Dragon and Rat Compatibility

The Dragon and the Rat enjoy a nearly perfect compatibility! As friends, lovers, family members or business partners, these two share a nearly unparalleled rapport. Of all the signs, the Rat may best be able to hold its own in the company of the Dragon, the most celebrated sign of the Chinese zodiac. Where the Dragon might bowl over other less brilliantly shining signs, the Rat simply plays off the Dragon’s intense energy and serves up some of its own!

As a Dragon, you are used to being loved and admired. You are powerful, and power seems to be drawn to you. You are a natural born leader, and your excitement is contagious and easily motivates others. You have a tendency to be too focussed on your own goals, which means you sometimes unintentionally hurt others in your pursuit of them. You are generous and kind to your loved ones, however, and you are not spiteful. Your enthusiasm is highest at the beginning of any undertaking, which means that many projects go unfinished unless you have set concrete goals. You have trouble in love for a similar reason; you lose interest quickly. You need a mate who will give you unconditional love and support, because without that you do not have the confidence to be yourself.

Rats sociable and smart. You may have noticed a Rat at social gatherings, where Rat seems to know everyone’s deepest secrets and is busy making friends with the right people. Rats are social climbers who are usually good at handling finances, but they have a hard time turning down bargains and sometimes get taken advantage of in that way. Rats are adaptive and level headed, but can become aggressive when cornered. Like Dragons, Rats sometimes have a hard time finishing what they start. This is because they spread themselves too thin and lose focus.

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Dragon and Rat Love Compatibility

Both signs often enjoy the center of attention, the Rat for its clever wit and relentless verbal games that keep everyone entertained and the Dragon for its intelligence and certain magnetism that keeps people coming back for more. These two may engage in arguments due to the Rat’s interest in promoting its own agenda versus the Dragon’s rather large ego, but their disagreements are likely to be fun and exciting for both and to be resolved quickly.

Dragon Woman and Rat Man Compatibility

The Rat man works well with the Dragon woman, as long as he is supportive of her needs socially, which is often the case (as the Rat is one of the most social signs in the Chinese zodiac). The Rat man often adores the skills and talents that the Dragon woman possesses, keeping the Rat interested and from straying away with enough excitement and new adventures involved in the relationship.

Dragon Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

According to the Chinese zodiac the Rat woman and the Dragon man are not only successful in love relationships and in business, but can work well with long-term romantic flings and committed relationships as well when they date one another. The Rat woman is a social climber, and the Dragon man enjoys being in the limelight and attending social events to show off and to meet new people. This works well if the couple has the same values and future plans in mind.

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