Dragon and Rooster Compatibility

The Dragon and the Rooster are highly compatible due to their complementary differences. They do seem quite opposite in nature: The Dragon is fiery and exciting while the Rooster is practical, even conservative; the Dragon operates on instinct while the Rooster relies heavily on planning. The Dragon is able to show the Rooster a good time, however, and can rely on the Rooster to bring it back down to earth when the Dragon flies too high.

As a Dragon, you are confident, ruthless, and fearless as long as you have the support and admiration of others. You are kind and generous to those who are close to you, but have a tendency to step on those in between you and success without noticing it. You are likely to achieve your aims, which is good because you are not great at keeping track of money, and need lots of it! You love to travel, and look down upon those who seem weaker or stupider than yourself. You need a mate who can keep up with you and earn your respect.

Roosters are extremely smart, and they know it. They love to preen for the admiration of a crowd, and often dress nicely. Roosters are fantastic when it comes to organization - they always know how much money they have, down to the penny, and their schedules are tightly packed. Roosters tackle projects very logically, and plan them well before starting. They see things through to the bitter end. If you are in love with a Rooster, you may have been attracted to her competent efficiency, which makes her stand head and shoulders over flightier women in your eyes.

Dragon and Rooster Compatibility Horoscope

Dragon and Rooster Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two blend their different strengths to create a loving union. The Rooster does tend to nag, which won’t work with the Dragon except to make its temper flare; however, the Rooster makes a highly devoted and loving partner, which the Dragon will truly appreciate. The Dragon seems fiery but has a very soft heart and truly loves a loyal partner and a comfortable home to nest in; conversely, the Rooster seems very exacting but does love a fun night out on the town. If these two live together, their home will be impeccably clean and tasteful, due to the Rooster’s keen eye and classic style.

Dragon Woman and Rooster Man Compatibility

The Dragon woman and Rooster man are often drawn to one another sexually and physically. The Dragon woman may feel starved for appreciation over time, and he may not appreciate the amount of independence she shows in the relationship according to the Chinese horoscope.

Dragon Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The Dragon man enjoys protecting and providing for the Rooster woman when involved in a sexual relationship or long-term dating situation according to the Chinese zodiac, and she enjoys his position in this relationship. The Rooster woman is kind with compliments, and the Dragon man is able to be generous and giving with her in return.

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