Ox and Monkey Compatibility

The Ox and the Monkey will inevitably clash, as they are too different not to, but they can make good friends if they understand one another’s natures. The Ox’s penchant for harmony and order will work in this relationship’s favor; the Ox avoids disagreements whenever possible. Also, the fun, energetic Monkey might be able to spice up the Ox’s social life and show this normally shy, reserved sign a good time. However, when the Monkey gets overly boisterous, the Ox’s normally placid demeanor will give way to this sign’s inner conservatism.

As an Ox, you are confident and know you can get the job done. You are a natural leader, but don’t crave the spotlight. You simply inspire others to work harder by your own example, because you are only comfortable if you are working away at a steady pace. Your family is very valuable to you, and you are concerned with security and routine. It’s important to you to think things over and plan thoroughly before making any decisions or commitments, and it takes you a long time to fall in love. Once you do, you are among the most dedicated of lovers. A natural giver, you don’t mind if your spouse is the center of attention far more than you are, and you can easily forgive your spouse if she is a little selfish.

One of your weaknesses is you unwillingness to ever break your routine. You sometimes miss out on great opportunities or a fun day because you have a deep need to stick to your schedule. You very rarely do anything spontaneous, and are in danger of falling into a rut.

If you find yourself having feelings for a Monkey, you may be admiring her cunning. Monkeys analyze situations swiftly, and use that information to their advantage. They are not above trickery and even deceit when they want their own way, and you likely disapprove of that part of the Monkey’s personality, even as you admire how clever she is.

Monkeys are charmers and seducers. Normally you do not fall for such tricks, but Monkeys can be very wily in their seduction of others. Monkeys often bounce around from job to job and relationship to relationship due to their short attention spans. As soon as something stops being a challenge, a Monkey would like to move on to something else. Your natural caution just may be what you need to ensnare a Monkey for good. Although Monkeys can have a wandering eye, if you force her to work to get you, she may find you enough of a challenge to fall truly in love with you. And once a Monkey is truly in love, she will be dedicated and true to you.

Ox and Monkey Compatibility Horoscope

Ox and Monkey Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two will have to allow one another plenty of space to be themselves. The Monkey needs to be active, to go out with friends and have a thriving social life, but the Ox may prefer to stay home. The Monkey’s primary interest is the pursuit of pleasure and the Ox may have a hard time being patient when the Monkey’s exuberant nature gets it into trouble. The Ox is a naturally honorable sign and tends to hold others to rather high standards; the Monkey may have trouble measuring up. The Monkey is both curious and gregarious and thus has the potential to stray romantically; the dependable, steady Ox will have trouble understanding this kind of behavior.

Ox Woman and Monkey Man Compatibility

The Ox woman in Shengxiao prefers stability, so this may not mesh well with the Monkey man’s need to roam, explore new adventures, and meet new people on a whim. While the Ox woman prefers having stability and routine and will often nag the Monkey to change his ways, their sense of humor is often what helps the couple keep their lasting bonds, if they are both seriously committed and in love with one another.

Ox Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

Although the Ox man may disapprove of the Monkey woman’s flirtatious and social ways, he is accepting as long as she is loyal and the couple keeps the communication open according to Chinese astrology.

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