Libra Rooster

Of all the animals chosen to represent personalities in the Chinese astrological calendar the Rooster is probably the most talkative. His articulate manner and high sociability are believed to be bestowed on personalities born in his year. In Western Astrology Libran’s are described as sociable and with excellent communication skills. So a Libra Rooster personality is thought to be exceptionally clearly spoken and eloquent. They love to talk and their words are usually well chosen and skillfully articulated. All Libran’s are good communicators but a Libran Monkey is especially expressive with his or her language.

Libra Rooster Traits

These personalities are highly observant and this helps them to seem to usually say the right things at the most suitable times. They have lots of patience and will wait for the best opportunities to speak. These individual’s do not like to be interrupted when they are mid flow in a conversation. The Libra Rooster finds this really annoying and makes a point of not doing it to others. They adore talking but are also fine listeners who are thoughtful and non judgmental. Libran Rooster’s make friends quite easily and will most often be very loyal, reliable and supportive to them.

The Libra Rooster’s adoration of words and conversing usually plays some part in their choice of career. These people do not particularly enjoy manual work and are often much happier in jobs where they use their smart minds. A Libra Rooster gets great satisfaction from assisting others especially with their knowledge or advice. They are also creative in other areas aside from their creativity with speaking. These personality types are often keen on designing and making things. Their homes and dress sense will sometimes give away little clues to their artistic and imaginative personalities.

A Libra Rooster tends to be a bit shy of romance and personal relationships. This is a situation where sometimes when they unexpectedly find themselves lost for something to say. When these people meet someone for the first time they can be slightly reserved especially if they are attracted to the person. Courtships may take a while to develop with soul mates as the Libran Rooster prefers to take his time to open up to others. His perception and calmness helps him not rush into relationships or commit before ready and completely sure. These are dependable partners who put a lot into partnerships but expect the same in return.

Loving to talk a lot is not really a personality weakness but it can cause the Libra Rooster a few problems. Under normal circumstances their plentiful conversational tendencies are tolerable and part of their charm. However if the Libran Rooster is anxious about something they can often become loquacious. Their conversation will change from clear and significant to babbling and trivial. The speed and volume of their talking will increase and they will get in a real flap. Luckily this weakness only surfaces rarely and is soon reduced when these individuals anxiety diminishes. During these times it is best to just let them prattle on and get it off their chests.

Libra Rooster Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Libra Roosters are very social and love to be surrounded by people. Friends, family, or even interesting strangers are welcome in their world. Members of this sign love to host parties for friends. This is their best way of showing appreciation for others. It just so happens that Libra Roosters throw some of the best parties of anyone. They are typically easy to get along with, but if they don’t like someone they won’t go out of their way to keep trying to make a friendship work. They already have enough people who want to spend time with them.

In all aspects of life, members of this sign can be described as romantics. It’s no surprise, then, that they are downright enchanted by the concept of romantic relationships. To them, the intrigue and passion of relationships trumps all other interests in life. Libra Roosters have huge dreams that will be difficult for a real life partner to live up to. Therefore they either need a partner who is also a hard core romantic, or they need someone smart and stable who will bring them back down to earth. The latter choice, of course, they will hate at first (they hate being told they are wrong or are overreacting), but ultimately strong, but not necessarily dominant, personalities who will stand up for themselves are required for a relationship to work in the long term.

Though loyalty is important to them, they also tend to believe that the grass is always greener elsewhere and will question even the most minor ups and downs in a relationship. In this way they are independent almost to a fault. Libra Roosters also don’t like to tolerate other people’s weaknesses, even if they have their own that are just as bad.

Libra Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

To be completely fair, most Libra Roosters would prefer to get rich quick and live a life like those only seen in movies, but since most of them aren’t going to be born or marry into wealth, they will have to create it for themselves. Luckily, they are quite skilled at doing so. Libra Roosters are very ambitious, and if they have a passion for a specific career they should follow it. However, members of this sign should be careful not to confuse passion with reality. It’s easy for their minds to romanticize certain roles for the wrong reasons. For example, Libra Roosters are more likely to want to become a police officer after watching a drama about police officers. The reality of becoming a police officer, though, is probably very different from what they have seen on television or in movies.

Though I was only using police officer as an example, it is actually one of the best career choices for this sign. Libra Roosters like to be in a position to help others, which makes police officer, lawyer, doctor, dentist, or nurse all excellent fits. Of course, certain other planetary aspects will have a strong effect on this, so consulting one’s birth chart is always recommended before making a choice. That said, there are plenty of other options for this sign to try out including hairdresser, travel writer, journalist, news anchor, public relations analyst, and sales person.

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