Pisces Snake

When the charming persuasive Snake from Chinese Astrology is paired with a Piscean sun sign it creates very perceptive people. The highly sensitive Western astrological traits of Pisces are well blended with this creature’s symbolic personality. Ancient Chinese astrologers believed the influence of the Snake in a birth chart would liven up their perceptiveness. In the example of the Pisces Snake it produces very insightful personalities who are a little more sociable and less timid than most typical Piscean’s. These individual’s usually have a touch of the Snake’s charm and persuasion too making then friendly and also good communicators.

Pisces Snake Traits

The Pisces Snake character with it’s strong influence of perceptiveness is a caring and compassionate personality. These Piscean’s tend to make an impression on everyone they meet in life. They are usually graceful and stylish in their manner, and are open, honest and friendly individual’s. Their acute perception skills help them quickly evaluate new people and different places. A Piscean Snake finds it easy to adjust their behavior to match situations so can therefore get on well with most people. These personalities are some of the most outgoing of all Piscean’s and probably the one’s most likely to enjoy socializing.

Getting ahead in life is one of the Piscean Snake’s ambitions, they like to aim high in their wished for achievements. They will work extremely hard to accomplish advancement in their careers without upsetting anyone left behind. These are intelligent people who will often see and seize opportunities before anyone else. The Pisces Snake is not greedy with nor particularly driven by money but they do like to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. They will seek partner’s who will be supportive of their ambitious side and who will also help them unwind in their free time.

The Piscean Snake has a determined passion for success that usually spills over into all his or her relationships. These people do not like to fail in anything they do and will always attempt things numerous times until all possibilities are exhausted. This, along with their excellent communication abilities, is a definite asset for successful business and gives them great tolerance in their associations with others. These Piscean’s make very agreeable and considerate mates who tend to almost always put their partner’s way before their friends. They appreciate the stability of long term relationships and take great care to show their appreciation by being truly loyal to their partner.

The weakness of the Pisces Snake personality is their tendency to be incredibly possessive. If they have worked hard to acquire something they are very reluctant to give it up. They hate wasting time and can get quite angry if a promise of any kind is broken. A Piscean Snake’s possessiveness, especially with partner’s can sometimes become a problem. These personalities have a really jealous nature bubbling under their skins that can occasionally get out of control. Temper tantrums and sulking are their usual responses as coping mechanisms. This is a weakness that these Piscean’s cannot help and will usually carry throughout life.

Pisces Snake Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Pisces Snakes are not only entertaining friends, but they are also compassionate friends who will cry with you when you are in pain. Sensitive but also self-protective, the most important thing to remember about Pisces Snakes is that they deep down they both fear and hate rejection more than anything else. Beneath their care-free exterior they are in fact very sensitive to the feelings of others (this goes along with having excellent intuition) and find it very difficult to be around people who don’t accept them for who they are. Those who hurt them emotionally will not find a Pisces Snake begging for their love or attention, though. On the contrary, Pisces Snakes gain an almost inhuman ability to cut people off completely from their lives, never to be spoken to or thought about again.

As clever and intuitive as they are, Pisces Snakes somehow end up choosing bad partners on a regular basis. They have the ability to lure potential romantic partners in with their charm and subtlety but often get too caught up in relationship drama to enjoy a stable and encouraging relationship. This trait eases up with age, but young Pisces Snakes will have a great many ups and downs chasing after those who keep them at a distance without flat out rejecting them. Maturity and experience are key in learning how to incorporate these lessons into their lives. One of their biggest life purposes is to learn to accept themselves regardless of how other treat them. Romantic relationships will be a key factor in these lessons.

Pisces Snake Business (Career & Goals)

This is one of the most intuitively gifted signs of the Primal Zodiac. Many Pisces Snakes are legitimately psychic, and those who aren’t are still excellent at reading others. This “sixth sense” can be used in a number of ways, but Pisces Snakes aren’t likely to use it purely for personal gain. The desire to help others comes strongly from Pisces’ influence, though subtle aspects in each individual’s birth chart are likely to come into play here.

Pisces Snakes aren’t particularly fond of routine and enjoy having enough time to work on creative projects of their own. Many members of this sign enjoy artistic endeavors such as painting or pottery, but may not want to “taint” this hobby by making it into a career. For those who would like a more traditional career, it is still important that there is a certain amount of flexibility in the way they can approach their jobs. Strict, scripted roles do not suit them. Using their cunning and intuition does. Some of the best career options for Pisces Snakes includes: psychologist, psychiatrist, astrologer, magician, designer, public relations executive, casting director, art critic, or anything involving Human Resources.

Pisces Snake Man

In a man born under the signs of Pisces and the Snake, you can find anything: softness, determination, calmness, stubbornness. It combines many opposites, from which he himself suffers much. However, he is a kind, sympathetic person. Has a strong intuition: the feelings of people around him for him are not a secret. Therefore, it is perfectly arranged in a life: has a good post and confidential attitudes with all around. True harsh circumstances can awaken in him the desire to fight and resist. And he will be able to defend his interests. In his personal life he strives to find a serious relationship, looking for a reliable, calm woman. He needs stability, but without restraint of freedom, does not take control and total surveillance.

Pisces Snake Woman

The soft, soulful Pisces-Snake woman, meanwhile, is capable of decisive action in the name of a great goal, strives to be useful to society. It surprisingly combines vulnerability and steel will. She likes to be in the spotlight, does not feel embarrassed at all. However, it is difficult for her to accept criticism, stubbornly defends her convictions. She has a strong intuition, therefore she considers herself right in any situation. Ready to concede to a beloved man, she will try to moderate her ardor for his interests. Snake-Pisces is a quick-tempered woman, but is quite capable of controlling her emotions. In family life, she manifests herself as a devoted partner. Perfectly understands her man, tries to surround him with care.

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