Pisces Rooster

Pisces Rooster Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Pisces Roosters like to be inspired by new surroundings and new adventures. These outings sometimes involve others and sometimes are solitary experiences. Members of this sign take the inspiration gained from such events and mold it creatively into their work. Since they do enjoy the company of others, these inspired journeys can be much more rewarding with like-minded friends around. It’s easy for Pisces Roosters to isolate themselves, especially when it comes to creative or personal ventures, so it might be helpful for very solitary Pisces Roosters to think of socializing in terms of doing research on real life, giving them something new to use in their work as inspiration.

Members of this sign have a tendency to push others away when their deepest beliefs and ideals are challenged. They often feel the need to be right in every argument, mostly because they need to believe in themselves and their abilities. Like the wild Pisces Rooster, they know they are a smaller hunter up against big odds. While it’s good that they are self-sufficient, they too often miss out on the joys of life, which can only really be gained from interactions with other people.

Pisces Roosters need strong partners who inspire them to challenge themselves, not just take on the challenges of the world. Members of this sign often carry unrealistic expectations of others, and therefore end up disappointed, depressed, and lonely. What they truly need is the ability to look at themselves objectively and unemotionally and realize that it’s not the rest of the world that needs to learn to acquiesce to their ways, but the other way around. Only when they can fearlessly look at themselves honestly will they be able to attract the right kind of partner.

Pisces Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

Members of this sign are at their best when they allow themselves to be in their own creative space. They are not necessarily leaders, rather they usually do their best work all by themselves. While the sign of Rooster causes them to be naturally bossy, they prefer not to carry the stress of being in charge of others. They do best if they can work alone and do things their own way - not follow a set system. If given autonomy at work, others may soon realize that they simply have to tell an Pisces Rooster co-worker what they want them to accomplish and set them free to do it their own way.

Many Pisces Roosters will already have a good idea of what drives and inspires them. They should definitely follow their most heartfelt interests and try to find a way to make money doing what they love. There aren’t many specific careers that work best for this combination, though this can be refined using an individual’s birth chart to understand the deeper, subconscious drives that may not be obvious at first glance. Every sign is affected by aspects in the birth chart, but particularly this one (especially when it comes to careers). Those who don’t already have a good idea of what they want to do should pay special attention to certain aspects, such as the position and relationships of Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn to the 6th House.

Pisces Rooster Man

In Pisces-Rooster men feels depth emotionality, these are subtle psychologists endowed with strong intuition. Try not to show real thoughts and emotions, look confident people. Often occupy managerial positions, they are able to organize a profitable business. They try to establish good relations with colleagues and friends. In a love relationship, the Pisces-Rooster are timid, preferring long courtship. He strives to create a strong family, so he hesitates for a long time before making an important decision. Very trusting, naive, often suffers from the betrayal of women, but always with dignity comes out of delicate situations.

Pisces Rooster Woman

For women of this combination of signs, there are no problems that could not be solved. For all its fragility, the Pisces-Rooster is a determined woman, able to insist on her own opinion. She prefers equal partnership, so she will not associate her life with a despot and a tyrant. With great enthusiasm she does her favorite thing, and quite successfully. Has the ability to maintain friendly relations even with enemies. Surrounding people appreciate her for kindness. To close people, the Pisces-Rooster woman is very attentive, but she will never allow herself to be governed. She prefers creative men, capable of capturing their ideas, does not tolerate boredom and monotony in the relationship.

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