Scorpio Rooster

The ancient Chinese illustrated the Rooster as a bright, quick, sociable character who is also a bit of a perfectionist. Those people born in the astrological Year of the Rooster are assumed to gain some of these likeable but fussy characteristics. When the individual concerned is born under the Western Astrology sign of Scorpio these meticulous traits are strong. A Scorpio Rooster is great fun to be with and very loving if you can cope with their fastidious side. Their plentiful intelligence, wit and sociability often dominate this finicky mannerism and it more than makes up for their over fussiness.

Scorpio Rooster Traits

A Scorpio Rooster is a fairly well balanced personality that can get along with most other people. These individuals are affectionate, caring and quite calm, they rarely show mood swings but may appear distant or aloof at times. Scorpio Rooster’s are often extremely organized and many will utilize these skills in professions that require them. These are friendly personalities who are hard working and highly inventive. Many of these Scorpio’s may consider self employment as they are inclined to be very good at spotting viable business opportunities.

Family is immensely important and special to the Scorpio Rooster and so when they decide to live independently they usually stay nearby. These personalities also value their friends and will show much loyalty towards them. This can cause issues when they embark upon a personal relationship and find that they have to divide and share their time. A Scorpio Rooster will sometimes take a lot of convincing to commit to long term partners without the reassurance of still having regular contact with their friends. A Scorpio Rooster benefits greatly from socializing as an escapism from work and the monotonous daily routines of life. They like to have a laugh to best unwind and relax and find their friends fit the bill every now and then.

Scorpio Rooster’s are sometimes a little bossy, impatient and forceful in their manner but it is usually well intentioned. It is just their way of encouraging and motivating others. These conscientious personalities are intelligent and often struggle to understand why everyone is not on the same level intellectually. They are normally excellent at explaining how to do things and can do so in numerous different ways but can occasionally lose their patience. In relationships they will search for partner’s that are able to understand their occasional impatience and not let it bother them too much.

The Scorpio Rooster’s character has a small weakness aside from his over tidiness that can cause him or her issues. This is the inclination to not know when to give up on something. These people tend to set their goals high often underestimating their ability or available time. Once they begin things a Scorpio Rooster will find it incredibly difficult to stop until they have finished. If they do not manage to achieve a task or ambition in life then they simply keep trying. They have to learn, sometimes the hard way, to differentiate between what is achievable and what is not.

Scorpio Rooster Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Loyalty is of the utmost value to this sign, and if they are betrayed they will never forgive or forget. Scorpio Roosters can hold grudges longer than nearly any other sign. While they have a confidence they easily attracts others to them, they have a tendency to be a little too intense and can be too confident, cocky, or blunt in their communication. Though they are undoubtedly powerful individuals who cannot be ignored, they have to be careful not to attempt to be the dictator of their friendships. Letting their guard down every once in awhile does both themselves and their personal relationships a great service.

Scorpio Roosters most often come across as intense, mysterious, and confident, which is likely to attract admirers. The challenge for them comes strongest in the arena of love. The problem is they don’t share the lead well, which makes any even-sided partnership very difficult to maintain. They always want to stay in command of their lives, if not the entire relationship. Longer-term relationships will likely be with those who are less self-confident and enjoy playing a passive role in their own lives. Scorpio Roosters are indeed loving, affectionate, and loyal to their partners, but they have to be careful not to become too possessive. Until they learn to share equally in a partnership they are not likely to have lasting success. Also, they must learn how to argue with a partner, which means don’t try to win every argument, but rather argue to come to a fair conclusion.

Scorpio Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

Make no mistake about it, those born under the sign of the Scorpio Rooster want to be in a position of power. Power and respect are very highly valued with this sign, but they should make sure not to take a position solely for these reasons. Whatever career they choose has to also challenge them. They need to feel their power and confidence in action in order to be satisfied. Plus, Scorpio Rooster is a very intellectual sign that likes to solve puzzles and conquer obstacles, so the more brains involved in a position the better.

A good example of this comes from a career path very common to Scorpio Roosters. Security guard, police officer, and detective are all excellent choices for this sign, though it’s easy to see the progression in this path. Scorpio Roosters are strong candidates for security guard positions, but likely won’t feel that they have enough “real” power, so the logical choice is to move up in rank to a police officer. But routine police work won’t be satisfying enough, either intellectually, monetarily, or in terms of receiving maximum respect and admiration. Thus, the next logical step for an Scorpio Rooster is to move to a specialized detective position where they can not only be revered for their power and authority, but also for their ability to crack cases. On the other hand, Scorpio Roosters can also end up making a similar progression on the opposite side of the law for all of the same reasons.

Those who choose to endure a long education, and this sign is certainly capable of it, can enjoy careers as doctors, surgeons, or psychiatrists, depending on what field they are most interested in.

Scorpio Rooster Man

Strong Scorpios-Rooster men always get their way. They are honest and decent people, not prone to deception. Therefore, they are loved and appreciated not only by friends, but also by business partners. Responsibly related to the work, Scorpio-Roosters are men lucky in business, able to provide their family with everything necessary. They will create the most comfortable living conditions, the wife and children will be surrounded by love and care. But women should be prepared for the fact that these are quick-tempered, emotional people. With them it can be difficult, they make high demands on the chosen one. Will be happy with a kind, understanding companion of life, able to smooth out acute angles, to extinguish rare outbursts of rage.

Scorpio Rooster Woman

Woman Scorpio-Rooster — a person quite mysterious, full of contradictions. She loves and appreciates her family, she is ready to sacrifice much for the happiness of relatives. At the same time, a calculating, pragmatic woman who is not inclined to compromise. Establish relations with her is quite difficult, but her honesty can not be doubted. Until the last will defend her beliefs, it is very difficult to convince a strong-willed woman. Will be happy with a self-sufficient man who will not challenge her leadership ambitions. Scorpio-Rooster is a family woman, she is not interested in adventure on the side. This is a very caring and responsible mother, true, strict and demanding.

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