Taurus Tiger

The addition of the Tiger’s influence to the Western astrological sign of Taurus is a favorable one. The normally cool, collected and deep Taurus personality is charmed and enhanced with vivaciousness from the Tiger. In Chinese Astrology being born in the Year of the Tiger is considered very lucky as his characteristics are mostly strong and attractive. The Taurus Tiger personality is an endearing one that is as warm, sensitive and calm but also excitable and lots of fun. A Taurus Tiger individual is a lovely blend of sensible and silly and usually has a good sense of humor. These lovable characters can mix and get along well with most other personalities.

Taurus Tiger Traits

A Taurus Tiger is usually quite practical, patient and careful in everything they do. These are fairly uncomplicated people who will listen carefully and are able to quickly pick up instructions. They have a lot of commonsense and are generally good at coming up with solutions to problems. The Taurus Tiger is happy in most sorts of jobs and their easygoing and tolerant nature makes them popular with workmates. These individual’s are fairly sociable and generous with their time and hospitality. As friends they can almost always be relied upon to help out at short notice or offer advice or sympathy.

These personalities have good taste and the Taurus Tiger will often have a keen interest in art and design. This attraction to styles will often be reflected in these peoples choices of their clothing or home decor. A Taurus Tiger likes to be adventurous and bold sometimes when it comes to appearances. They are inclined to believe that clothes are a great way of expressing your individuality. Emotionally these people are neither insecure nor overly demanding. They appear to have a fine balance of emotions that makes them warmhearted, openly honest and attentive.

Money is not particularly important to a Taurus Tiger but most of them they tend to have acquired the Tiger’s good luck. They never seem to go short of finances for very long and often win things or stumble upon good opportunities. To relax a Taurus Tiger loves to get close to nature and enjoys anything connected to it. This can range from anything from a few houseplants in the house to going holidaying in the countryside. They have a real appreciation of scenery and wildlife. These people will always appreciate something natural as a gift rather than something manmade.

The weakness is the Taurus Tiger personality does not usually cause them many problems but may be annoying to others. It is the tendency to be a little too predictable and not very enthusiastic about new things. A Taurus Tiger is quite set in their ways and does not really like changes. Their character weakness occurs because the Tiger’s lively spiritedness is not particularly prominent in these personalities. So their level of spontaneity and enthusiasm is varied and the strength of the weakness will depend on each individual. It can be a irritating fault but their sweetness more than makes up for it.

Taurus Tiger Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Taurus Tigers are family-oriented, but that’s not limited to blood relatives. To them, family includes old and dear friends as well. Loyalty is of great importance to a Taurus Tiger, and they will never turn their back on family. Members of this sign tend to keep a tight-knit group of friends and don’t hesitate to spoil them all when given the chance. Though they are level-headed with money, those born under the sign of the Taurus Tiger love to spend money on big parties and extravagant vacations, and if they can afford it, take those they are close to along for the adventure with them.

Though they may have a tough exterior, Taurus Tigers are suckers for love. They are naturally passionate and romantic individuals who seek to enjoy all that life has to offer. Members of this sign have a tendency to overindulge in the things they enjoy, and love is no exception. Taurus Tigers have to be careful not to lose themselves in their relationships, as doing so has a tendency to backfire and cause problems and resentment. Those who master moderation can do well with many types of partners; the only real requirement for long-lasting success is to have a partner who believes in them and their dreams.

Taurus Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Taurus Tigers are good at business, but do best when they can play a big role, which usually (but not always) means being in charge. They are naturally gifted leaders as they possess both the perseverance and the intuition to march forward under the most grueling circumstances. Most can easily succeed in management or finance, and many find success as stockbrokers, advertising agents, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs.

Members of this sign tend to have a passion for music and are especially gifted in singing, playing an instrument, or writing songs. They also have a great appreciation for beauty along with a great fashion sense which makes them excellent clothing designers, beauticians, and stylists.

Taurus Tigers are passionate people and should always follow their passion rather than money, success, or image. They are capable of achieving almost anything and should never be afraid to take a risk if it feels right.

Taurus Tiger Man

The Taurus man is calm and unperturbed, as far as possible for a man born in the year of the Tiger. Instills absolute confidence, you can definitely rely on him. He prefers to live modestly, but not bored. Has an easy, friendly character. Behaves like a real man: reliability, peace, confidence in one bottle. A balanced Taurus-Tiger can be deceived by its restraint. Do not think that his opinion can be neglected or easily set on the way to the desired position. In anger, he shows typical character traits for both signs: quick temper, emotionality, stubbornness. In a romantic relationship, this is a devoted, passionate partner. He considers it his duty to take care of his beloved woman, fulfills all her desires and whims.

Taurus Tiger Woman

The spectacular Taurus-Tiger woman makes the impression of a powerful person, accustomed to worship and adoration. Undoubtedly, it causes great interest in men, but does not behave like a capricious, spoiled coquette. On the contrary, it is a practical, economic woman. Aimed at creating a strong family, she is not interested in fleeting intrigues. Although she could use her own attraction for mercenary purposes. But she prefers to work hard, is distinguished by diligence and responsible approach to business. Tries to take place in the profession, to gain material prosperity. She prefers to hide her emotions behind a mask of calm and indifference. She knows her weaknesses, tries to contain negative emotions.

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