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Leo’s born in the astrological Chinese Year of the Rooster are assumed to gain an amount of the Rooster’s friendly sociable personality within theirs. A Leo Rooster combination generally gives individuals a very affable nature that can easily get along with almost anyone. These people have an extremely helpful character and they are usually first to volunteer when others need assistance. They have a sensible mature attitude that is compassionate and warm. The addition of the influential gregarious Rooster to these Leo personalities makes them more outgoing than other Leo’s and with a touch more confidence.

Leo Rooster Traits

A Leo Rooster is a great companion to journey through life with, his positivity can make any experience better managed and less stressful. These people are excellent organizers who like to have gentle control over things including their own emotions. The Leo Rooster is a wonderful friend but sometimes finds closer personal relationships, where he is expected to open up a little more, harder. Many of these Leo’s tend to want to be just friends with potential partners for a long time before they wish to take the relationship further. These people are generally positive and forward thinking but when it concerns settling down for the long term they may suffer from doubt and caution.

At work and at home the Leo Rooster can be relied upon to provide lots of entertaining jokes and boosts to moral. He has a fine sense of humor and is always ready to cheer people up if he spots them brooding. The Leo Rooster’s friendliness, humor and clever way with supportive words usually soon has people smiling again. These individuals take life at a steady pace in general but will push themselves to their limits if they feel that the cause is justified. They are attracted to interests like politics and have a thirst for new and current information.

The Leo Rooster is a saver rather than a spender and is always careful to try and get value for money. This can sometimes be seen as them being rather miserly with money but they do not aim to be. They are extremely generous natured, just not in relation to finances. The Rooster’s sensible cautious approach to life overpowers the influence of these big-hearted Lion’s where money is concerned. Leo Rooster’s are usually good people to go shopping with as they will almost definitely stop you from overspending. They also have a keen eye for a bargain and will probably save you some money.

Although they are an exceedingly friendly personality type the Leo Rooster can also be a little bossy and loud at times. Sometimes they are impelled to try and take over situations when their assistance is not really required. If they think that they are right about something the Leo Rooster will be very insistent and his or her normally amicable persona may temporarily disappear. This controlling streak only becomes a problem if these Leo’s do not learn to accept that not everyone is gracious at receiving help and some people like to do things themselves.

Leo Rooster Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Leo Roosters make friends easily and usually keep a lot of them around. Though they like to keep their closest friends within reach, members of this sign also like to keep a large group of acquaintances around. They know that spending too much time with the same people will get them taken for granted, so they prefer making appearances from time to time in order to get the attention they desire. Aside from being a bit egotistical and a tendency to be know-it-alls, most people genuinely like having Leo Roosters around. They work hard, so they know how to play hard, and are always up for social events and gatherings.

Those born under this sign are surprisingly dedicated in matters of love. Though many believe they are too in love with themselves to be in love with anyone else, this is not actually true. Leo Roosters have big hearts and when they fall in love, they fall hard. When this happens, members of this sign will go out of their way to shower attention and affection on their partner - after all, this is the way they interpret love. It can be quite a challenge when it comes to sharing an actual partnership, as Leo Roosters strongly prefer being the boss of everyone, but with age Leo Roosters can learn to share their lives with someone else - especially someone who knows (and reminds them often) how lucky they are to be in the relationship.

Leo Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

Choosing the right career for a Leo Roosters is not a matter of what they can or can’t do - it’s a matter of where they can shine the brightest. Leo Roosters are highly capable and highly confident - a potent combination for success wherever they go. They may not be the smartest of the group, but they will most likely become the leader anyway because of their self-assured swagger.

Leo Roosters do best when they are in charge. In all honesty, they can be downright bossy and demanding, so it’s best if they are either the leader of a group or in a position where they can control their own destiny. As long as they get to choose their path in life, they will pursue their goals with the utmost intensity. Leo Roosters need to be the best at what they do, and they are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to do so. That said, the most important consideration in choosing a career is where their inner passion lies.

Some jobs do tend to make better fits than others, though, and those are usually the ones that fit with a Leo Rooster’s individual skills and personality traits. Leo Roosters who are naturally athletic will do well in sports because they also possess the will to win and the desire to earn the admiration of their fans. The same goes for actors, musicians, and other types of performers. The only real challenge there is that Leo Roosters are not good at self-assessment, and therefore tend to believe that they have the requisite talent to succeed even if they do not.

Less flashy careers that fit the Leo Rooster profile include that of teacher, police officer, news anchor, hairdresser, and public relations officer. In all of these, members of this sign can exercise their bossy side while becoming well-known and appreciated (at least locally) for their talents.

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