Leo Tiger

Having two feline influences indicated in the astrological birth chart the Leo Tiger person is highly likely to acquire some of these animals charismatic natures. Both the Western sun sign Lion of Leo and the Chinese Tiger are believed to pass on to individuals their naturally proud but extremely affectionate traits. The Leo Tiger personality is a powerful combination set of Astrology traits creating very loving and charming people. These individuals can sometimes be attention seekers but they are usually simply craving affection. They have a lot of love and warmth to give but seem to need to be constantly reassured they are loved too.

Leo Tiger Traits

Emotionally the Leo Tiger is so loving that they can be easily disappointed if others are not as demonstrative. These personalities generally adopt a methodical outlook on life that seems to help keep them from being too focused on emotions. If they channel their energies into their work and concentrate on other important things in life, the Leo Tiger will be more relaxed. Aside from their immensely warm and kind characteristics these individuals are also very active. They have high energy levels and are often excellent at, and enjoy, sports or any other types of team activities.

The Leo Tiger is a big believer in faithfulness and will be devoted and loyal once they decide to commit to another. This opinion and attitude along with their incredibly loving natures can make the Leo Tiger a little overpowering at times. If you are looking for intensity and lots of romance these Leo’s are perfect but they can be jealous natured and want to keep you all to themselves. They often do better in adult relationships when they are a bit older and wiser and have learned to not be so overly possessive. As parents these Leo’s will be very protective of their offspring and feel quite lost once children grow up and leave home.

A Leo Tiger works hard in life in whatever he or she chooses to do and enjoys the companionship of many friends. These Leo’s are happier in familiar quiet surroundings rather than loud or unfamiliar ones and they prefer small groups rather than large ones. These loveable personalities usually have a passion for music and books and these are always well recieved as presents. The typical Leo Tiger is not motivated by financial gain but they do adore shopping and spending money. They can be a little extravagant at times and overspend but are basically good with their budgets.

When the Leo Tiger is not his or her usual self due to worry, anger, frustration or fear a hidden fury can become apparent. With the duel force of a pair of fierce animals in their birth year these Leo Tiger personalities cannot fail to have temper weakness. When in a bad mood these people are best avoided. Their negative moods and tantrums are however only usually occasionally seen and are always short lived. They appreciate space at these occasions and the opportunity to calm down in their own time.

Leo Tiger Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Though they are typically considered the leaders of their social groups, Leo Tigers can be surprisingly needy. They might be known as big tough guys, but they are totally helpless when it comes to emotions like sadness or loneliness. Leo Tigers need to be loved and it needs to be shown. It’s not enough for friends to wish them well, they need displays of affection to be just that - on display. In return, Leo Tigers will shower their friends with affection and kindness, for few people can make others feel as good about themselves as Leo Tigers naturally do.

Leo Tigers have good luck in relationships. They naturally attract partners without trying, which means they usually get to be the ones chased and propositioned, which they love. However, it is not unlikely that they will be more intrigued by those who seem immune to their natural charms. After all, Leo Tigers love nothing more than fighting for what they want, and though they can be easily manipulated in their youth, older and more mature members of this sign will eventually do best to settle down with a partner who exudes a quiet stability. Females will require, at a minimum, flowers on valentines day (big enough for coworkers to be jealous of), while males will prefer gifts or experiences that show, without a doubt, how much they are loved and respected. Partners who forget these things won’t be partners for long, as Leo Tigers have famously fragile egos and emotions.

Leo Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Not surprisingly, members of this ambitious and headstrong sign typically put much of their focus into their careers. If there is one guiding principle for Leo Tigers it is that they will do, feel, and serve much better if they are in charge. Not only are they naturally inclined to be the leader in every situation, they also rarely make good followers. It doesn’t matter so much what the career choice is as long as they feel in control of their destiny.

That said, there are several jobs that are tailor-made for the Leo Tiger personality, all of which involve equal parts risk and reward. Some are of an artistic nature while others focus more on money and material success. Which is the best choice depends on the other personality aspects of the individual. Artistic Leo Tiger careers include: Actor, Artist, Comedian, Theater Director, or Theatrical Agent, while more traditional business roles include: C.E.O., Entrepreneur, Stockbroker, Politician, and Teacher.

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