Pisces Tiger

Pisces Tiger Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Though they tend to polarize people with their mood swings, it is undeniable that Pisces Tigers have good hearts. They are genuinely interested in people more than money or success. Pisces Tigers will listen to advice but follow their own path in the end. While they have well-tuned social graces at times they can also be loners who need time alone to think and to figure things out. Overall, members of this sign are generous, affectionate, charming, and often funny when among friends. Though they can be a little too intense at times, they are always sincere in their desire to make the world around them a better place.

As with everything else, Pisces Tigers are not good with moderation when it comes to romantic relationships. Not only can they be too emotionally intense in love, they also tend to pick bad partners. Unfortunately Pisces Tigers are suckers for relationships that stir up their emotions instead of relationships that are stable and supportive. Members of this sign tend to become addicted to feeling loved, needed, or wanted. Because of this they can be easily manipulated by those who can match their emotional intensity.

Pisces Tigers will likely go through many relationships before finding one to settle down in for the long haul. They have little trouble attracting partners because they are intriguing, mysterious, and intense. Members of this sign hate rejection, though, and tend to use their charms to lure others in rather than making the first move. When it comes to people, Pisces Tigers have excellent intuition that they should trust more often.

Pisces Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Pisces Tigers are very creative, but they are also social and political idealists. Depending on the other (minor) signs in the birth chart, career direction will most likely take on one of these aspects. Whichever path they choose, their artistic sensibility combined with their rebellious idealism makes it difficult for them to do something routine and boring. They either have to be creative or they have to be helping people. A desk job, unless it is at a charity or as an art dealer, is going to be boring and tedious and ultimately will drag them down so far it won’t be worth whatever money or status come along with it.

If anyone should chase their dreams, it should be Pisces Tigers, though a lack of financial stability may lead to an increase in their emotional intensity. Add to that the fact that they are less than stellar with time management skills, and you have a recipe for emotionally complexity; excitement with fear, anxiety with hope, and commitment with uncertainty. Yet, these emotional waves are an essential part of a Pisces Tiger’s life, and like their animal namesake they tend to let the waves take them wherever they want the individual to go.

Poet, musician, actor, and designer are all fitting roles for a Pisces Tiger, as are any job having to do with political or social activism. They may also choose to become involved with charitable events, as they want to help make the world a better place but would also like to make a name for themselves while doing so.

Pisces Tiger Man

The man of this sign combination harmoniously combines the kindness of the Pisces and the power of the Tiger. He is distinguished by softness, sincerity, but at the same time he is more resolute, self-reliant person in comparison with other Pisces people. He is able to reach great heights in his career, if he can determine his vocation. He can not understand his preferences, besides he is afraid of being in an embarrassing situation. He values ​​his reputation very much, although it seems easy to communicate with a man capable of laughing at his weaknesses. Appreciates and loves friends, in a circle of close people feels completely relaxed. The Pisces-Tiger man seeks to find a companion, ideal in all respects, dreams about her. But usually creates a strong family with a completely normal woman.

Pisces Tiger Woman

The soft, heartfelt Pisces-Tiger woman is overflowing with sympathy for everyone around, trying to help everyone on the way. At the same time, she has enough time and energy to do her own thing. Has a mind, is very insightful, therefore makes the right decisions. But too weakly to defend her opinion, often lies in the shadow of more successful colleagues, although she has no equal in creative work. It can be realized if it organizes its own business. Needs a strong, reliable partner, throughout her life starts a few novels. But every time she thinks that her chosen one is the only love and destiny. Refers to men seriously, expects them to understand, protect, be faithful. Usually this is a good hostess, but does not want to devote herself completely to her husband and children.

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