Cancer Tiger

Philosophers of ancient Chinese Astrology describe the person procuring the Tiger personality to be lucky and brave. This animal is believed to be the third of the 12 chosen to represent personality traits in the centuries old astrological calendar. When Cancerians are touched by its amicable representation they inherit a brighter side to their sometimes too serious natures. This extra cheeriness and slightly more confident and carefree manner compose the main characteristics of the individual fortunate to be born a Cancerian Tiger. These people seem to bounce through life, quickly getting over disappointments and able to inspire others to do the same.

Cancer Tiger Traits

Tigers spring along in life can cause their usually sensible cautious personality to be rather impulsive. This can be an advantage if it evokes pleasant spontenaiety but it can sometimes appear as impatience or lack of tolerence. The Cancer Tiger looking for a suitable partner will seek out someone who stimulates their spontaneous streak rather than their hasty impetuous reactions. The Cancer Tiger is mostly self reliant but enjoys the company of those who appreciate their sense of humor and fun outlook.They expect relationships to be equal emotionally and demand the same level of attention that they give to be returned.

The naturally sympathetic personality of the Cancer influence and the Tigers uplifting spirit blend well together. These well rounded personalities make excellent confidentes to those needing advice or cheering up. This suggests that Cancer Tiger people are often perfect comminicators for boosting moral and helping, inspiring, and motivating others. Although the Cancerian character is usually quite reserved the addition of the Tiger adds a little more sociability. The Cancer Tiger still prefers familiarity and the comforts of home but is prepared to come and go with more ease. He will not be as dependant on his home life as other Cancerians.

The Cancerian Tigers lively nurturing personality can sometimes come across as them being too fussy and domineering. This is not intentional they just cannot resist helping others and cannot understand if their help is not required. These people like to keep busy and up to date on the latest news and current styles of thinking. Their Cancer Tiger Astrology combination is an immensely humanitarian mixture that craves knowledge. By keeping their facts currently correct they are able to advise people in the best ways. The most appropriate and well received gift for these people would be a book about everything.

Aside from being rather precipitating in their demeanor the Cancer Tiger has a high degree of competitiveness. This ambitious edge to their nature is only a problem if they aim it in the wrong direction. It can be construed as showing off and provoke jealousy if the competition is not invited. A Cancerian Tiger is best advised to direct his or her rivalry traits into challenges and achieving goals. With their thirst for information these organised personalities have good heads for business. If they can manage to focus their competitive and intuitive Tiger energies these Cancerians can become very successful financially.

Cancer Tiger Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Much like the mythical Cancer Tiger that they are named after, those born under the sign of Cancer Tiger are mysteriously alluring. They have a natural charm combined with a dangerous edge that draws others to them. Their tendency to lose control emotionally may be off-putting to some, but true friends know that a Cancer Tiger is harmless to them. In fact, it’s much better to be friends than enemies with this sign, as they only bark at friends while they may bite at enemies.

Deep down this sign is all about heart. In the animal world, a Cancer Tiger will often adopt the orphaned young of a fallen comrade. Though they can be dangerous and territorial, they have a soft side that wants to take care of those close to them. Their best friends will be those who understand them, as difficult as that might be, and who are willing to take the good with the bad.

In love, the Cancer Tiger faces a similar situation. They will easily attract others without trying, but their volatility may make long-term relationships difficult. In a way this is a natural weeding-out process that will eventually land them with someone they form a partnership with. Members of this sign are drawn to beauty and have plenty of drama to offer back, and they love hard and all-out but also get badly hurt emotionally when they are the ones left behind. Overall, love will be easy (though dramatic) for this sign. They may go through many relationships before finding “the one”, but they eventually will end up happy and content.

Cancer Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Generally lucky in love, the same can’t be said for the careers of Cancer Tigers. Despite their natural leadership abilities and creative thinking, they can blow a lot of their credibility by responding to situations with excessive emotional intensity. This is especially true of young members of this sign. While they mean well and are endlessly devoted to the success of the team, they will struggle to be taken seriously by older, wiser management. Luckily this sign has the ability to overcome this challenge, unless they become too consumed with their own egos, in which case they will take much longer to change. Accepting that they cannot control everyone and everything is a critical step in shaping their futures.

Some careers lend themselves well to the Cancer Tiger’s natural intensity, though, and these are areas where members of this sign can shine will still growing toward balance. Those born under this sign actually do quite well as politicians when they are older and have learned to control their reactions to situations. They truly care about making their communities better and this is a great way for them to channel their energy.

Politics, though, are tricky for the Cancer Tiger, as they can quickly fire up a lot of emotional triggers for this sign. Those who want to only be semi-political should consider a role such as a union leader or representative. This is literally a job where they can fight for the betterment of those they consider “their people”. Similarly, a role leading fundraising or operations for a non-profit could be the perfect fit for a Bat. They have the chance to give of themselves while fighting for a cause. They also love the thought of people seeing them as selfless public servants, and thrive off of the energy that comes from the daily struggle for what they believe in.

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