Dragon and Monkey Compatibility

The Dragon and the Monkey make a fiery, fun match! These two signs have a ton in common — both are highly energetic with plenty of optimism, brash courage and get-up-and-go; both love anything exciting — parties, amusement parks, nightclubs … The Monkey, especially, loves to pursue its own pleasures, but together these two will live life in their customary fast-paced style. They are both such fiery personalities that occasional flare-ups of temper are likely; however, neither sign is interested in holding a grudge and both are perfectly happy to hash things out and then move on.

As a Dragon, you crave power and attention, and you always get it! Dragons are mesmerizing, ambitious, and throw themselves into their projects with a zeal that motivates others. Dragons do not care who gets hurt in their pursuit of their ambitions, but they will be incredibly generous and loving towards those they care about. Dragons are not meanly selfish; they just have a narrow focus on their goals. Dragons do not like to sit still and love to travel.

Monkeys have a lot in common with Dragons, which makes this one of the happiest matches in the zodiac. Monkeys are drawn from scheme to scheme, and love plotting and planning. Like the Dragon, they are driven to succeed and often find attention and admiration wherever they go. Monkeys are good with money, and are crafty and clever. Success seems to follow Monkeys, just as it follows Dragons.

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Dragon and Monkey Love Compatibility

As lovers, their connection is electric. In the bedroom these two are like baby tigers, tumbling and playing together with claws bared! It’s all in good fun, of course. If these two live together their house may not be very well kept, as they don’t tend to spend much time at home. Neither sign makes much time for mundane activities like cleaning, folding laundry, cooking balanced meals and so on; the good thing is, neither one minds or even notices a messy house! The Dragon does like to have a nice, comfortable place to come home to at the end of the day, but isn’t likely to expect the Monkey to provide that comfort.

Dragon Woman and Monkey Man Compatibility

The Dragon woman often admires the Monkey man, allowing the Monkey to feel satisfied in the relationship. The Monkey man is tolerant enough to handle the quick wit of the Dragon woman, allowing them to stand equal grounds when the Dragon woman is upset.

Dragon Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

The Monkey woman is adored by the Dragon man due to her intelligence and her ability to be clever on the spot. The couple is complete with plenty of support and admiration, contributing to its success in- and outside of the bedroom.

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