Cancer Snake

Snakes were considered by some early Chinese Astrologists to be a symbol of an outstanding mediator and a brilliant guard over possessions. Their appearance at 5 yearly intervals in a persons birth chart is believed to indicate that these people’s personalities will acquire these advantageous traits. When this occurs in the case of the Cancer Snake it produces a better communicator and someone who may have a slightly more possessive manner emotionally. This adds to the delightfulness of the timid Cancerian personality and creates enchanting people who have their own original style of confidence.

Cancer Snake Traits

Anyone acquainted with a Cancer Snake is soon mesmerized by their charming personality and cheery disposition. Generally Cancerians are worriers who take on board other peoples problems or judgments. In the Cancer Snake this over anxiety is not as heightened or apparant and they are able to concentrate more on the necessary solutions. This enhancement to the character often sees them as being viewed as rather more mature than their years. They appear to take to responsibility easily from an early age and many of these characters will strive to find a partner well before their friends.

The Cancer Snake craves attention and affection at every opportunity. Their bestowed birth gifts of fine communication and mediation skills are perfect for attracting and retaining attention. This personality can be manipulative but their intentions are not bad they just seek to get their own way. A relationship with a Cancerian Snake will be lots of fun but you should be prepared to have to do a lot of compromising. They can be a bit of a flirt but this is usually just a bit of Cancerian insecurity and Snake attention seeking peeping through.

A Cancer Snake may be an expert at imparting their thoughts and feelings but they do have a private side to their personality. Sometimes these individuals need to be alone to quietly unwind. In their energetic approach to life they do not get easily flustered but ocassionally experience the need to take time out to contemplate. During these infrequent times the Cancer Snake does not take kindly to interruption. If he or she is disturbed unnecessarily you may receive the rarely revealed lash of their sharp tongues. These rare outbursts will also occur if anyone tries to steal from them or deceive them in any way. Snakes take great care of their possessions and like to earn them honestly. The Cancer Snake regards material and personal possessions with equal value although if asked to choose he would choose people over things every time.

Even though the compassionate Cancerian Snake is a good intermediary himself when it comes to listening to reason about himself personally, he has a weakness. The Snake’s astrological influence of slightly more carefully guarded emotions makes it difficult for these Cancerian’s to take the advice of others. So although they understand that guidance is given with their best interests at heart these personalities find it hard to comprehend that others may just know best. He stubbornly takes all advice reluctantly.

Cancer Snake Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Members of this sign are all about family. Whether or not that family is blood related or just close friends, once you are considered family by a Cancer Snake, you will always be. At the same time, Cancer Snakes expect you to feel the same way and quickly feel betrayed by those who don’t. While they may be highly emotional, they don’t often show their true feelings, which can work for and against them in friendships. They seem easy-going and interested in others, which attracts others to them, but it’s hard to break through the shell of a Cancer Snake if they don’t want you inside.

The Cancer Snake’s greatest fear in life is rejection. Though they like to appear care-free, they have a very fragile self-image that they will protect at all costs. This makes it difficult for Cancer Snakes to find partners because relationships mean dating and dating means the possibility of being rejected. Of course, this fear exists completely in their minds, and most people are actually quite fascinated by Cancer Snakes. Once they learn to be less emotional, there will be little keeping the Cancer Snake from finding a loving and dedicated mate.

Cancer Snake Business (Career & Goals)

This is a sign that is good with money. Cancer Snakes have a knack (some might call it a “gift”) for sensing trends which helps greatly in careers involving monetary investments, but in reality the Cancer Snake is too cautious for that kind of work. Members of this sign like stability and security in their careers, and do their best work when they feel comfortable and safe. That does make things a bit broad, but really it means that Cancer Snakes should be careful not to dream too big because usually where they end up wanting to be is in the security of a familiar place. I mean, how many other animals carry their home with them wherever they go?

There are many things the smart and capable Cancer Snake can do, it just depends on where they are in their lives. People born under this sign tend to change jobs often, which is in contrast to their nature. They will search for the perfect situation even though they hate starting over. Once a Cancer Snake finds their place, though, they will be satisfied and shouldn’t be afraid of taking a reasonable amount of time to explore.

Members of this sign like to be helpful but authoritative, so careers such as dietician / nutritionist or psychologist work well for them. Another possibility is a career as a private investigator. This is a great fit for helping others while using their intuition.

Cancer Snake Man

Inside the calm, cold-blooded Cancer-Snake man rage emotions, but the surrounding people do not need to know about them, at least for the time being. So shrewd and smart that his life develops exactly as he conceived. If Cancer-Snake is not happy with something, it can be tough and prickly until it settles down. Such behavior — a rarity, usually skillfully adjusts the life of loved ones to their own interests. Acts subtly and prudently, envelops his attentive, benevolent attitude. It makes the impression of a sociable person, completely satisfied with what is happening around. However, he is looking for solitude, he needs a secluded place for reflection. Even a beloved woman will not be able to get his attention if he does not want it.

Cancer Snake Woman

For Cancer-Snake woman there are no restrictions in communication. Acts boldly, manifests itself as an active person, therefore invariably draws attention. However, carefully protects her inner world, securely stores secrets and secrets. This is a secretive and distrustful person, only really close people know her as she is. The Cancer-Snake woman is a proud and selfish person, so she does not tolerate disobedience. Achieves it’s and in solving business issues, and in personal life. The elect must accept that any objections are useless. She will find her happiness with a clever, calm and restrained man. Moreover, she has a strong intuition, always does the right thing. She is very attached to her home and close people.

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