Sagittarius Snake

Having the influence of the Snake in your birth year is considered favorable in Chinese Astrology. Its presence is believed to bring perceptive awareness and understanding to any personality type. In the case of a Western Astrology Sagittarian the Snake’s character adds much enlightenment and charm. A Sagittarius Snake is usually intelligent, charismatic and considerate. They are naturally curious and will always be on the lookout for something fascinating to do or someone interesting to talk to. These personalities like to socialize, keep up to date with friends and have a little fun when they get the chance.

Sagittarius Snake Traits

A Sagittarius Snake often has lots of different interests and always seems to be busy, they are rarely seen doing nothing. They tend to be clock watchers who are rather good at allocating their time between responsibilities and relaxation. The Sagittarian Snake is organized and efficient and will usually prefer jobs where they can put these skills to good use. They also have a real love of knowledge and a great ability to share it with others without it sounding boring. These people are not often stuck for words and are often the first to strike up a conversation.

Sagittarius Snake’s are opportunists but not in a deceitful way or where other people are concerned. They are brilliant at spotting business opportunities and other ways of making money. A Sagittarian Snake is inventive and enterprising but he or she is not greedy nor particularly driven by financial gain. They are fairly competent at managing their finances and find saving easy. These Sagittarian’s will often have one or two little money makers in operation alongside their regular job. They are prepared to work a bit harder in order to save up for the little extras they may want in life. At home they like to be surrounded by things that make life easier.

Many Sagittarius Snake’s are reluctant to concentrate on long term relationships while they are young. They will not usually go out purposefully looking for a soul mate as they believe in destined meetings. They feel they will instictively know when they have met the person who they want to spend the rest of their life with. A Sagittarius Snake will use his enlightened character to determine exactly the qualities he will be drawn to and desire in a partner. In close partnerships these individual’s will be very devoted and fully committed. They are not the most demonstrative of people but they are respectful, appreciative, thoughtful and extremely loving.

Among all his pleasant and refined characteristics the Sagittarius Snake has a small annoying weakness. These particular personalities are prone to complaining too much. They can be sometimes really irritating but they cannot seem to help it. Their complaints are not usually restricted to one area, they are not fussy what they complain about. This is just a small weak spot in an otherwise lovely personality and it is a habit that you can become accustomed to. Not many Sagittarian Snake’s manage to break this practice and are often life long complainers.

Sagittarius Snake Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Elegant, charming, and surprisingly agreeable, members of this sign have little trouble making friends. They tend to be friendly and receptive rather than outgoing, which only adds to their soft-spoken mysteriousness. Keeping a good balance between their social life and their independence is important and can keep a Sagittarius Snake from become too detached and unemotional. Be warned, crossing a Sagittarius Snake is not a good idea. They are capable of plotting the most complex and insidious revenge strategies. Luckily, few people are foolish enough to become the prey of this powerful sign.

Sagittarius Snakes are typically self-focused, though they are highly aware of those around them. Still, sensitive types will probably not pair well with this sign as Sagittarius Snakes have a tendency to be unemotional and logical. At the same time members of this sign understand what others want from them and can be romantic and even enchanting if they really want to. The challenge in relationships is twofold. Sagittarius Snakes don’t like to be held back from doing what they want to do - independence is highly important. They also get bored easily and if a relationship is not working they have little attachment to sticking around to try to fix it. Eventually most Sagittarius Snakes will find the perfect partner (or rather the perfect partner will find them), and this will allow them to live a fully balanced life.

Sagittarius Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Sagittarius Snakes don’t take the common path, unless that path leads directly where they want to go. They are wildly smart, but more than that they are highly adept at strategy. In the right situation, this could lead them to great heights in the business world. However, Sagittarius Snakes are generally too smart and too well-tuned into the reality of the world to be able to handle being bossed around by middle-management for too long. If they don’t get put in charge of something of reasonable importance they will likely lose interest and go find something else to do.

Sagittarius Snakes are lifelong learners, but they are also well-spoken and well-educated (even if self-educated). Bored easily, members of this sign do best when they are continuously learning and trying new things. They are great researchers, writers, and speakers which makes them natural candidates for teaching. To tell the truth, Sagittarius Snakes can probably only be college or university professors as lower-level teaching will probably not peak their interests enough. No matter what they do, those born under this sign would be wise to focus their efforts on mastering one subject rather than simply following their various interests around (at least in the career world).

Sagittarius Snake Man

The man of this combination of signs is full of contradictions. Open to communication, he is glad to new acquaintances, but too demanding and stubborn. He thinks positively, builds grandiose plans for life, at the same time he is subject to depression, often doubts his own abilities. The Sagittarius-Snake man tries to keep his balance: it is important for him to succeed, and extra feelings are removed from the desired goals. Full of different ideas, ambitious and determined. With laudable perseverance overcomes difficulties and successfully moves up the career ladder. In relations with women, he manifests himself as a lofty, romantic hero, but in his family life makes many claims to her half. Waiting for the wife’s care and attention, does not want to listen to criticism and notation.

Sagittarius Snake Woman

Sagittarius-Snake woman prone to adventures, is in constant search for adventure. Emotional and passionate nature, to her liking, the activity associated with frequent relocations, gets pleasure from communicating with new people. But the natural wisdom allows it to direct energy in the right direction, responsibly treats any work, persistently achieves the goals. She knows how to cope with internal fears, so she is in complete harmony with herself. Easily finds a common language with men, there are always a lot of fans around her. Attracts them with their positive attitude, love of life. Trying to be soft and supple, of the representatives of this combination of signs usually get good wives.

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