Aquarius Snake

Old Chinese Astrology depicts those born in the Snake Year as bringers of good omens to the home. Their presence within a family is said to signify that the occupants of the house will always have enough food. The Aquarius Snake personality carries with it this uncanny luck in acquiring adequate finances to cover life’s essentials. The intelligence of the inquiring Aquarian mind is one of the best to work alongside the Snakes love of obtaining ample provisions. Together this duo of Chinese and Western astrological influences produce personalities that are great achievers and providers for their families. It also generates an individual with a notably possessive nature.

Aquarius Snake Traits

The Aquarian Snake is in most cases a highly motivated individual with lots of energy who enjoys life. They do not find expressing themselves easy and often see providing as an expression of their love and loyalty to those they care about. Their Aquarius ability to process various amounts of information at once greatly assists in their success. If an Aquarius Snake promises to do something you can be assured that they will. Their value of friendships and responsibility is high and this ensures that they do not make undertakings likely. Their Aquarius alertness and Snake like cunning makes an excellent character blending creating people ideal for the world of business.

An Aquarius Snakes displays a bright and cheery attitude to everyday life and rarely seems to get depressed. This makes them perfect friends to people who benefit from the support of others. Their enthusiastic personalities can easily shake off negativity and they have a special skill of not letting others opinions of them have any damaging effect. Aquarius Snake people like to convey their ideas about disregarding other peoples comments. They hope to help their acquaintances and teach others adopt their be happy with yourself stance.

In a personal relationship the Aquarian Snake is a rather seductive partner who will tease their loved ones. They firstly utilize their attractive intellect of Aquarius to capture the interest of potential mates. Then they will use all their Snake charm to keep the chosen person interested. These possessive people can demand lots of attention in return and can get jealous very easily. If those contemplating long term associations with an Aquarius Snake appreciate this tendency then it can save emotional outbursts. Reassurance and understanding, as well as the avoidance of provoking situations, will calm these particular over sensitive characters.

Although ancient Chinese philosophy regards the influence of the Snake as a lucky harbinger its character can also be overly impulsive. Aside from sometimes obsessive possessiveness the Aquarius Snake personality often acts before he thinks. This weakness can lead him in the wrong direction in life leaving him angry with himself. As the Aquarian Snake gains some life experience he learns to control his impulsive nature. At this stage these people can approach relationships with a more balanced view. If the Aquarius Snake attains a good understanding of themselves and their characteristic reactions then this flaw in their astrological mix is minimised.

Aquarius Snake Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Trust is of the highest importance to Aquarian Snakes. They are trusting by nature, but not foolish. Betray them once and it is likely the last you’ll ever see of them. They are honest and friendly by nature, but also somewhat cautious. They’ll let you know a lot about them as long as it is what they want you to know. They are typically very entertaining when they want to be, but can switch over to the seductive side of their personality when they feel like it.

Members of this sign can be possessive. Part of that is the trust they put into their friends and partners. They expect loyalty back, which can drive them into a frenzy if they become suspicious that someone might be taking advantage of them. If this happens, their big imaginations start running and they quickly go to the worst-case scenario. Aquarian Snakes typically are the ones to choose if they want to be in a relationship or not, and can become insecure if they feel that they have lost that control. They need trustworthy partners who can keep their irrational fears in check.

Aquarius Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Aquarian Snakes are among the most intuitive of all the Primal Zodiac signs. Members of this sign have a natural ability to sense what is going on around them. Some have such finely tuned senses that they actually have psychic abilities! For these few, the career choice is obvious, but those who don’t have a mystical gift can still use their abilities to do good and be successful. Many psychic and non-psychic members of this sign end up as astrologers.

Unsurprisingly, Aquarian Snakes make excellent psychologists and psychiatrists. Their intuition helps them see beyond what is being shown to them into the real issues. These roles also satisfy the analytical and problem-solving sides of their nature, while also satisfying their desire to help others.

Aquarius Snake Man

An energetic Aquarius-Snake man, if desired, is able to roll mountains, but not much wants it. He prefers not to complicate his life. He loves communication, there are always a lot of people around him. However, few of his surroundings can boast of the fact that he knows Aquarius-Snake well. Carefully protects your inner world from outside interference. A mysterious man causes burning curiosity, women seek to learn all his secrets. He is not against new acquaintances and flirting, but his serious relationship causes him to fear. Do not seek to tie the knot, so the partner has a long struggle for a place near him. Life with him is quite an exciting event, a woman will not be bored. The only nuance: he is authoritarian and very jealous.

Aquarius Snake Woman

Multifaceted and very talented Aquarius-Snake woman easily copes with all matters. It all comes easy, it seems that she does not make any effort. She simply lives for her own pleasure, happily avoiding difficulties and failures. However, this is a pragmatic person, capable of calculating her future to the smallest detail. Perfectly understands people, so she carefully selects a man for a serious relationship. Aquarius-Snake woman is attractive, around her a lot of fans. It’s true that only a person with a wealth of merits can interest her. She must be sure of her well-being, family life is a serious matter, there is no place for romantic fads. But more faithful and devoted partner to her chosen one is not found.

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Aquarius Snake
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