Dragon and Tiger Compatibility

The Dragon and the Tiger may initially be quite attracted to one another, as both signs possess famously magnetic personalities; however, their attraction may, sooner or later, give way to irritation. The problem between these two lies in their mutual power dynamic: The Dragon likes to be in charge of everything — people and situations both — but the Tiger insists on autonomy. Both of these signs are fearsome in a dispute, and disputes are likely to come up between these two.

As a Dragon, you are motivated, exciting, intense, and drawn to power. You love to be the center of attention, and in fact you need the love and support of your admirers to prop you up. You are often successful, and drag other people along in your whirlwind of activity. You are powerful enough to resemble a force of nature; unfortunately you too often leave hurt people in your wake. It’s not that you’re selfish - you are just so driven towards your goals that others sometimes get swept aside. You are, however, kind and generous to those you love.

You may find yourself captivated by a Tiger, as the two of you share the same irresistible magnetism. Both of you are born leaders, and others often urge you to power as you are able to handle it. Tigers are beautiful and seductive, and watching a woman with that much grace and ability to handle power is likely to make you lightheaded! Tigers are also very emotional-sometimes a Tiger breaks down and requires comfort, which shows their vulnerable sides just enough to make them approachable.

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Dragon and Tiger Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two are likely to enjoy a highly combustible relationship! The Tiger presents the Dragon with a real challenge: How can the Dragon overpower and possess the courageous, self-possessed Tiger? The Dragon is uniquely equipped to meet any challenge, however, including the Tiger’s impulsive and mercurial ways. And while the Dragon isn’t exactly impulsive, it is spontaneous, a quality that the Tiger will love. These two signs can definitely keep up with one another’s bursts of energy. Though a brash and courageous sign, the Dragon needs emotional support from a lover, but the Tiger needs independence first and foremost. The Tiger is also deeply emotional, however, and does possess compassion and understanding. All of these qualities together make for a very dynamic and interesting relationship, to say the least.

Dragon Woman and Tiger Man Compatibility

The Tiger man and Dragon woman, on the other hand, work well together and can live in perfect harmony if they are both accepting of one another’s lifestyles when they date.

Dragon Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

The Tiger woman and Dragon man make a great match when following Chinese astrology and horoscopes when they are dating, although the Tiger may be too intense for the Dragon man at times, causing tension and conflict and consistent arguments in the household.

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