Gemini Tiger

Gemini Tiger Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Gemini Tigers are excellent networkers and are likely to have many acquaintances, both business and personal. They often want their network of “friends” to be as big as possible. This can lead others to feeling used or neglected since it’s impossible for Gemini Tigers to spend quality time with so many people. Yet Gemini Tigers are people who love interacting with people. They love to be out and about and don’t mind fame as long as either fortune or admiration come with it. They can be very polarizing figures - some people absolutely adore them and some people can’t stand to even hear their names. Either way, it seems that everyone knows who they are and is interested in what they are doing.

Members of this sign have a magnetic quality about them that makes others stop and take notice of them. They are likely to have many suitors who fall for their charms very quickly. Gemini Tigers are likely to be heartbreakers. While they enjoy the attention from potential mates, what they really want in life is to be genuinely loved for who they really are. Gemini Tigers are very aware of their social status and are one of the most likely signs to change behavior in order to remain on top socially. What they really want is to be loved and accepted while doing exactly what they want when they want to do it. This can make finding partners difficult unless those individuals are willing to take less than their fair share from the relationship. Gemini Tigers have to learn to balance their needs with the needs of others if they want a chance at having the life they dream of.

Gemini Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

As much wild energy as they have, Gemini Tigers do surprisingly well when they focus their energy into fictional drama. As writers and musicians they can keenly express the torrent of thoughts going on in their heads. This is a sign that loves the theatrical, which is why many become playwrights and theater or film directors. Gemini Tigers do best in leadership roles and love challenges, which is why they are often writer AND director or musician AND songwriter. The primary career challenge for this sign is that they are easily bored and often walk away from half-finished projects to start new ones. Those who can focus themselves long enough to finish what they start can have great success in the arts.

For the less artistic Gemini Tiger, a business career can be quite fulfilling. They have the gift of gab and could be great salespeople, but they tend to get too frustrated when they fail to make a sale. Better than this role, they make good bosses and have a natural understanding of customer service. They have everything it takes to start their own businesses except for the follow-through to see it through hard times, which is why many members of this sign choose to open franchises rather than start from scratch. They often prefer partnerships over working solo in order to be able to play to their strengths while others cover for their weaknesses.

It is not unusual for this sign to try out many careers before settling on one. Where they are likely to go is more individualized than with most signs, which is why it is strongly recommended that Gemini Tigers have an astrological analysis done, which begins with one’s birth chart.

Gemini Tiger Man

Gallant Gemini-Tiger is a man who invariably attracts women’s attention. It has a lot of advantages: a cheerful character, a wonderful sense of humor, impeccable manners. But behind the pleasant appearance there is an unflattering truth: he does not differ in constancy. Easily achieves mutual feelings, but just as quickly and refuses the beloved. It is not so easy to win the heart of the Gemini-Tiger, but if a woman can understand his volatile nature, he will find the right approach, the result can be perfect. The settled man of this sign combination is a loving partner, though a little impulsive. At work he is valued as a good specialist, has the natural charm of Gemini and Tigger’s boldness, so it’s easy to achieve high results.

Gemini Tiger Woman

The affable Gemini-Tiger woman fascinates from the first minutes of acquaintance. It is impossible to resist her charm, beauty, she carries to the beautiful world of dreams and fantasies. Light, like air, a person seems an unearthly being. But the energy, characteristic of all Tigers, allows it to successfully solve the most difficult issues. Slowly scrolls in my head a lot of options for further developments, while others enjoy her radiant smile. Gemini-Tiger boldly embodies all of its ideas, it is enough for this determination and perseverance. Especially she manages to work in the creative field. In relationships with men looking for ease, she likes to communicate, have fun. But the mistress of her is not the best, does not like to do housework.

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