Taurus Snake

Taurus Snake Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Though they have a reputation for being sullen, evasive, and even moody, Taurus Snakes are actually quite social by nature. They prefer a small, close, consistent group of friends to having a wide variety of acquaintances. With close friends they will let their guard down and will share their innermost feelings, which they typically bottle up, and on a good day can be as charming, funny, and giving as anyone. Their idea of giving is more likely to be in the form of introspective, emotional support rather than the giving of money or material possessions - for everything dollar they give away is seen by them as taking them one step further away from security.

When they do have to enter unfamiliar social situations, Taurus Snakes seem surprisingly at ease. In reality, they are observing, evaluating, and reacting to their new acquaintance, maintaining a neutral politeness and generally friendliness until they have decided whether or not to share elements of their true selves with this stranger. This goes for casual social situations as well as dating. Leaving themselves open for rejection is anathema for a Taurus Snake, and violates their innermost need to feel comfortable and secure. This makes finding a partner a slow and challenging task for this reserved sign.

When they do fall in love, though, Taurus Snakes are true companions. Like their animal namesake, Taurus Snakes mate for life, and will defend their family and closest friends with surprising ferocity. A Taurus Snake may let you look at their territory, but they will never let you take it without a fight. The true duality of this sign comes through in love. Few things can distract them from their keen focus on their future goals, but this is one of those few. Once you have partnered up with a Taurus Snake, they consider you a part of their plans for the future, and can even be a bit possessive over this relationship.

Taurus Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Careers are where the Taurus Snakes focus most of their attention - for this is the key to achieving the “permanent security” that they believe they need to be at peace. Taurus Snakes are skilled in analyzing situations, which makes for success in analytical careers. Analysts, evaluators, assessors, financial advisers, and subject matter experts are all well within the natural ability of this sign. The whether or not these careers will fulfill their innermost needs depends on how well they fit the Taurus Snake’s own vision of his or her future.

Taurus Snakes prefer working alone or in familiar groups. They hate change and the unknown, which means careers in customer service, retail, or sales are all bad fits for this sign. What few would guess is that Taurus Snakes have a strong passion for art, music, and creativity in general. Taurus Snakes are big dreamers who often feel that they have to choose between their goal of financial security and their true passions, creating a lifelong conflict to find their true selves. The ultimate career for a Taurus Snake is one where they can be creative, free-thinkers but also somehow ensure a secure livelihood. Obviously, this is extremely difficult to pull off, but if anyone can figure out a way to do it, the ever-persistent Taurus Snake is the one who will.

Taurus Snake Man

Taurus-Snake man is distinguished by a realistic, practical approach to life. He carefully weighs all his actions, does not commit rash acts. In matters, he is lucky and lucky. Has the ability to clearly plan his life, it can not be knocked off the intended path. The authority of the male Taurus-Snake should not be questioned. For disrespectful and disparaging attitude, he will cruelly seek revenge. However, with an unshakable confidence lies a timid, tender heart. Madly loves his chosen one, infinitely devoted to her. Can not boast of a rich imagination, but sincerely tries to please his beloved woman. At least in the fact that she has a comfortable, comfortable life, she can be completely sure.

Taurus Snake Woman

The charming Taurus-Snake woman attracts the attention of men with its ease, the ability to communicate with ease. She has a wonderful taste, knows how to properly submit herself. But this is not a windy coquette at all, but a clever, substantial person. She is able to cope with any troubles herself, does not need the help of men. Mind, purposefulness, diligence are qualities that make it possible to succeed in life. Even for the sake of a beloved man she will not sacrifice her career and personal interests, persistently achieves her goals. In family life, she shows herself as a faithful wife, but leadership ambitions and born-again stubbornness remain with her. Therefore, a man will have to give in to solve important issues.

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