Libra Tiger

The Tiger’s colorful imagination and his sharp sense of humor are some of his less prominently recorded character traits. Chinese astrologists believed that people born in the Year of the Tiger would receive all the characteristics of this creature in varying degrees. In a Western Astrology Libra the Tiger’s creative and humorous influence is usually most prominent. A Libra Tiger is thought to acquire much of the Tiger’s creativity and witty repartee. They also often gain a sizable amount of this animals indecisiveness too. The Libran Tiger is forever changing his or her mind about something.

Libra Tiger Traits

A Libra Tiger is a pleasant, kind and thoughtful person who enjoys mixing with and helping others. They are happy to work in most environments as they are adaptable and quick to learn new skills. Their indecisive nature’s are best in jobs that are more routine than varied although the Libra Tiger does not enjoy monotony. These personalities are punctual and courteous and can be quite sociable but not overly so. They tend to not like to mix business with pleasure and will often have work friends and socializing friends separately. When they have done working for the day these individual’s prefer to head straight home.

Home and family are important to the Libran Tiger and some of them cannot understand why some people are such workaholics. These people tend to think that the balance between work and homelife should be more equal. Many Libra Tigers will consider working from home as an option for this reason. They love spending time with loved ones and although they take their jobs seriously they are not driven or controlled by them. They find that although they are sometimes wavering in their thoughts that on this particular view they are mostly adamant. They take pride in their surroundings and are highly protective of family and partners.

If a Libra Tiger has made the big decision to settle down it will be after much self deliberation and time. These personalities do not like making decisions due to their hesitant temperament. However making a judgment of a personal nature and about someone else too is different. The Libra Tiger adores love and attention and will seek a soul mate that is very affectionate and attentive. They will be likely to favor quiet nights in over partying or dining out. These are homely people who can easily forget about all their worries and distractions and relax once they get home.

Aside from his or her indecison and wavering views the Libran Tiger can be prone to sulk. This is not really a personality weakness as such as many people are susceptible to sulking. Nevertheless a Libran Tiger has a unique kind of brooding style that will often last until they get their own way or get bored whichever is the quicker. This weak spot in their character can make them appear a little immature. So the sulky time periods and durations usually diminish as they grow older and they may find better ways to communicate their wishes or disapproval.

Libra Tiger Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Libra Tigers are loyal and diplomatic friends, but they can also rely on their friends too heavily. Luckily, members of this sign have little trouble attracting new people into their lives, and typically have many acquaintances from several different walks of life. When they are in balance, Libra Tigers can be as fun, charming, and graceful as anyone. They are romantics and idealists who see life as a grand drama, one they wish was more like the romantic adventures that they like to read books and watch movies of. Unfortunately, too much dreaming can lead to unrealistic expectations of life and people in it. At any given time, it is very likely to find a Libra Tiger unhappy with the state of multiple relationships.

Similarly, Libra Tigers can be difficult to have a romantic relationships with. With such high expectations of how they want their life to look, they will inevitably end up disappointed with reality. They have the charisma and energy to attract the partner of their choosing, but this person is most likely to receive the brunt of their emotional instability. Again, living a balanced life (including realistic expectations), is key to making these relationships work.

Libra Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Members of this sign have all of the intelligence and tenacity to be the C.E.O. of a company, but nine times out of ten that company will have to be one they started themselves. Members of this sign don’t necessarily enjoy others having authority over them, except when they feel a personal connection with the person in charge. Likewise, they may feel drawn to a certain field instinctively or emotionally, and should consider any field in which they feel drawn towards.

This is a sign that can accomplish anything. Anything at all. The problem is that they rarely finish anything. Sometimes they don’t even start. To be more precise, Libra Tigers rarely stick with one interest long enough to see it past the idea stages. They are enamoured by the next great idea and learning the next interesting skill. They know a little about a lot of things and in the end have more stories to tell than anyone else.

Libra Tigers have a strong artistic side, which can take on a number of forms. Careers such as Writer, Designer, Graphic Artist, Art Dealer, or owner of an art studio or boutique suit them well. Libra Tigers are often interested in politics as well, and may consider either a career as a politician or a commentator on political matters.

Libra Tiger Man

The affable Libra-Tiger man is always tactful and polite. Observes in all matters a reasonable balance: it has worked well, so you can rest. He is not disposed to heavy physical labor, he likes intellectual activity. The authorities appreciate the Libra-Tiger for the ability to find a common language with the most intractable partners. In the art of negotiating with him not equal, he demonstrates all his best qualities: lightness, sociability, politeness. True, these traits of his character can be a serious obstacle to the path to family happiness. The man of this sign combination too often changes partners, with each of them nice and courteous. Loving woman will have to make the decisive choice for himself and put before the fact: wedding is soon.

Libra Tiger Woman

The Libra woman, born in the year of the Tiger, will be able to take place in the acting profession. Cleverly hides the cool, calculating mind behind the image of a sweet coquette. She does not show his leadership ambitions openly, but she is only interested in the position of the head. The influence of the Libra sign gives the representative of this sign combination indecision, and for a long time carefully thinks through all possible options. But having made a choice, energetically takes the case, in the successful implementation of the conceived it helps the power of the Tiger. In love, she is looking for a worthy partner, she is not interested in a weak-willed man who has not achieved success in his career. A bright, interesting woman adores flirting, but strives to create a strong family, where exactly she should be a leader.

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