Taurus Rooster

The Rooster is an intelligent creature that has many wonderful qualities to his personality according to Chinese Astrology. Those people born in the Year of the Rooster are said to be diverse, confident, a little flamboyant and full of energy. These acquired character traits are believed to be quite strong in a typical practical and friendly Taurus from Western Astrology. A Taurus Rooster is usually bestowed with lots of the Rooster’s energetic personality and just a tiny touch of his flamboyance. These characteristics of extra vitality and tireless enthusiasm from the Rooster add nicely to the calm compose of the Taurus sun sign.

Taurus Rooster Traits

A Taurus Rooster is quite self assured with just the right amount of confidence to not be too pushy. Their friendliness and practicality makes them popular with others and able to be helpful without being bossy. His or her diversity from the Rooster’s prominent influence on the personality makes them very interesting people. The Taurus Rooster is also persevering, dependable and versatile so they are ideally suited to almost any kind of work. Their tireless spirit helps them pace themselves well and keep going when many other people cannot. These individual’s can sometimes make you feel tired just by simply watching them.

In a partner the Taurus Rooster will wish for someone who will not find their boundless energy and avidity too much. These personalities can be quite excitable and always on the go so they need partners that will be able to keep up. They will also search for a soul mate that will be warm, loving and on the same wave length emotionally. A Taurus Rooster appreciates and expects total loyalty and faithfulness in a personal relationship. They will usually insist on this fidelity before entering any long term partnership. Once attached these personalities will be strongly committed, very considerate and utterly devoted.

When a Taurus Rooster settles down they usually have to make a few time and space adjustments to their lifestyles. These people are good at prioritizing and fairly organized so they soon settle into new surroundings. Home and family are important to the Taurus Rooster and they will work extremely hard towards building a comfortable base. They love to be around those they care about the most and tend not to enjoy being on their own. To relax, because they do occasionally, these character’s enjoy good movies or a little socializing. They can sometimes switch off their untiring persona and have some fun.

Taurus Rooster’s do not really possess any major weaknesses in their personalities aside from their over eagerness and surplus energy. These fervor traits can sometimes cause them to come across as a bit loud and overly demanding. Only people who know the Taurus Rooster well will know that this is not a true representation of their nature. When all that energy is put to good use it can be exhilarating. When it is not it can be annoying and distracting to others. This is just a very small weakness in an otherwise lovely personality.

Taurus Rooster Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Younger Taurus Roosters like to be out and about, keeping up with the social scene in which they are well known. In reality, members of this sign keep a small, tight circle of friends, though they usually have a lot of acquaintances that make them seem very popular. As they get older, chances are that Taurus Roosters will trade their social life for their career without hesitation. This is not necessarily good or bad, but those seeking friendship with Taurus Roosters should know not to take it personally when their friend disappears for long periods of time to work on their latest venture. Becoming friends with Taurus Roosters if fairly easy. They always have a topic they are passionate about and are easily manipulated through flattery.

In romantic relationships, Taurus Roosters are passionate and even romantic when they find someone they want to be with. Honest and loyal to their mates, they want nothing more than to let their significant other have everything they desire - success, security, and pride. Of course, Taurus Roosters expect that they will be providing all of this for their mates, and if this isn’t the case expect there to be some self-esteem issues on the part of the Taurus Rooster. What they really want most in a relationship is to have someone who believes in them. To have a partner who respects, admires, and believes in them and their dreams is necessary for a relationship to work. Those who are willing to be this person will find a loving companion for life (though Roosters do have a reputation for seeking the flattery of other potential mates).

Taurus Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

The patient and focused Taurus Rooster is great with details. They excel in any career that requires careful research or trouble-shooting skills. Most have little trouble with technology, but their true gift is with finance and accounting. Anything having to do with numbers will likely appeal to them, but above all Taurus Roosters are naturally excellent auditors who are willing to sift through the small details to get to the big picture. That said, unless they are either owners of the auditing company or can make aggressive strides to improve their position, a simple desk job may not be enough for some members of this sign.

Taurus Roosters are also persistent to the point of being stubborn. They won’t change course if they think they are right. They are self-sufficient and like to be in charge, which makes it difficult for them to stay in a position where they are constantly told what to do and when to do it. Perhaps they need to learn to listen to others and ask for help when necessary, but good luck telling them that. Instead, most Taurus Roosters will already have an idea of how they want to make their mark on the world. Indeed, it is the career itself and not just the success within a career that is important to them. For a Taurus Rooster, the success of their career equals their self-worth. As long as they are moving forward, they will be alright, but once they hit the glass ceiling, don’t expect them to stick around for long. Members of this sign will find their own way in their own time; they just need to learn to be as patient as they are persistent.

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