draws many people to them, Aries Roosters can be a little too arrogant and boastful at times, which can push some people away. They also have a tendency to say whatever is on their minds, for better or worse. For the most part those who know them well accept this part of the Aries Rooster’s personality, and thus members of this sign have no trouble keeping friends around.

Love is a different story. Aries Roosters don’t exactly make the best partners because they are much more interested in themselves than anyone else. This works fine with more superficial acquaintances, but a close relationship of shared equality is a huge challenge for an Aries Rooster to wrap their mind around. It is simply not how they are used to thinking or behaving and it can take many failed relationships and a lot of growing up before your average Aries Rooster learns to consider someone else their equal.

Aries Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

There are several different career choices that an Aries Rooster can make. They have all the confidence in the world and this helps them succeed at most tasks they take on. What the Aries Rooster needs to focus on most is the balance between what they want to do and what they are best at. This sign doesn’t love spending their time in the classroom, so their options change depending on how much higher education they are willing to take on.

There are four specific careers that fit the Aries Rooster exceptionally well: Dentist, Police Detective, Hairdresser, and Salesman. This sign succeeds in sales because sales is mostly about confidence and energy. This is a no-brainer for many Aries Roosters as they can make a lot of money without a lot of time spent on education. For those who want to take on a trade, a career as a hairdresser is a fantastic fit because the most successful hairdressers are also the best at the short-term social interactions. It changes depending on the area, but a Police Detective career typically requires at least a bachelor’s degree. This career fits the Aries Roosters sense of adventure as well as their organization and analytical skills. Members of this sign who want to go all the way with their education should consider dentistry. Why? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure, but the stars say that dentistry is a perfect match, so I have to agree.

Aries Rooster Man

The Aries man, born in the year of the Rooster, has a fighting, obstinate character, it is important for him to insist on his own. He is energetic and very active in achieving his goal. Aries-Rooster is a vain man, therefore he tries to occupy any position that allows him to be in sight. With great enthusiasm, he tackles the most difficult issues without thinking about the consequences, but almost always turns out to be the winner. He takes advantage of women, dresses brightly and tastefully, endlessly sops compliments. It is impossible not to believe in the sincerity of his feelings, but he does not hurry with the choice. He prefers to get to know his chosen one as best he can, his attention and courtship is not a confirmation of the seriousness of his intentions.

Aries Rooster Woman

To charm the woman of the Aries-Rooster sign is very difficult, it is an intelligent, pragmatic person. She sets ambitious goals and achieves them. But this does not prevent her from being a mischievous flirt and fashionista. She adores bright outfits, in her wardrobe you can find a strict suit, and an ultra-short dress. She likes to shine in society and take courtship of numerous admirers. Aries-Rooster is a cheerful, active woman, if necessary she can play any role. Everything depends on what interests she pursues. She is looking for a reliable, confident man who calmly reacts to women’s whims. Of the representatives of this combination of signs are usually obtained loving and caring wives.

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