Ox and Goat Compatibility

The Ox and the Goat may have to work to make their relationship flow smoothly since, as opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac, their relationship may be marked by friction. The problem results from these two signs’ opposing sensibilities: The dreamy, eccentric Goat is bound to find the conservative, sensible Ox to be a restrictive influence, while the strong and practical Ox is likely to find the sensitive and high-strung Goat to be overemotional, even irrational. None of these qualities is inherently negative, but these particular signs may well find themselves straining against the confines imposed by the other’s personality.

Oxen like to think about things thoroughly before plunging it. Once they have found the best way to go about their business, they form a plan and have a hard time deviating from it. They prefer to work alone, at a steady pace, until everything is complete. They never shirk responsibilities or let anyone down. Oxen are the most reliable people you are ever likely to meet. If you are an Ox, you are probably the dependable one in your family or group of friends. You are a good listener, and give great advice, because you always think well before you speak. Since you don`t suffer from turbulent emotional changes, you may be puzzled by the drama of your friends, but you`re always willing to lend a hand.

You need to learn how to relax a little and have fun, sometimes. Oxen are very liable to find themselves in a rut without a little prodding to do something out of their routine. They make great friends and mates because of their reliability, and yet their friends sometimes find them a bit boring and predictable. Oxen need a long time to make up their minds about people, but once they have fallen in love there is nothing they won`t do for their beloved.

Rams are softer people. They do not have very much self discipline, and any discipline imposed on them by others must be very democratic, or else they will resent it. Truthfully, Rams enjoy a life of luxury and prefer not to have to work for it. Female Rams embrace traditional gender roles because they would rather be a pretty decoration in the household as long as they have fine things and do not have to work. Rams are full of good intentions, and do try to put an artistic and creative touch on the household. Your Ram is simply quite fanciful, and the opposite of your practical Ox self.

You will both find this relationship trying at times. As an Ox, you will find yourself doing all of the work that you find useful, and you may not appreciate the Ram`s artistic endeavours as being work. She will be sad and resentful if you impose too much discipline on her, but you will find yourself annoyed if she cannot follow the schedule the two of you decided on. With a lot of patience and understanding, you can help the Ram learn how to be a little more dutiful, and she can help you from getting into a rut. Luckily you have patience and understanding to spare.

Ox and Goat Compatibility Horoscope

Ox and Goat Love Compatibility

As friends or lovers, these two are no more compatible. On a date the Goat will be trying to deflect attention away from itself, being somewhat skittish and private, while the shy, socially uncomfortable Ox will be presenting itself as even more of a serious, rigid thinker than it really is. The Goat may think the Ox is uncreative and the Ox may think the Goat is too unusual … These two can make it work if they learn to understand one another and try not to judge their differences as negative. On a positive note, the sensitive, sometimes insecure Goat will greatly appreciate the Ox’s honest and trustworthy nature.

Ox Woman and Goat Man Compatibility

The Ox woman in Shengxiao enjoys a stable home life, as does the Goat man in Chinese astrology. Although this is the case, it is challenging to make the relationship last long-term. The Ox woman may be considered a bit too masculine for the Goat man, who is emotional and may seem overly feminine to the Ox woman herself as well. The Ox woman is also intensely thrifty and frugal allowing her to use money in a smart manner, whereas the Goat man does not keep track of finances well.

Ox Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

Although the feminine role the Goat woman plays in the Ox’s life will attract him, her unstable irresponsible actions can anger and upset the Ox, causing tension and frustration within the relationship. The Goat woman and Ox man are not ideal for the bedroom and with sexual attraction, as the Goat woman enjoys romance and loves to feel adored, whereas the Ox man is unfamiliar with this frame of mind and prefers to keep it simple and is not as well-rehearsed in wooing as other signs.

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