Gemini Rooster

People who are born with the Chinese and Western astrological combination of Gemini and the Rooster are considered to be extrovert personalities. These individuals are also thought to be adorned with much self confidence and a great love of anything that is beautiful. These Gemini Rooster astrology personality traits are probably responsible for these people’s acquiredgreat sense of style. Everything the Gemini Rooster does in life seems to be performed in a stylish manner believed to be courtesy of the Rooster’s flamboyant influence. They are highly motivated and proud characters but can also be obstinate and do not take kindly to criticism of any kind.

Gemini Rooster Traits

The Gemini Rooster is usually a well balanced personality mixture of calm collectiveness and a little touch of eccentricity. This blend creates people that know how and when to be sensible and responsible but have a fun spontaneous side too. They are often very apt at changing quickly between the two depending on the particular circumstances or the person or people involved. This skill enables the Gemini Rooster to be very capable of adapting to new situations and surroundings. In their relationships with others these characters will be flexible but not weak willed. These Gemini’s do not like to be bossed around and prefer quieter partners who will not try to take advantage of their flexibility.

Gemini Rooster’s are generally rather organized and like to keep things neat and tidy wherever they may be. These people detest disorganization and often feel a natural urge to reorganize things that look untidy. This can apply to places and people but they seldom criticize as they would hate to be criticized themselves. The Gemini Rooster is usually quite sensitive and largely tries to respect the emotional sensitivity of others. They make caring and compassionate partners even if they may be a little overly fussy about organization in the household.

These personalities are noted to be rather confident in their mannerisms but inside they can be quite shy. The Gemini Rooster responds better and is more comfortable with those they know well, often shying away from large crowds. If the Gemini Rooster learns to drive they usually find it easy to master. They enjoy the freedom it brings and discover it a brilliant way to be able to do more things in less time. These individuals are motivated and enjoy motivating others but prefer to be part of a team rather than the leader. These Gemini’s do not particularly relish being in the spotlight.

When in an infrequent negative state of mind the Gemini Rooster reveals a few bad traits to his character. If these people are feeling sorry for themselves or provoked into an argument they can sometimes let their calmness slip. Their usual nice personality and tactful way with words can change to be greatly opinionated and indiscrete. They will then be prone to say things they do not really mean. The Gemini Rooster loathes losing a disagreement at the best of times, the angrier they become the blunter their responses become.

Gemini Rooster Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

It takes a certain kind of person to find a Gemini Rooster’s never ending criticism, no matter how humorous it may be, charming on a regular basis. A lot of people are simply too offended by this sign’s criticism of others and arrogant way of speaking, but those who do get to know them realize that this sign is all bark and no bite. In truth, Gemini Roosters lack a lot of self-confidence which is why they are so critical. They show this side often but good friends understand this nature and accept them for it. Besides, life would be boring without a Gemini Rooster in it, so the pompous statements and incessant self-references eventually become more shtick than serious.

Gemini Roosters are highly polarizing people. You either love them or hate them. This is only more complicated in terms of love, as they often offend those they mean to impress and attract those they intend to ignore. In their youth, long-term relationships are about as rare as short, casual flings are common. One-night-stands may occur on a regular basis as Gemini Roosters rarely try to create long-lasting relationships early in life. Eventually, though, they tire of this lifestyle and become surprisingly dedicated to their families. It takes a special person to put up with a Gemini Rooster’s maturation process, but those who do will have a loyal and loving companion for life.

Gemini Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

It’s no surprise that many Gemini Roosters become critics. It is in their very nature to observe and report their honest opinion on matters from movies to food to world events. Members of this sign are nowhere near objective enough to be hard journalists, but they make great columnists, humorists, and opinion writers. Those who do try their hand at hard journalism usually end up as television news anchors - a role where they get to be in the spotlight without producers fearing that they will offend the audience due to pre-scripted news reports. It’s no surprise that “Gemini Rooster” is a common moniker for news anchors.

This is a naturally athletic sign, and it’s not unusual for them to pursue professional sports as a career. They have the outward swagger to pull off the role, but internally they have to be naturally gifted in their sport of choice if they are going to succeed as the typical Gemini Rooster does not like to engage in any activity that involves losing on a regular basis.

Gemini Rooster Man

Emotional Gemini-Rooster men react equally to both pleasant and bad news. Absolutely do not take criticism, fiercely resist any attempt to remake themselves. At the same time, there are quite sensible people who perfectly report their actions. Of course, their original behavior can not leave any woman indifferent. Gemini-Rooster is a man of great interest to the opposite sex. But it is rather difficult to please him, he is too free-loving and capricious. He is looking for a dream, an ideal, and his ideas about an impeccable partner often change during life. He will be happy with a patient woman, capable of reconciling himself with his erratic nature.

Gemini Rooster Woman

Gemini women, born in the year of the Rooster, is not too frank with others. They lead an active lifestyle, talk with great pleasure, but carefully guard their secrets and secrets. Bright, independent women Gemini-Roosters make the most pleasant impression, men like to spend time in their company. Emotional, a bit erratic person does not mind getting married and finding a reliable defender. True, there are no guarantees that they will become exemplary housewives. All their lives they are looking for their vocation, they will be able to take place in any profession, if they show even a bit of persistence. Easy to get carried away, just as quickly disappointed, but do not lose the presence of the spirit.

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