Dragon and Pig Compatibility

The Dragon and the Pig make especially great friends and lovers. The fiery Dragon can seem like a fiercely brave and independent sign, yet its high energy belies a warm, soft heart. The Pig is a great match, being very soft and warm of heart itself; to the Pig, nothing matters more than close friends and family. The Pig is also very much a sensualist, delighting in rich foods, lovemaking, soft sheets, warm baths and so on. While the Dragon won’t want to spend quite as much time as the Pig does lolling around in the sheets, these two will connect over their love of experiencing things to the fullest.

A Dragon craves attention and admiration, and always gets it. Dragons are naturally mesmerizing, and are drawn to power. They wield that power well, and often succeed in high positions. As a Dragon, you are probably used to getting what you want and being in complete control of your life. Dragons have a secret, though - they depend on the admiration of loved ones to prop them up. Without the love of others, you self-esteem tends to deflate, and it greatly reduces your ability to be successful in other areas of your life. Although Dragons are prone to breaking hearts and moving on, they always need someone in their lives. Older Dragons have learned more about themselves and settle down more easily than young Dragons, although they never lose their love of travel.

If you are courting a Pig, there are some things you should know. Pigs love peace, and strive to end all conflicts. They are always willing to compromise, and are often willing to give up what they would otherwise be entitled to in order to avoid a fight. Pigs love pleasure and always seek it-Pigs are right at home at a party. Pigs are naive but dependable. This means that Pigs are often overworked because they have promised their efforts to everyone, and refuse to back away from a commitment once they’ve made it. Pigs are gullible because they are so trusting, although they are intelligent in other matters.

Dragon and Pig Compatibility Horoscope

Dragon and Pig Love Compatibility

These two make great lovers but must remember to allow one another their differences. The Pig will have to let the Dragon to follow its whims and shouldn’t expect this sign to spend much time at home. However, whatever time is spent at home will definitely be quality time; the Dragon throws its heart into whatever it’s doing. If these two live together, the Dragon will love the plush comfort the Pig provides at home, but will have to refrain from becoming irritated at what might seem like the Pig’s lazy nature.

Dragon Woman and Pig Man Compatibility

Because of the Dragon and Pig’s compatibility, this is an ideal match. The Pig man and Dragon woman are both hard workers, and the Pig is able to provide the Dragon with the praise she needs while having the ability to manage finances.

Dragon Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Dragon man in Shengxiao may have a bit of an ego, but the Pig woman enjoys supporting him and showering him with praise. The Dragon man is also happy to provide comfort and security to the Pig woman.

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