Capricorn Snake

The Snake is a symbol of careful calculating intelligence and resourcefulness in Chinese Astrology ideology. They are also known for their quick wit, charm and determined methods of forward thinking and planning. When this creature’s astrological influence is combined with the Western sun sign of Capricorn the person is believed to be very clever and purposeful. A Capricorn Snake personality is usually intent and decisive in everything they do without being too inconsiderate to others. The Capricorn Snake individual is delightful in their mannerisms and will generally think first before they begin to communicate thoughts.

Capricorn Snake Traits

A Capricorn Snake has all the resoluteness of a typical Capricorn with the added allurement of the Snake’s more confident persona. This combination is a persevering and eager to please personality. They are intellectual and innovative but will rarely be boastful of their achievements as these personalities are not egotistic. They will often train for a profession where they can put their intellect, determination and endurance to good use. Capricorn Snake’s are precise in their thoughts and actions and believe everything has or should have a purpose. In work situations this purposefulness and precision in a personality can be very useful as a motivator of others.

With his or her fast and detailed thought processes the Capricorn Snake is especially apt at learning. They have a love of knowledge and are often firm believers in the importance of an excellent education. A Capricorn Snake is capable and will enjoy studying at any age to advance themselves in life. Their homes are usually filled with books and they are avid readers who appreciate good fiction as escapism, as well as factual reading. These people tend to like their own company quite a lot and do not often have a problem spending time alone. They rather like the sound of silence every now and again especially when they want to concentrate or totally relax.

Capricorn Snake’s are fairly easy to live with if they are given enough space for their wanting to be alone moments. They prefer organized living areas but are not over the top fussy. In relationships a Capricorn Snake will search for and be swayed towards a partner that matches their intellectual level but does not exceed it. They do not take kindly to being bossed around and need soul mates who can challenge and stimulate them intellectually. These individual’s are loyal and tend to reserve their flirtatious nature exclusively for their long term partner.

If a Capricorn Snake ever appears indecisive it is very out of character for them and a sign of their weakness. These personalities are extremely decisive under normal circumstances so when they begin to waver on decisions it is an indication that all is not well. It may occur following a big disappointment or other kinds of disturbance of their usual routines. This personality weakness may be the hesitancy of the Capricorn Goat creeping in occasionally. It is often a sign that the person needs to take time out to rest and reflect on recent events.

Capricorn Snake Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Though friendly and sympathetic, most Capricorn Snakes are a bit wary of others when they first meet them. They prefer to either observe or ask open-ended questions to get to know someone before they feel comfortable enough to share much about themselves. They’re not concerned about being manipulated by others, they just don’t want to invest any time, effort, or emotion into someone who is not a potential friend for the long haul. Instead, Capricorn Snakes will give their typical charming social performance and forget about the person altogether. Those who they consider true friends are the only ones who get their true attention.

Romantic relationships can be complicated for Capricorn Snakes for the same reason that careers will be difficult to choose - Capricorn Snakes don’t want to make mistakes. To this sign, investing in a relationship, career, or even hobby should only occur when the venture has been fully thought through. Internally their instincts might tell them what they need to know, but the analytical, grounded side will want to justify any decision with cold, hard facts. As they get older and learn to achieve balance in their lives better, Capricorn Snakes will learn to trust their feelings and be much more likely to take a risk on a long-term relationship. This is another essential hallmark of their spiritual and emotional growth. Capricorn Snakes make dedicated partners, though they will likely need someone who can understand and accept the complexity that goes on in their heads.

Capricorn Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Career is very important to any sign connected to Capricorn, and Capricorn Snakes are no exception. However, unlike most of their Capricorn brethren, those born under this sign are likely to have trouble finding the perfect career fit. That’s because there are two distinct sides to Capricorn Snakes - that which wants others to be proud and impressed by their achievements and that which wants to explore the deeper mysteries of the world. In storybooks, such characters would have careers such as knight, magician, alchemist, and the like, but in real life these careers are hard to come by.

Nonetheless, Capricorn Snakes need to have career paths to follow, so it should be expected that certain members of this sign will either follow an unusual path. Those who choose the standard beat will likely find little joy in it. Capricorn Snakes are specialists. They can do anything as long as they are genuinely interested in it. Careers for them include unusual niche positions, and may or may not be as glamorous or lucrative as the careers of their fellow Capricorns.

Examples of such careers are as magicians, astronomers, astrologers, quantum physicists, boxers, entertainers, investigators, psychologists, and professors of esoteric topics.

Capricorn Snake Man

The reserved Capricorn-Snake man carefully conceals his thoughts and emotions. Completely immersed in their own feelings, he is interested only in people of similar thinking. She strives to get a profession that is not connected with communicating with people. Despite the closed nature, the desire for solitude is not at all indifferent to public opinion. He feels comfortable, being away from the bustle, for work he needs silence. An attractive, sexy man causes interest in women, but is not at all superficial. He needs an intelligent, understanding partner, and quite active, because he himself does not hurry with the adoption of important decisions. But with him you can always find a common language, family life usually develops quite successfully.

Capricorn Snake Woman

The Capricorn-Snake woman is distinguished by rare diligence, tries to achieve success in life by any means. If desired, she could enjoy the company of her beloved man, but she likes grandiose projects more. She is an impeccable professional, an expert in her business. True, its strong character is an obstacle to building personal relationships. Too exacting and prudent, tries to get only profitable acquaintances. Not slope to romantic actions, and does not require special frills from a partner. Woman Capricorn-Snake will be happy with a solid man, able to create comfortable living conditions. She does not tolerate control, a sense of freedom inspires her. In the family life does everything possible to make loved ones happy.

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Capricorn Snake
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