Capricorn Tiger

The Tiger has a reputation in Chinese Astrology as having a strong and noble aspect to his character emitting trust and power. People born in the Year of the Tiger are assumed to obtain some of this creature’s honorable and assertive characteristics. Western Astrology describes a Capricorn as possessing calm and reserved qualities in their personalities. So a typical Capricorn Tiger is presumed to acquire much integrity and assertiveness to their cool characters. The Tiger’s influence makes these Capricorn’s strong of mind, trustworthy and reliable. A Capricorn Tiger also has a less serious and more frolicsome side to his or her personality.

Capricorn Tiger Traits

The Capricorn Tiger is straightforward, open and honest as well as being friendly, but they can be a little shy. They will usually have to get to know others quite well before they are prepared to relax in someone’s company. The Capricorn Tiger’s confident exterior hides quite well their inner emotions. These personalities have no problem talking about anything but when asked about feelings they often clam up. These are private people who always seem to put on a serene persona that is a reflection of how they want others to see them. Only those extremely close to these individual’s ever view their real emotionally sensitive state.

A Capricorn Tiger personality has presence but it is not overpowering. They are insistent without being pushy and motivating without bossiness. These character traits allow the Capricorn Tiger to usually get their own way by charm and gentle persistence. Some of them even have a knack of being able to make the other person think the request was their idea initially. In relationships these personalities will use all their charisma to woo partners and can be among the most romantic of all Capricorns. Although they do tend to be a bit undemonstrative especially in company of others.

In a work situation Capricorn Tiger’s are happy to take on a bit of responsibility but do not do well in stressful jobs. They like to do their tasks and then forget about them and not allow work to invade home and personal life. A Capricorn Tiger loves his or her home and family and prefers to spend as much time as possible with them. To relax these people enjoy anything that does not use much energy. They are often book and movie fans who favor staying in rather than going out socializing to wind down. They appreciate good food and like to experiment with new tastes and exotic dishes.

These dependable and charismatic Capricorn Tiger’s have only one main weakness to their personalities. This is their loathing of changes of routine, in fact their dislike of changes of any kind. A Capricorn Tiger likes to know what he or she will be doing and when. If they have an alteration in their usual daily habits it can provoke their weak spot and they may be prone to be short tempered and moody for a while until they adjust. They can also be restless following change or upset due to the Tiger’s excitable influence.

Capricorn Tiger Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

The social world is where the two paired signs (Capricorn and Tiger) contradict one another the most. Though impatient, emotional, and intense, Tiger is also gregarious, fun-loving, and affectionate, when they can relax, that is. It often takes a workplace victory for them to allow such a celebration to take place, but not always. Tigers are also an idealistic humanitarian who will fight for what they believe in. Depending on other aspects of the birth chart, the focus towards or away from an active social life can be quite dramatic. This is a sign that would do well to know their life path, so as not to waste time chasing the wrong kinds of success.

Others usually know pretty quickly if a romantic relationship with a Capricorn Tiger is going to work. They typically have little trouble attracting others with their energy alone. Their rebellious sense of humor and surprising sincerity (when they allow it to be shown) are guaranteed to attract potential mates, yet long term romantic relationships can be difficult. Capricorn Tigers can be optimistic and brimming with joy one day and suspicious, moody, and indifferent the next. They are, however, always confident and influential, making short term relationships easy, but long term relationships more difficult. Those who seek a true long-term romantic partnership will have to learn to control their emotions better.

Capricorn Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Work is most likely going to be the focus on a Capricorn Tiger’s life. Always “looking for action”, they have to be working on some kind of project toward advancement at all times. Work is good for them in many ways. The right career means a place where they can use their energy to accomplish their goals. A career that fits them both mentally and financially can provide them with the sense of achievement that they crave.

Being in charge is where they feel they need to be, mostly because they don’t like being subordinates to those less intelligent or determined as they are. CEO or Office Manager positions are natural fits for this sign, and many will choose entrepreneurial ventures or businesses where they are the focus (such as performer, radio or television host, or consultant).

While hard work and career progress is good for them in many ways, members of this sign can easily let their job take over their life. With such high personal rewards involved and potential difficulty in personal relationships, it’s not hard to see why Capricorn Tigers often prefer to be alone with their work rather than indulging in love or friendship. The problem is that everyone, even Capricorn Tigers, need a balance in their lives to feel fulfilled and complete and just as someone with no career and many relationships, this self-focused sign might find their lives feeling far more empty than they appear that they should be. Human interaction on a deep and personal level is important, even for these individuals.

Capricorn Tiger Man

Wise Capricorn-Tiger is a real man in every respect. Does not take hasty decisions, acts cautiously. Congenital intuition protects him from trouble. Energetic incontinence of the Tiger recedes into the background. He prefers to hide his true thoughts, gives all his strength and emotions to the cause. Aimed at a successful career, but acts honestly, will not weave intrigues, arrange conspiracies. He is a very hardworking, decent person. He tries to achieve financial well-being, reasonably believes that money plays a huge role in the life of every person. In relations with women, is restrained, exaggerates demands, is capable of harassing with small nitpicking. But Capricorn-Tiger is a reliable partner devoted to the interests of the family.

Capricorn Tiger Woman

The woman of this sign combination is full of contradictions. Behind her charming appearance lies a rather tough, determined person. She tries to prove that she is capable of reaching huge heights in career. It is especially important for her to feel financially sound, independent of others. She is cautious about any changes, not slope to get frivolous acquaintances. It is a success for men: it is a coquettish, sociable woman, like most beautiful ladies. But at the same time, being too strict with her fans, behaves quite restrained until she starts to fully trust her chosen one. In the family life, Capricorn-Tiger is a caring wife and mother, but personal interests are of great importance to her.

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