Horse and Rat Compatibility

The Horse and the Rat make quite an interesting pair! As opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac, their relationship may be marked by friction. They are similar in their gregarious natures, their clever wits and their need for constant stimulation; however, the Horse needs a great deal of independence while the Rat relies on its group of loyal friends. The Horse can end up feeling trapped when in too intimate a relationship, but the Rat likes to know who, what and how much it has on its side, from friends to money.

As a Horse, your enthusiasm for life knows no bounds. You don’t waste time asking questions; you just throw yourself right in, heart and soul, to whatever you want to pursue. The drawback to this is your tendency to miss the details, which can sometimes cause problems later. Also, your attention is sometimes diverted before a project is completed, and you can have a wandering eye in love, as well. You can be inspiring, supportive, and optimistic, and when you’re truly committed to something or someone, you devote all of your energy. You like to have a good time, and have a need to socialize. Your mind runs as fast as your body. You love fun, adventure, and travel, and prefer a mate that is the same way.

If you’ve fallen for a Rat, it’s important to understand how she sees the world. Rats love parties as much as you do and for awhile you will be very happy and entertained together. Rats are devoted to their families, and keep secrets well-but only if those secrets are their own! You may find yourself upset with how many things your Rat keeps to herself, because you prefer honesty (even brutal honesty) and wearing your heart on your sleeve. Even though Rats do like to socialize and have fun, they do not strike out without a plan. Your tendency to throw yourself in too deep without looking first or bothering with details will eventually get on a Rat’s nerves. She is a pessimist and will always know every detail so that she can avoid being backed into a corner. If your reckless schemes put her routines and plans in danger she will resent it.

Horse and Rat Compatibility Horoscope

Horse and Rat Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two may have an immediate, hot connection but ultimately not work out so well. However, the Rat will enjoy rising to the constant challenges the unpredictable Horse brings to the relationship. In general the Rat loves to treat its loved ones well, to show them love and care through generosity. The Horse’s occasional insensitivity may make the Rat feel unappreciated; also, the Rat tends to hoard possessions, which may make the Horse feel uncomfortable — the Horse is a wanderer who likes to pick up and go at a moment’s notice.

Horse Woman and Rat Man Compatibility

The Rat man is ideal when dating a Horse woman who is committed to him, as he is able to help during stressful situations, putting the Horse at ease and keeping her grounded and committed. The Rat man prefers to be a social climber but is less likely to constrain the Horse woman, allowing her the Independence and freedom she craves in her live.

Horse Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

A Rat woman enjoys being social, just as the Horse does, and enjoys a life of new people, adventures, and challenges. A major conflict that may arise in a relationship between a Rat woman and a Horse man in Shengxiao is that the Horse man is unable to understand why the Rat woman keeps secrets and her personal life to herself, as the Horse man is more likely to wear his heart one his sleeve while expressing his needs and wants to his partner.

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