Horse and Ox Compatibility

The Horse and the Ox seem like a mismatch but their very differences could prove complementary, with a bit of understanding on both sides. There is certainly room for both signs to become irritated or impatient with one another in this relationship, however. The Ox’s dependable, steady and conservative nature is in direct contrast to the Horse’s wild, free spirit, its love of travel and variation and its deep independent streak.

Horses are energetic, versatile, and passionate. You throw yourself into your latest goal with everything you have, like a mustang galloping off into the sunset. Your energy is contagious, and many people find themselves drawn to your zest for life. The problem is that you often have trouble committing to your goal, and getting distracted before finishing it. Because you are not strong at paying attention to details, you may run into trouble with your plans. Enthusiasm is wonderful, but not always enough to see things through. You enjoy being the center of attention, and need a dedicated partner who is swept away by your charm and willing to share at least a few adventures with you. Although you require dedication from your partner, you are prone to a wandering eye, especially in your youth. Your passions simply carry you where they will, and you wear your heart on your sleeve.

Oxen are steady stalwart people who deliberate thoroughly and completely before making a move. They cannot be made to hurry, and their famous tempers may flare up if you try! Oxen are dependable, hard-working, logical and extremely trustworthy. An Ox will never allow herself to remain in your debt, and would rather die than tell a lie. Oxen will not budge from their routines, and do not jump into things without thinking - ever. Although Oxen make great mates, they are often misunderstood even by those who love them. An Oxen’s head rules her heart and she is likely to be confused by romantic gestures she considers useless-so don’t get her flowers unless she keeps a garden and they fit into her color scheme!

Horse and Ox Compatibility Horoscope

Horse and Ox Love Compatibility

The Horse can become quite uncomfortable when pressured to settle down, but the Ox is all about stability. A love relationship may not be optimal for these two signs; the Horse may be too restless for the Ox’s steady, harmonious love nature. The Horse actually has some inner conflict when it comes to love: It craves love and intimacy but suffers from an inferiority complex. Therefore, this sign has a hard time letting its guard down, even with close friends. This may illuminate a point of connection between these two signs, however. The shy, caring Ox may be just the sign to make the Horse feel loved and valued. The Horse will appreciate being able to lean on the strong Ox in times of distress or need, whether these two are lovers, members of the same family or business partners.

Horse Woman and Ox Man Compatibility

A Horse woman in Shengxiao and an Ox man can only work if the Ox man is comfortable allowing the Horse woman to have her own independence, which is not in his nature (as the Ox prefers a stable and committed relationship that is long-lasting). Ultimately, the Horse woman may be too intense for an Ox, especially when romantically linked with her.

Horse Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

An Ox woman and a Horse man make ideal friends according to the Chinese zodiac, although it is a challenge when dating and when pursuing a romantic relationship with one another. The Horse man is often too free-spirited for the Ox woman to agree with, causing the couple to have plenty of fights and arguments throughout their time together. Although they argue frequently, as friends, they are forgiving and most often able to accept each others personality quirks.

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