Cancer Rooster

Cancer Rooster Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Loyalty is a key trait of Cancer Rooster relationships. Members of this sign highly value their close relationships and would never think about betraying a loved one. Because of this Cancer Roosters expect the same from those close to them, and if betrayed it is unlikely that they will ever forgive the betrayer. They can be very dramatic about this, and are prone to overreacting to situations where they feel they have been done wrong. Friends who are close to them know how trustworthy and reliable they are. They will always listen to your problems, just don’t expect them to express their feelings back. You can tell an Cancer Rooster any secret and be certain it will never be shared. Traits like this make Cancer Roosters great friends to have around.

This loyalty and trustworthiness carry over well into the love department. They are simultaneously family oriented and long for true love. Marry an Cancer Rooster and they will take “Til Death Do Us Part” literally. That doesn’t mean they won’t look around a little. Male Cancer Roosters especially enjoy looking at potential mates even after they are committed, but you can be certain that they will never act on this. Because they don’t express themselves a lot, they also don’t enjoy criticism at all, so those thinking about pairing up with an Cancer Rooster will have to take the good with the bad. Luckily there tends to be more good when it comes to this sign.

Cancer Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

Cancer Roosters are surprisingly hard workers and though they care a lot about appearances, they don’t actually need a fancy job to feel good about their work. This sign is happiest when they are busiest, so they don’t mind getting their hands dirty if it means that they get to feel proud of a hard day’s work. In rural settings, many Cancer Roosters enjoy careers as farmers. While some might see this as thankless work, Cancer Roosters see themselves as caretakers of their communities. Nothing is more important to an Cancer Rooster than feeling good about themselves and their lives, so finding work that feeds the soul should be one of this sign’s biggest goals in life.

Not all Cancer Roosters want to work on a farm, though. Some want to travel the world or make a difference in a more urban setting. It’s not unusual for an Cancer Rooster to join the military, usually a naval-based arm, and travel the world while serving their country. This sign often ends up with somewhat unusual jobs such as war journalists, wildlife photographers, or community historians. Whatever their role, it is always best for an Cancer Rooster to choose meaningful work over money. This sign is very capable of doing whatever they choose, but they should always seek personal fulfillment over what others say they should do.

Cancer Rooster Man

A suspicious and indecisive man tries to appear stronger than he really is. Nature has awarded him with intuition, the ability to delicately feel the mood of people. Cancer-Rooster prefers to hide his feelings and thoughts, is very touchy, does not take criticism at all, but at the same time tries not to lose heart. Cancer-Rooster is an active man, so suffering does not prevent him from solving business issues. Usually this is a fairly successful businessman or a good leader. Carefully protects his inner world from outside interference, he can open only to his chosen one. In a loving relationship, he values ​​honesty, because he knows too well what treason and betrayal are.

Cancer Rooster Woman

A gentle, vulnerable woman Cancer-Rooster is looking for a man in the first place a defender. She knows how to love and feel compassion, ready to rush to help at any moment. Needs constant attention, painfully perceives criticism. A timid and calm woman behaves extremely sensibly, although she suffers from mood swings. Can be angry, stubborn and grouchy, at such moments produces an extremely unpleasant impression. It is a great fashionista, has a good taste, loves beautiful clothes. She is intelligent and hardworking, if she wishes she can build a successful career. However, it feels much calmer at home, surrounded by close people. Cancer-Rooster is economical and practical woman, she has valuable advice for all occasions. This is a wonderful wife and a caring mother.

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