Sagittarius Rooster

Chinese Astrology characterizes the Rooster as an extrovert personality who is sociable and friendly but sometimes boastful. Western Astrology describes people born in the sun sign of Sagittarius to be intelligent, optimistic and straightforward. So the typical Sagittarius Rooster persona is believed to be outgoing, confident, fairly uncomplicated and agreeable. A Sagittarian Rooster also possess a strong trait of decisiveness from both astrological influences. This gives the Sagittarius Rooster highly responsive emotions that blend perfectly with the rest of their well equalized personalities.

Sagittarius Rooster Traits

Sagittarius Rooster’s are usually quite expressive and you can often tell their mood from just looking at their expressions. These are honest and open individual’s who find it hard to hide the way they are feeling. This natural responsiveness is also the reason why these people cannot lie very well. A Sagittarian Rooster will almost always tell the truth as they find even white lies difficult to pull off. When giving advice these personalities may appear to be seemingly blunt but it is just their inability to deviate from truthfulness. They make excellent loyal friends and partners who will be completely open and never simply tell you what they think you want to hear.

The Sagittarius Rooster’s assertiveness mixes well with their quick emotional reactions. They are able to make decisions quickly on most things and will rarely go back on them once made. While this decisive approach may make them appear a little stubborn it also allows to be sure of consistency. In personal relationships when a Sagittarius Rooster decides to commit you can be very sure that they will be completely committed. They tend to make their minds up fast but when it concerns soul mate relationships they will mainly rely on instinct. These characters like to follow their emotions and go with the flow in romantic involvements.

Work choices for a Sagittarian Rooster will often include jobs where they can feel useful. They are not keen on manual work and will be more likely to opt for more purposeful clerical or caring professions. These Sagittarian’s are kind and considerate and they take their responsibilities seriously. The Sagittarius Rooster loves to look smart and generally has a tasteful style that lets them instinctively know what looks good. They enjoy shopping but are careful with money and hardly ever overspend on themselves. However they do not mind spending to acknowledge and celebrate special occasions. They have good memories are exceptionally good at remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates.

A tendency to be a bit egotistical is the Sagittarius Rooster’s main personality weakness. The strength of this negative characteristic varies between each individual but it is almost always present. Sometimes the attention seeking traits of the Rooster put in an appearance unexpectedly in these personalities. A Sagittarian Rooster is prone to brag and get a bit too confident occasionally and they may need to be brought back down to earth. This weakness does not really appear frequently but it can make these personalities seem aloof which is the total opposite of their real personas.

Sagittarius Rooster Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Those born under the sign of the Sagittarius Roosters are social by nature. They enjoy going new places and meeting new people - anything for the sake of adventure. They can be painfully direct at times, completely ignoring social graces to make their point, and they also enjoy debating to a large degree. In fact, nothing makes them happier than proving themselves right. This social style will almost certainly put many people off, but those who know a Sagittarius Rooster well know not to take their words too seriously.

Sagittarius Rooster have the potential to attract many romantic partners. They are, after all, one of the most confident, exuberant, and dashing signs of all. It also doesn’t hurt that they are typically well dressed, stylish, and sharply organized. Though their unique approach to life may feel a bit too dominant for many to handle, Sagittarius Rooster always have a line of suitors backed up around the corner. Once they settle down they are loyal and true, but potential mates should expect a great deal of maturity to be required before this happens. The restless, adventurous spirit of a Sagittarius Rooster will likely keep these individuals out on the dating scene longer than the average person.

Sagittarius Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

Not surprisingly, Sagittarius Rooster like to be the boss. They also like to work hard to prove their worth to both superiors and subordinates alike. Members of this sign know how capable they are and are highly motivated to prove this to others. If not technically in charge they will still exude a bossy, dominant vibe in the workplace. Though they are highly organized when it comes to their goals, they are not great with fine details. Bosses need to give Sagittarius Rooster very specific, explicit instructions in order to keep them on track.

Sagittarius Roosters usually have a specific ambition that they have been cultivating for a long time. Though many signs have distinct preferences toward certain careers, this is not the case for this sign. If they can manage to sit still long enough, all Sagittarius Rooster should spend time quietly and calmly meditating on the choice of careers that would suit them best. Somewhere inside, many members of this sign know exactly what they should be doing.

Some of the more common career options for Sagittarius Rooster include: athlete, doctor, hairdresser, lawyer, news anchor, philosopher, police officer, and sales person.

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Sagittarius Rooster
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