Virgo Tiger

Being born in the Chinese astrological Year of The Tiger is considered most fortunate as the personality is believed to acquire this creature’s natural luck. Ancient astrologists also regarded the Tiger as a symbol of power and vitality. So these influential traits when coupled with the Western sign of Virgo usually equal a strong, lucky and light in spirit personality. A Virgo Tiger is usually lively, cheerful and very expressive with a wonderful inbuilt sense of humor. Their buoyant persona from the Tiger’s influence appears to liven up the usual Virgo straightforwardness. This creates fun-loving temperaments and lovely people who are not pessimistic, compassionate, and have their hearts in the right places.

Virgo Tiger Traits

A Virgo Tiger is usually a confident, lighthearted and friendly person who is full of optimism and motivation. There is not much in life that grinds them down if they are generally happy and feeling loved. These are tolerant and patient people who while taking a carefree outlook still know how to be sensible when it really matters. The Virgo Tiger personality is best placed in jobs where their humorous temperament and generous patience will be an asset. People who work alongside these particular Virgo’s often grow to love and rely on their good-humored nature’s and high spiritedness in the workplace.

These Virgo’s prefer to do things one at a time and are quite organized. Many seem to achieve a good balance between work and home life. The Virgo Tiger likes order and knowing what they have to do and when. They will then book their free time around these responsibilities and expect to be able to stick to them. So these individual’s often have a diary full of future plans and are never stuck for something to be doing when they are not working. They may have an easy-going approach to life but they can be inflexible and stubborn if plans they have made have to be changed.

In relationships the Virgo Tiger is warm, loving, spirit lifting, romantic, charming and spontaneous. These are attentive partners who are usually only jealous natured if they are given cause to be. They tend to be open and honest with their soul mates and try to work together as much as possible towards common goals. A Virgo Tiger may be rather fussy about how the household is run and like to keep home for family only. They value their privacy and like to reserve socializing for mostly outside the home and just for special occasions.

Virgo Tiger’s are seemingly full of energy but they do have a weakness of not being very efficient at pacing themselves. Although they are methodical personalities these Virgo’s can soon feel drained and are people who really need to get enough sleep. Even if the Virgo Tiger has one hour less rest than usual they will be snappy and have difficulty concentrating. They may be grumpy and awkward and just not their usual chirpy self all day. As they get older and wiser most will learn to regulate themselves to avoid this weak spot in their personalities.

Virgo Tiger Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Virgo Tigers are undoubtedly moody, but they have good hearts. Deep down, they want nothing more than to do the right thing and be of service to the greater good. To do this, they need a support system of friends and family who understand their nature and can help them be their best. They need and stable personalities to help them with their constant self-analysis, and fun friends to keep their minds off of their troubles. Virgo Tigers should expect to clash with more fiery personalities, who will most likely interpret the Virgo Tiger’s pensive and emotional nature as fussy and self-absorbed.

Likewise, in love Virgo Tigers will have to find the right combination of stability, understanding, and acceptance in a partner for it to last. Members of this sign have a hard enough time finding balance within themselves to have to help a partner find theirs. Though in their youth they will most likely find themselves attracted to more passionate, chaotic relationships, this sign should eventually settle down with someone grounded, balanced, and accepting of Virgo Tiger’s never-ending quest to find themselves. This may be someone who the Virgo Tiger themselves would have once seen as weak or boring until they mature enough to recognize the incredible strength in their partner’s more stable nature.

Virgo Tiger Business (Career & Goals)

Career is likely going to be a big focus in the life of a Virgo Tiger. Such a self-analytical sign who places so much emphasis on passion and purpose is not likely to enjoy a career that is ill-suited to them. It’s also not unlikely for members of this sign to switch careers several times over the course of their lives in a continual search for their place in the world. Ironically many of the jobs that they leave behind will help provide necessary lessons to get them where they want to be. It’s likely that the roles that they once complained about having will be later looked back on with nostalgia.

It’s interesting that the careers of choice do not typically have to be high-paying or well-respected by society for a Virgo Tiger to feel purposeful in them. While each individual should find their own unique path, there are several varied roles that all seem to be well-suited for this sign. These include flight attendant, critic, contractor, crafts-person, designer, stockbroker, and office manager. Virgo Tigers with no idea where to start looking for their life’s purpose may want to try out one of these careers and see where it takes them.

Virgo Tiger Man

The combination of this two signs gives the Virgo-Tiger man a unique quality: determination, practicality, impulsiveness. Is able to achieve a lot, and only through his work and diligence. Conquer the disposition of the surrounding people with a peaceful disposition, willingness to help. He tries to behave with restraint, does not resort to dishonest methods, eschews squabbling and intrigue, just persistently achieves the goal. In a love relationship, he shows a prudence characteristic of Virgo. Long looks at the partner, trying to get to know her better, does not make rash conclusions. A woman will have to provoke him to understand how serious he is about her. Spitfire Tiger will give out his real feelings and emotions.

Virgo Tiger Woman

The charming Virgo-Tiger woman seems like a sweet, reserved person. But in her actions she is guided solely by the arguments of reason, it is almost impossible to turn her head flattering. She can pretend that she agrees, but it will not go beyond this. Do not argue, just achieve the desired result. She tries to take part in the profession, persistently defends her right to do what she likes. She would never give in to her husband and become an exemplary housewife. Much more benefit to the family and society can bring at work. It is not necessary to restrict the freedom of the Virgo-Tiger woman, the more she gives a report to her actions, behaves with dignity. If she flirts, makes it so innocuous that it is impossible to find fault.

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