Scorpio Snake

Scorpio Snake Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Scorpio Snakes are most often loners with surprisingly well-tuned social skills and a sharp and witty sense of humor. The fact that they keep most of their emotions to themselves also adds an air of mystery and to some the appearance of optimism. Scorpio Snakes aren’t necessarily pessimistic, but they have difficulty tolerating those who can’t keep up with them mentally and often choose to be alone rather than spend their time with uninteresting people. When they do get out and about, it’s important to understand that loyalty is of the utmost importance to them. They can be jealous and possessive over good friends, who they don’t like to share with people they don’t like.

Love will likely be complicated for Scorpio Snakes, but it doesn’t have to be. Members of this sign hate to be vulnerable and will not risk rejection unless they are fairly sure the odds are stacked in their favor. Getting to know Scorpio Snakes is the hardest part, though intuitive types have the best chance of figuring out what an Scorpio Snakes is saying while not saying anything. Those born under this sign must learn to take risks that aren’t stacked in their favor if they ever want to win at the game of love. Those who do take the risks and gain the rewards of romantic relationships will be loyal and dedicated partners until the end.

Scorpio Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Whether they will admit it or not, all Scorpio Snakes are drawn to money, success, and power. More than this they desire to be known for their true skills - intelligence, resourcefulness, and attention to detail. Their drive to succeed is very strong, as is their drive to prove themselves worthy of the respect and admiration of others. As with any sign, one’s intuition should be used to find a well-suited career, but for those who are unsure there are particular careers that are natural fits for this sign.

Investigative careers like police detective, investigator, or criminologist are well suited to Scorpio Snakes, who can use their inner strength and intelligence together to help their communities while helping themselves. Similarly, jobs like analyst, researcher, or scientist are good options for those who are less interested in working with the public. Scorpio Snakes are very often interested in psychology and the workings of the mind, so roles in this field (psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.) are good fits for members of this sign.

Scorpio Snake Man

An ambitious Scorpio-Snake man strives to achieve success by any means. He is not inclined to torment himself with emotions, is smart enough to properly calculate his strength. He has a strong character, so he does not face difficulties. Strong intuition, insight — qualities that help in solving life problems. The powerful man of the Scorpion-Snake zodiac sign easily reaches career heights. But in personal relationships, he aspires to assert himself. This is an excellent manipulator, he will easily charm any woman. However, with a closer acquaintance, he does not hesitate to show his temper. It is a reliable, loyal partner, but very demanding and sometimes cruel. It can only be tamed by an outstanding, bright personality, besides a beauty.

Scorpio Snake Woman

A powerful Scorpio-Snake woman has a very high opinion of herself, therefore she tries to subordinate everyone around. In relationships with men can be different: a cold beauty, a cunning temptress. Relations with her — an explosion of emotions, a holiday of love, natural sexuality attracts men to her sometimes, in addition to their will. She does not lack fans, but carefully protects her property, is jealous and suspects each of his men. She is devoted to the interests of her family, does not allow interference by strangers. In solving business issues, she tries to restrain herself and shows his high professional qualities. Management appreciates her for diligence and dedication, often attains high position in fairly young years.

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