Dragon and Rabbit Compatibility

The Dragon and the Rabbit may seem like opposites in nature, but they can add plenty to one another’s lives. The Dragon is a fiery, shining character whose strength of personality can bowl over even less timid signs than the Rabbit. The Dragon never means to be overbearing, however; it’s simply in this sign’s nature to claim center stage. The Rabbit possesses great powers of compassion and perception and can understand the truth of the Dragon’s heart better than could most other signs.

If you are a Dragon, you are used to getting what you want. You may assume that you can form a relationship with anyone you choose since you are always surrounded by admirers. The truth is that most Dragons are only experts at short-term relationships, and need to look within themselves a little deeper to maintain a long term romance. Although you are very loving and generous towards your loved ones, you are a little self-centered, which can make love difficult. You do better when in love with someone born under a giving sign - such a person will not be bothered if the relationship is more about you than her.

Rabbits are always well-liked, because they don’t have a bad word to say about anyone. If you are in love with a Rabbit, you may have noticed that Rabbit is a natural born politician - somehow her words seem to flatter everyone and offend no one. Rabbit is soft spoken and respectful, and likely flatters you all the time. If this appeals to your self-esteem and vanity, you should be aware that this is her way of avoiding conflict. Rabbits hate conflict, and will use their silver tongues to avoid it. If it cannot be avoided, Rabbits flee.

Dragon and Rabbit Compatibility Horoscope

Dragon and Rabbit Love Compatibility

As lovers these two can create a close, loving connection. The Rabbit needs plenty of support from friends and family in order to maintain emotional equilibrium; the Dragon will be happy to serve as the Rabbit’s protector and a source of strength. In return the Rabbit will offer the Dragon its own form of protection — understanding and sweet affection — both of which the Dragon will treasure. If these two live together their home will be lovely, thanks to the Rabbit’s artistic sensibility, and the Dragon can help keep track of the practical things (paying bills and so on) that tend to overwhelm the Rabbit. The Dragon can also help make life full of fun and spontaneity for the Rabbit, who loves to entertain friends but can be rather shy.

Dragon Woman and Rabbit Man Compatibility

The Dragon woman tries to protect the Rabbit man as much as possible, and enjoys how grounded she feels when she is around him, as he is not very focused on materials and success, but rather, happiness in general, and that includes happiness in the bedroom as well.

Dragon Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

The Dragon man enjoys providing for the Rabbit woman, as she is often more submissive and enjoys the charm the Dragon man brings to the relationship, adding to the fire of their sexual passion and connection when sex is involved.

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