Ox and Dragon Compatibility

The Ox and the Dragon can make a great connection as long as they have similar goals in mind. The Ox may be put off by the Dragon’s fiery, impetuous nature, which is in direct contrast to the Ox’s solid, steady and serious approach to life. Oxen tend to be rather shy socially and can even turn some potential friends off due to the way they present themselves in social gatherings — as the rather rigid thinker who has no tolerance for others who are more frivolous or less honorable. The Dragon does appreciate the Ox’s honorable nature, however, and being a fearless, courageous sign, won’t be turned off by the Ox’s judgmental or dogmatic demeanor.

If you are an Ox, you could not be more dependable. You likely did not start reading this until you had completely finished all of your work that you scheduled for today, and double checked your schedule for tomorrow. It is very like you to do your due diligence before plunging into a relationship, because you like to take things slowly. Emotions are stable and logical within you. Both love and anger grow slowly, and many people assume you are cold-hearted. The truth is, once you are sure of your love, you dedicate yourself completely, and once someone finally pushes you over the edge into anger, they do not want to be around to see the results!

You do not like to give up on things once you start, so it is a good thing that you do thorough research before committing to anything. You are an ideal mate for those calm enough to appreciate you, but those born under signs that thrive on excitement may find you dull. Although you find these people puzzling, with their disdain for methodical planning, you are also capable of admiring their energy and the way they embrace life.

If you have fallen in love with a Dragon, it is completely understandable. Dragons are magnetic and mesmerizing, and they command the attention of the room as soon as they walk in. Dragons are used to being surrounded by admirers, so take no offense if they do not notice or acknowledge your attentions right away. Dragons are whirlwinds of energy, throwing themselves into anything or against anything with zeal. Dragons love life and challenges, and have a supreme confidence in themselves. As a result they often bite off more than they can chew and find themselves in a bit of trouble. Dragons always manage to pull it off, however.

Your differences are many, and this could be a frustrating union for both of you. Dragons make their own rules, while you are shocked at the idea that a person would defy expectations. A Dragon will likely not find you exciting enough to keep her attention, although she will admire your ability to stay on task and think before you jump into things. The two of you would make good business partners because Dragons handle risk well, and Oxen handle details, but in love it is doubtful if you will last long.

Ox and Dragon Compatibility Horoscope

Ox and Dragon Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two can make a great match — the Ox isn’t terribly romantic, but can be incredibly passionate, which the passionate Dragon will appreciate. The problem between these two is they have rather dissimilar values: Where the Dragon is an idealist, an ambitious and pioneering spirit, the Ox is more stubborn, conservative and methodical. The Ox avoids arguments and is slow to anger, but when these two fight, it will be epic! They would do well to learn to appreciate one another’s rhythms and motivations.

Ox Woman and Dragon Man Compatibility

In any relationship with an Ox and a Dragon, it is important for both of those involved to understand each others goals and future plans to help with creating a solid plan to keep in place for the relationship according to the Chinese zodiac. Although the Ox woman and the Dragon man both enjoy being admired, when the Dragon man flirts, this can signal danger to the Ox woman who prefers stability at all times.

Ox Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

The Ox man and Dragon woman relationship can work, but both of the partners involved in the relationship are often at odds with a power struggle. The male Ox is more conservative, reserved, and laid back than the Dragon woman, who always enjoys having high energy, which works well with sex and keeping the flame alive in the bedroom.

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