Cancer Tiger

Cancer Tiger Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Much like the mythical Cancer Tiger that they are named after, those born under the sign of Cancer Tiger are mysteriously alluring. They have a natural charm combined with a dangerous edge that draws others to them. Their tendency to lose control emotionally may be off-putting to some, but true friends know that a Cancer Tiger is harmless to them. In fact, it’s much better to be friends than enemies with this sign, as they only bark at friends while they may bite at enemies.

Deep down this sign is all about heart. In the animal world, a Cancer Tiger will often adopt the orphaned young of a fallen comrade. Though they can be dangerous and territorial, they have a soft side that wants to take care of those close to them. Their best friends will be those who understand them, as difficult as that might be, and who are willing to take the good with the bad.

In love, the Cancer Tiger faces a similar situation. They will easily attract others without trying, but their volatility may make long-term relationships difficult. In a way this is a natural weeding-out process that will eventually land them with someone they form a partnership with. Members of this sign are drawn to beauty and have plenty of drama to offer back, and they love hard and all-out but also get badly hurt emotionally when they are the ones left behind. Overall, love will be easy (though dramatic) for this sign. They may go through many relationships before finding “the one”, but they eventually will end up happy and content.

Cancer Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Generally lucky in love, the same can’t be said for the careers of Cancer Tigers. Despite their natural leadership abilities and creative thinking, they can blow a lot of their credibility by responding to situations with excessive emotional intensity. This is especially true of young members of this sign. While they mean well and are endlessly devoted to the success of the team, they will struggle to be taken seriously by older, wiser management. Luckily this sign has the ability to overcome this challenge, unless they become too consumed with their own egos, in which case they will take much longer to change. Accepting that they cannot control everyone and everything is a critical step in shaping their futures.

Some careers lend themselves well to the Cancer Tiger’s natural intensity, though, and these are areas where members of this sign can shine will still growing toward balance. Those born under this sign actually do quite well as politicians when they are older and have learned to control their reactions to situations. They truly care about making their communities better and this is a great way for them to channel their energy.

Politics, though, are tricky for the Cancer Tiger, as they can quickly fire up a lot of emotional triggers for this sign. Those who want to only be semi-political should consider a role such as a union leader or representative. This is literally a job where they can fight for the betterment of those they consider “their people”. Similarly, a role leading fundraising or operations for a non-profit could be the perfect fit for a Bat. They have the chance to give of themselves while fighting for a cause. They also love the thought of people seeing them as selfless public servants, and thrive off of the energy that comes from the daily struggle for what they believe in.

Cancer Tiger Man

The suspicious Cancer-Tiger man pays too much time for his experiences, and for the most insignificant reasons. The power of the Tiger is not able to balance the excessive anxiety of Cancer and even strengthens it. Painfully demanding of others, behind this is not the desire to assert itself, but internal insecurity. Cancer-Tiger in communication shows friendliness, is always open to new acquaintances. But it does not let people get too close to themselves, so as not to be disappointed. Communicates with all politely, but is suspended. This applies to both business and personal relationships. Easily fascinates women, but usually has no serious intentions. But the truly in love Cancer-Tiger worships his wife, children, adores his home. This is a decent, honest man, worthy of respect.

Cancer Tiger Woman

Cancer-Tiger is a mysterious woman, woven from contradictions. This is an active, positive person, attracting people with her cheerful character. But it can be aggressive and stubborn, especially if the interests of her family are affected. Impulsive and unpredictable, the mood can change several times a day, and for no apparent reason. Mostly lazy, loves to dream and make plans for the future. But at the right time, she can find the strength to brilliantly solve a difficult situation. It suits the profession associated with the creative sphere. She is ready for any labor exploits for the sake of her favorite work: an art historian, a designer, an artist. In her personal life, she is a leader, although it is easy to manipulate. She loves her family, loves to decorate the house, this is a wonderful hostess.

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