Virgo Rooster

Virgo Rooster Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Virgo Roosters are among the most helpful friends that anyone could hope for. They enjoy coming to the rescue, being the guardian and leading the herd, but don’t realize that others resent being thought of as cattle in need of herding. Those born under this sign don’t get along particularly well with strong personalities with different approaches to life than their own. In the mind of a Virgo Rooster their approach is the correct one. They are always aware of the faults of others, but rarely pay attention to their own. Put simply, they have trouble recognizing that life has different approaches and will refuse to try out anyone else’s ideas as long as they believe their course is the “correct” one.

Love for a Virgo Rooster can be tricky to say the least. Deep down they are romantics who long to be cared for as much as they care for others, but they have trouble allowing others to care for them. They require a partner who is strong enough to stand up to their bossiness, but they also become irritated when others won’t let them be in control. Virgo Roosters have to learn to let go and respect others opinions and at the same time learn to play a new role - that of an equal partner.

If they have children, Virgo Roosters will likely play the role of caretaker very seriously. There is no sense of expression more important than caring for their own, and Virgo Roosters make doting parents to their young. Here is where they must be most careful not to lose perspective. Members of this sign tend to be either too controlling - worried that something will happen to their children if they don’t constantly intervene - or not controlling enough - letting their herd roam freely and only interfering to fend off outsiders. Neither role is healthy for any party involved, and once again reinforces the need for Virgo Roosters to be open to outside perspectives and approaches to life.

Virgo Rooster Business (Career & Goals)

Virgo Roosters are excellent at organization. They can take a room full of chaos and turn it into a useable and even stylish space within a single day. They have complete belief in themselves to be able to handle any situation at any time, and make good managers and experts in their field. They are often subconsciously self-promoting and bossy, but they can usually back this up with legitimate management skills and an intuitive understanding of organizational behavior.

Members of this sign have a natural tendency to gravitate toward the field of medicine. The actual job title is less important than the surroundings, though the most common jobs are Doctor, Nurse, Psychologist, Dentist, or Chiropractor. Virgo Roosters need to be in charge of people, specifically playing the role of caretaker. Those whose observational and analytical skills are particularly well-tuned may also choose careers as private or police detectives - a role that this sign has both the intuition and bravado to succeed in.

Whatever career path they choose, it’s very common for Virgo Roosters to start off with careers as waiters or bartenders. Some will become lifers in the food service industry while others will go on to seek a higher education.

Virgo Rooster Man

A materialist, a pragmatist, an intellectual — all this is the man of the Virgo-Rooster sign. Very serious, always assembled, as if waiting for any trouble. Do not lose the presence of the spirit in any circumstances, shows fighting qualities. Doubtful, but able to control feelings and emotions, therefore gives the impression of self-confident person. The Virgo-Rooster is pleased with himself, his whole life is painted for years ahead. He is looking for an ideal companion worthy of his attention. He looks beautiful, spares money for entertainment and gifts. Having made a choice, he remains faithful to the end of his days. He is more interested in work, not in novels on the side. Although female attention flattered his self-esteem, it is a delicate connoisseur of beauty.

Virgo Rooster Woman

Fragile Virgo-Rooster women are really very stubborn and persistent in achieving their goals. Clever and cold-blooded, easily cope with any life’s troubles. Discerning women perfectly see the tricks and deception of men, but prefer not to aggravate the situation. Vivid emotions manifest only in the case of a strong love. Virgo-Roosters are devoted women, ready for any feats for the sake of the family. They perfectly cope with domestic duties, take care of their husbands and children with pleasure. But they will never betray their favorite business, they feel great pleasure, achieving excellent results at work. They are good organizers, they often occupy a responsible position.

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