Dragon and Snake Compatibility

The Dragon and the Snake make a good match as long as they know one another’s habits and motivations. Both are sexy and attractive signs, albeit in different ways: The Dragon’s magnetism is more brash and energetic than the Snake’s, whose appeal lies on a more subtle plane. Still, their attraction to one another will be immediate and likely physical in nature! The differences in the ways these two signs approach the world aren’t necessarily opposing; the Snake relies on its intuition more than on logic and the Dragon relies on luck, on taking advantage of circumstances and opportunities.

As a Dragon, you are powerful, magnetic, and ruthless. You are generous and open with those you love, but have no compunctions about what you do to others to obtain success in business. Smart, confident, and charming, you likely have no shortage of suitors. No matter what you look like, you are powerfully attractive. Your weakness is that your confidence depends on the admiration of others, which means you feel quite powerless in all areas of your life without a dedicated lover or throngs of admirers.

Snakes have much in common with Dragons. If you have fallen in love with a Snake, you might not yet realize what a formidable opponent you have found, because snakes are soft spoken and keep their real feelings and intentions close. You may be attractive to the fluid grace and put together appearance of a Snake, because Snakes, especially women, prefer to dress in fine clothes. Snakes are not wasteful spenders, however; they are good with finances and will save and make sacrifices in order to afford the very best.

Dragon and Snake Compatibility Horoscope

Dragon and Snake Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two could enjoy an electrifying connection. Their physical attraction is robust and they share a meeting of the wits as well; problems may arise, however, due to their differing energy levels. The Dragon has plenty of get-up-and-go energy, while the Snake tends toward self-indulgence and even laziness, especially when feeling satisfied. ‘Why move when I’m so comfortable here’ seems to be the Snake’s motto, which might wear on the more active Dragon’s patience. Also, the Snake suffers from a certain inner insecurity that often leads to jealousy and possessiveness in a love relationship. Both signs will have to employ patience and understanding to ensure their union runs smoothly.

Dragon Woman and Snake Man Compatibility

The Snake man may become jealous of the Dragon woman and her independence, but only because she is possessive by nature. The Snake man adores the Dragon woman, and she loves the mystery he brings to their relationship’s dynamic.

Dragon Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

Dragon men adore Snake women according to Chinese astrology and all of the charm they offer. A Snake woman, however, may find herself jealous of the Dragon man and the attention he receives in his social and work life, causing tension if it is not handled privately or even in the bedroom, as this pair has ideal sexual chemistry.

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