Dragon and Dragon Compatibility

Two Dragons together means double the intelligence, double the luck — and double the fire! This is the most celebrated sign of the Chinese zodiac, as a certain sense of magic seems to enhance all it does. Luck is a big factor in the Dragon’s life, in love, money and career success, and as long as two Dragons together don’t inspire one another to take unwise risks, there’s no limit to what they can do together!

Dragon’s do not set out to hurt others, and can be kind and generous to those they care for. Unfortunately, their determination and self-involvement often result in rash, selfish decisions. Dragons love power, success, and devoted admirers. The truth is, as much as Dragons prefer to go it alone, they need the love and support of other people, or else they do not have a cause to work for, and lose their way.

It is easy to be impressed by a female Dragon. Not only will she be attractive and seductive, but she is likely to hold a position of power, and remember that power attracts Dragons. As a Dragon yourself, you are likely to find this women irresistible, and long to possess her. It is wise to be cautious when considering such a match. Young Dragons are not ready to settle down, and although your union is likely to be fiery and passionate, it doesn’t have much long term potential.

Dragon and Dragon Compatibility Horoscope

Dragon and Dragon Love Compatibility

As lovers these two will share an incredible, electric connection. Dragons are very sexy, charismatic and lucky in love; in a romantic union between two of this sign, occasional arguments should be expected due to the intensity of their natures, but the flare-ups should end quickly. Dragons hardly ever hold a grudge, finding many more interesting things to spend their energy on. If these two live together, their house may be a bit neglected since they spend lots of time out on the town, pursuing adventure. The good news is, neither will ever have to try to convince the other to go out, since both are always up for a good time.

Dragon Woman and Dragon Man Compatibility

Dragons, by nature, enjoy spending time out on the town finding new adventures and exploring new locations. Business partner opportunities for Dragon signs working together may work well, depending on whether or not there is a general power struggle in the relationship.

Dragon Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

Dragons must work together to find a natural balance when they are working in business together or even in a loving relationship, as both enjoy taking charge, showing off their talents, and being the center of attention. This also applies to their love and sex life. Because Dragons enjoy exciting new techniques in the bedroom, they are sure to have a life that is exciting and never dull when they are paired up together.

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