Aquarius Tiger

Aquarians born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger tend to have a rather colourful range of personality traits. This is because they have the usual Aquarian eccentricity combined with the inquisitiveness and impulsiveness of the Tiger. This duo of strong independent natures produces people who are fun to be with but not noted for their reliability. This is one of the most interesting of characters as both the Western and Chinese astrological portrayals indicate their effective decisiveness in life. A person with this set of characteristics have a charming persona that is always seeking approval from others. They are lively competitive sorts and will never miss the chance to overcome challenges.

Aquarius Tiger Traits

The conventional Aquarius Tiger character takes on the courage and resilience of the associated animal. It also incorporates the independence, farsightedness and friendliness of the Aquarius sun sign. These people generally land on their feet in life even though they may push their luck far too frequently. They make friends very easily and will have plenty of them, but they often find closer relationships a little harder to accommodate. This may be due to the free spirited nature of the Tiger in the mix, its influence can cause these people to be cautious of settling down. These people like to take their time with decisions that may involve a loss of personal freedom.

Strong will and determination dominate these particular characters, this can have advantages and disadvantages. Benefits are their emotional strength and resilience while detriments are their general aloofness and tendency to ignore the rules. The Aquarius Tiger can be frequently unpredictable but this is usually one of their assets. It can be an advantage as it adds to their natural spontaneity and gives them a boisterous entertaining nature. Being friends with the Aquarius Tiger personality will prove to be a fun experience with never a dull moment. This makes these types fantastic parents when they finally decide to choose and settle with another.

The Chinese believe that having a person born in the Year of Tiger in your midst will bring you luck. If the individual is also an Aquarius you will also acquire the most agreeable of characters who emits cheeriness with a touch of creative charm. The person donned with the Aquarian Tiger astrological blend may be immensely attention seeking in their manner but charming with it. These Tiger like people possess fine persuasive powers and have a certain air of authority about them. They are not easily fooled by people and like to make their own decisions and stick to them. Changing an Aquarian Tigers mind about something will not be an easy task.

The only major weakness that the Aquarian Tiger may encounter is his own vanity if it is too amplified. Having acquaintances that keep the Tigers feline vain nature under control will help these Aquarians retain their uniqueness without being too over confident. This assists in keeping the balance of characteristics defined by Western and Chinese astrology ideologies stable. When this is achieved the full potential of these characters shines through.

Aquarius Tiger Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Members of this sign have no trouble making friends. They are genuinely friendly and caring, while their confidence naturally attracts others to them. They usually have a few fairly large groups of friends in which they are either the “leader” or the person who everyone is excited to see when they make it to a group event.

Aquarius Tigers are extremely loyal, sometimes to a fault. While they are charming, trustworthy, and attentive, they have a natural tendency to develop a sense of ownership over their partners and family, along with a natural tendency to protect what’s theirs. They are used to being dominant in their relationships, but if left unchecked, they can become jealous, overbearing, and oversensitive. Members of this sign do best with a partner with a strong enough personality to keep them in check, a big enough heart to keep them balanced, and an adventurous spirit to keep them interested.

Aquarius Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Members of this sign are intelligent, active, and like to be in control. They are smart and energetic enough to succeed at almost anything they choose, but their natural restlessness often makes routine work difficult for them to stick with. They like to be the boss, and actually make very good bosses. They are not very motivated by money, though, so even a well-paying management job that they are successful at might go by the wayside if they find it too boring.

The best jobs for Aquarius Tigers are those that give them control while continuously challenging their deep intellectual curiosity. They are perfect in the role of entrepreneur, where they can build their own business from the ground up and get others involved as they need them. Those who need a bit more of the spotlight may choose a career in politics. Aquarius Tigers make excellent politicians due to their leadership ability and love of a challenge.

Aquarius Tiger Man

The intellectually developed Aquarius-Tigerman gravitates toward scientific activity. He is distinguished by a sharp mind, rich imagination, likes to invent and create something unusual, can become a successful inventor, a researcher. In communication, he demonstrates softness, friendliness, even in disputes with opponents. But he actively resists outside interference in his affairs. He is a proud and independent person, like all Tigers. It is not alien to the joys of life, but rather calmly perceives the lack of money, they are not the meaning of its existence. He treats women with respect, behaves politely and tactfully. But with a closer acquaintance, it can be unpleasant to impress his chosen one with unrestrained, rude behavior.

Aquarius Tiger Woman

Aquarius-Tiger is a woman with a lot of virtues: independence, intelligence, rich imagination. If desired, can become a famous artist or designer. It gives her great pleasure to embody her fantasies in reality. Creatively gifted nature, moreover, has the ability to soberly approach the solution of business issues, competently makes up his budget. An interesting, bright woman invariably attracts the attention of men, but carefully protects her freedom. I do not want to part with work, hobbies for the sake of the family. It is too emotional, waiting for such behavior from the lover. But not every man can be so sentimental and romantic, so often disappointed in love.

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Aquarius Tiger
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