Virgo Snake

The Snake is often depicted as an intelligent, resourceful, confident and charming character in Chinese Astrology. It is believed that people born in the Year of the Snake gain some of this creature’s confidence, intuition and enchantment within their personalities. Western star sign of Virgo individual’s arriving in the Snake’s five yearly astrological cycle are thought to acquire some of the Snake’s best characteristics. A Virgo Snake usually has charm, confidence, versatility and a quick and deep thinking mind. Their philosophical way of looking at life often gives the Virgo Snake an intuitive insight and makes them quite patient and kind.

Virgo Snake Traits

A Virgo Snake is a generally optimistic personality type who is well organized and can easily adapt to settle anywhere. These people never seem to rush anything they are doing, they like to take their time and do things properly. Virgo Snake’s are fairly work oriented and sometimes have to be encouraged to take time off and do nothing. They can take work a little too seriously and may be the same with parenting if they have children. These Virgo’s thrive on responsibility and their superb resourcefulness helps them achieve. They are often life long learners who will enjoy studying and acquiring new thought provoking knowledge.

The Virgo Snake personality can be difficult to coax into a long term personal relationship. They sometimes think that they do not have enough time to devote to another person as they are too busy. Achieving their life ambitions is incredibly important to them and many will decide to leave finding a soul mate until later. This usually works fine until they are struck by Cupid’s arrow when they least expect it. A Virgo Snake’s prior aloofness towards the idea of love and romance is then totally reversed. When they make a one to one commitment to another these personalities will be caring, thoughtful, loyal and devoted partners.

Money and material wealth may seem attractive to the Virgo Snake but he or she is not bedazzled by it. Their goals in life are to be successful but they do not have to involve financial success. These character’s are prepared to work hard for causes they believe in even if there are no financial benefits. At home the Virgo Snake prefers neat and tidy surroundings and loves making a fuss of unexpected visitors. They will be selective in their choice of friendships and tend to choose and appreciate companions who are on the same wave length intellectually.

With all their allure and self assurance it can be difficult to spot the Virgo Snake’s personality weaknesses. They normally ooze positive certainty but can sometimes secretly suffer from a little over anxiety and are often highly critical of themselves. They tend to keep this side of their personalities hidden from view. Only those people really close to these personalities will be able to recognize the tell tale signs of undue worry and cynicism. This weakness of their confidence can provoke mood swings and occasionally the Virgo Snake’s sharp tongue and sly manipulative traits.

Virgo Snake Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Socially, Virgo Snakes are somewhat elusive. They enjoy being social but will be the first to pull themselves out of a social situation that isn’t giving them what they need. They make good friends because they care about those close to them, but they can also be opinionated, possessive, and even manipulative, especially when it comes to their friends relationships. This is not ill-intentioned in any way. Virgo Snakes just feel compelled by what they believe is right in their hearts and have little tolerance for those who allow themselves to be taken advantage of.

Ironically Virgo Snakes are also known to repeat relationships mistakes of the past. They will try to make a relationship work if it seems to make sense intellectually. They do have limits, though, and once their fine line is crossed, they will cut people out of their lives and retreat to greater depths where they can take time to reconsider what they want. It may take time for a member of this sign to find the right partner for them. They can be elusive in new relationships, showing a potential partner only what they want them to see. Virgo Snakes can also be judgmental and should be careful not to dismiss potential partners for insignificant faults that can be worked out over time. Love life will be challenging but adventurous, and only time will tell if the romantic side or the independent side of the Virgo Snakes wins out in the end.

Virgo Snake Business (Career & Goals)

Because they are not as loud and outgoing as many of their peers, Virgo Snakes have to learn how to stand out from the crowd. Luckily they are smart enough not to believe in faking their way to success or creating hype around themselves. All Virgo Snakes need to do is whatever it is they do best. Each has a niche and a special path in their lives to follow. Each is gifted in different ways.

If there is one word to describe the career strength of a Virgo Snakes it is: investigator. Combining their sharp observation and analytical skills with their exceptional intuition, few signs are as capable of completing a thorough investigative analysis as this one. How they choose to use this skill can vary depending on their personal interests, but it should always include a human element as that is the strength of the Virgo Snakes. Examples of such jobs are psychologist, police detective, auditor, dietician, sociologist, or even astrologer.

No matter what career they choose, this is a sign that must trust its instincts and not be afraid to express his or her self. Those who can bypass the fear of rejection will find that there are others out there who desperately want what they uniquely have to offer.

Virgo Snake Man

Practical Virgo-Snake man is not inclined to rash acts. He is reserved and circumspect, always focused on what interests him. He is an active person, he does not disperse into trifles, he persistently achieves his goals. In his personal life, he is not inclined to romantic actions, attracts the attention of women, without special efforts. Virgo-Snake is a man who knows how to behave with dignity, is always dressed in style, and is also pleasant in communication. Therefore, there is no shortage of fans, the truth to whom he will give preference — a secret. Do not show your affection too clearly, leaves the opportunity to look more attentively at the chosen one. Having found a family, behaves flawlessly, this is a loving and caring husband and father.

Virgo Snake Woman

The Virgo-Snake female can not be called a fragile, pampered creature. Perfectly gives a report to her actions, strives to occupy a high position. And she works hard, does not resort to intrigues and deceit. She feels much more confident if she achieves the result by honest labor. She is not afraid to be alone, does not suffer from lack of admirers, is too self-assured to reckon with the opinion of the surrounding people. If a woman Virgo-Snake has a passion for a man, most likely he will not feel it. It differs from a practical approach to life, therefore it is impossible to wait for special outbursts of feelings from it. She strives for a strong marriage, where she is a wife and mother, but she does not need more.

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